February 2014Cheryl Tucker

Cousins and Friends

February 2014Cheryl Tucker

My cousin and I grew up almost as close as sisters. We met when she was around two and I was three. I still remember looking at her sitting on the stairs one step above me and thinking how big and brown her eyes were. She was also kind of sassy! She had opinions even then. We were partners in crime all through childhood and into adult hood and now dare I say late middle age. 

December 2005

One of our favorite things to do as a children was fire making. We spent many hours learning how to make fires and then start them.  We rubbed sticks together, pounded rocks together, looked for matches and even once took the lens out of my brother’s glasses to hold over some straw in the sun, sure fire was imminent. Once we had a mud pie that really needed to be baked so started a roaring fire in the abandoned chicken coop and baked that cake! We were a little lacking in forethought as to what our parents would think of smoke billowing out of the chicken coop.  Luckily no was hurt and even the chicken coop survived to serve as a hideout for many years to come.

We also loved to work at eating a special treat Granny would make us. A gallon ice cream container filled with frozen Kool-Aid! It was heaven when you could finally chip out a piece. Granny knew just how to keep us occupied! We played together, rode horses together, went to camp together, smacked each other to see who would give in first, etc. You know normal girl things.

Kendra visiting Cheryl in Idaho 2007. Don't let the sun fool you, it was cold standing in the mountain air.

The years have gone by and we have kept in touch although we live thousands of miles apart and life has moved forward. Marriages took place, children were born and raised and now grandchildren are calling us grandma. Recently we realized it had been seven years since we had seen each other and we decided to go to Phoenix for a couple of days of relaxation. We walked for what seemed like hours talking and laughing. We sat by the pool soaking up the sun, ate good food, sipped a little wine, and had our make-up done by a lovely young lady with bright green hair and what seemed to be teeth in a yellow fluid in round containers inserted in and stretching out her ear lobes more than I would find comfortable. But never the less she did a great job talking us into makeup that would make us beautiful!

We decided we would not wait seven more years to get together. It was so great to see her and remember what a sense of humor she has in her view of the world. There is nothing like sharing life’s ups and downs with someone who knows your history and can tell you, you are right about everything you are feeling, even when you may not be. Case in point, once many years ago we were in a grocery store shopping and I told her not to look but there was my current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Now the girl was attractive but my cousin who always had my back, looked and immediately said, “What a DOG!” Now that is a friend!

February 2014

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