November 2015Cheryl Tucker

If you love something, set if free. . . no way!

November 2015Cheryl Tucker

My blog should really be called the "Blog About Nothing," because it really is about nothing but the stupid random thoughts that go through my head. So sorry and I totally understand if you never read again. On the other hand, this is me minus the drama of my life which I chose not to give much attention. This I know for sure. . . time changes everything. Wow, now I don't even know what I am talking about! Ha! Ha! 

I really wanted to show you my outfit of the day (OOTD) because it is partly made up with a top that I saw a couple of years ago and thought was so cute! I got it and found that I looked like a flour sack with it on. I loved it, but set it free, I would not! So today I thought about how I could use it and came  up with this. The shirt actually gave it a little structure and I liked the look. Not to mention it was very comfortable. 

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I am always so excited when I get comments and very appreciative! If you ever want to know where I got anything I am wearing or showing, just let me know and I will get right back to you!