You Don't Have to Wear Your Blanket Scarf Around Your Neck

Similar blanket scarf here and beautiful one here, black tunic on sale here, similar white jeans here and heresimilar black suede pumps here. My Michael Kors bags is several years old. 

I jumped all over the blanket scarf trend as soon as I started seeing it on all the blogs. It looks so cute! But I think I have a short neck or something because getting all that scarf around my neck is not that comfortable. I don't even really like necklaces hanging around my neck. None the less, I am a sucker for fashion and I wear them for certain occasions. Not wanting to give up on them completely, I try to wear them different ways; one being just draped around my shoulders. The style really shows the beauty of the scarf, is comfortable and functional in that it keeps you warm. I have been playing with black and white lately and love the simplicity of this outfit. 

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