How to look stylish in beanies and boots!

How to look stylish in beanies and boots!

We finally are getting some snow here. An additional foot is expected this weekend. Its a little later than usual but it is starting to pile up. That means I get to pull out my fun winter clothes and see if I can put together stylish outfits that keep me warm.

I have a couple of pairs of winter boots that I got over the last couple of seasons and they are going to good use. My rule for wearing winter boots is, if they are taller, I wear a slimmer leg pant and shorter coat.

Like you may a have noticed, I love hats! This season the beanie is my favorite. I have learned that a tight fitting beanie does not look good on me, but if I wear a chunky one with a full pompom it seems to work better. Plus they are warmer, so more functional.  

I have had this tan down jacket for a few seasons, and it is the warmest coat ever! I found an almost identical one, the link is on my Boutique page. I have on a pair of very thick knit leggings for warmth and I added a blush colored top to match the blush in my hat. I ended up loving this stylish outfit that is just right for my lifestyle.

If you want this outfit details and other outfit ideas, check out my Northwest Mountain Style Boutique Page here

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