Making Birthday Memories

My birthday is June 9th and my husband’s birthday is June 10th. We decided this year to spend a day together visiting one of our favorite little towns, enjoying a relaxing lunch and the simple pleasures of walking around soaking up some sun and seeing the sights.

Standing by the Little Salmon River.

We went to Riggins Idaho, just about 45 minutes from where we live. It is nestled deep in a canyon at the confluence of the Salmon River and the Little Salmon River in west central Idaho. The town of 419 people sets in the valley of the mountains and is warm and friendly. It is well known for its Salmon fishing and outdoor river adventures.

Sign says it all.

Riggins was originally named Gouge Eye due to a little tussle a couple of guys had under a tree that to this day is called the Gouge Eye tree. Read the story below. The town was renamed Riggins in 1901. I love to learn the history of little towns like this one.

We had lunch at a place that we go back to every year. We sit outside and eat the best cheeseburgers, fries with a beer. The warm air and outdoor setting are just perfect for a day like we were having.

Cheeseburger, fries and a Coors's light was just right.

After we ate we wondered around the little town reading about the original houses that still stand and smiling about some of the things we saw. Like the town “Tackle and Liquor Store.”  We also admired the little thrift shop called “Tourist Trap.” You can see that the town is nestled in the mountains.”

They have their priorities straight!

Cute little thrift shop.

Our last stop was a little farmer’s market where they raise bees and we love to buy honey. But this year we found a treasure indeed! I got two very fine looking Gooseberry bushes

I dream of Gooseberry Pie!

We had a wonderful day, a day of memories to put away for the future.

Thanks for stopping by!