Survey Results

Today I wanted to share the results of a recent survey disseminated on my blog. I am not an expert in developing surveys, so I used a professional survey service called Survey Monkey. I had about an 8% response rate running the survey for two weeks. An average response rate for external surveys is around 10% so I was a little under that. 

I have an average of 1900 page views on my blog each month. January of this year (2016) was a record month for me with 4200 page views. Comparatively these numbers are not large but I remind myself that when I started I didn’t expect to have even one reader. Northwest Mountain Living is really, for me, my journal, a creative outlet, and a way to remind myself to appreciate life. I am honored that others take the time to see what I am up to!

Here is a rundown on what respondents reported.

1.       Which topics do you enjoy the most? Respondents had the option to choose all that apply.  

81% said Style/Fashion

44% said Health/Wellness

69% said Home Life

The results suggest I am hitting it about right. I do mostly fashion, followed by home life and then some health and wellness.

2.       How many posts per week do you prefer?

69% said three times a week

31% said two times a week

0% said once a week

It looks like I am close to meeting expectations of the majority of readers. I try to post three times a week.

3.       Which days of the week do you prefer to receive a post?

56% said Monday/Wednesday/Friday

31% said Tuesday/Thursday

13% it didn’t matter to them

4.       When asked the time of day preferred by readers to read posts they said:

50% AM

13% PM

38% Any time of day was fine

5.       I asked if readers would like to know where I purchase items shown on my blog.

94% said yes

6% said no

6.       When asked if they would like to see ads or links to where I purchased items, respondents said:

50% said yes

31% said no

19% said they didn’t care either way

7.       I asked readers if they followed me on social media.  

33% follow on Instagram

25% follow on Twitter

58% follow on Pinterest

33% follow on Google+

42% follow on Facebook

8.       I asked how readers know when I put up a new post.

31% are notified by the email option provided on the blog

0% said they were notified through social media

13% said they followed using Bloglovin

50% said they just check regularly to catch the latest post

9.       When asked how often readers visit the blog they reported the following. 

33% visit once a week

33% visit twice a week

27% said they visited whenever they were notified of a new post

7% visit once a month

10.   I asked readers how long they had been following my blog, which I started in November of 2013.

25% reported reading for less than six months

50% reported reading six to twelve months

25% reported reading for one to two years.

So there you go! Now I have to figure out how to use this information to improve the content of the blog. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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Cheryl Tucker