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by Cheryl Tucker

Blog Services

Have you been thinking about starting a personal blog but the design phase seems daunting? If so, then, I'm your girl! Even if you're on the fence, let’s talk on the phone. I will tell you how I started my blog and you can run with it or let me help you. - Cheryl Tucker

Designing Personal Blogs

My favorite part of personal blogging is the design. I love the process of designing a blog that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. I learned everything I know about blog design through trial and error, and lots of reading and studying other blogs.  I have a Doctoral degree in Education and throughout my career as a Director of Clinical Education, then Associate Dean and now Educational Consultant for Medical Schools I worked extensively with online program design. This background supports my ability to create personal blogs.

Here's How It Works

The process is broken out into three phases, you can stop after phase one or enhance your blog by moving through all three phases. You will have a functional blog after Phases one. Phases two and three will grow your blog.

Here is what I can do for you.

Phase 1

Create : I will design your personal blog including all pages you will need to share your story. I will then show you how to add posts at intervals that work for you so you have control of your blog and content.

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Phase 2

Connect: I will show you how to engage readers through comments, commenting, link ups and social media participation. I will also introduce you to communities and networks within the industry.

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Phase 3

Grow: I will provide you with the tools to grow your blog through hosting link ups, affiliate links, newsletters, and campaigns as well as additional social media tools. 

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