Have you been thinking about starting a personal blog but the design phase seems daunting? If so, then, I'm your girl! Even if you're on the fence, let’s talk on the phone. I will tell you how I started my blog and you can run with it or let me help you.

- Cheryl Tucker


designing personal blogs

My favorite part of personal blogging is the design. I love the process of designing a blog that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. I learned everything I know about blog design through trial and error, and lots of reading and studying other blogs.  I have a Doctoral degree in Education and throughout my career as a Director of Clinical Education, then Associate Dean and now Educational Consultant for Medical Schools I worked extensively with online program design. This background supports my ability to create personal blogs.

here's how it works

The process is broken out into three phases, you can stop after phase one or enhance your blog by moving through all three phases. You will have a functional blog after phases one. Phases two and three will grow your blog.


Phase one-design

I will design your personal blog including all pages you will need to share your story. I will then show you how to add posts at intervals that work for you so you have control of your blog and content.

A personal blog tells your story and helping you tell that story begins with a conversation in which you help me understand how you want to tell your story. I won't design a blog until I am convinced that I understand and can fulfill your vision through the pictures and words of a website. There are many ways to tell a story. I tell my story through the art of fashion and country life. Others tell stories through their passion for cooking, running or raising a family. It can all be shared through a story on a blog.

When we decide we are a fit and that I fully see your vision, I will lead you through the process of choosing a blog name, acquiring a domain, and connecting to an appropriate email if necessary. 

We will discuss your vision for your blog and the different themes such as lifestyle, fashion, cooking, business etc. and with that information I will design the site for you.  

For the initial blog design you will provide me with pictures and information specific to your blog and what you want to convey to your market/audience. Google pictures or email will be used to share your pictures with me and I will resize and edit appropriately. I do not Photoshop photos.

We will want to construct pages such as, About, Contact, Home, and anything else that is part of a personal blog. I will create a traditional blog layout with your blog posts on the left and other content on the sidebar on the right. To help you come to a layout decision I will provide you with a few blog sites to review.

After the blog is designed, I will show you how to add and schedule posts and advise you on frequency of posting. You will have full control of your content. I will show you how to crop and resize your pictures so they download quickly and you can write your content and schedule when to publish. I will give you all the tips and tricks I use to be efficient.

This phase will take no more than 10 business days. 

Together we will need to do the following.

  1. Set up your domain with Do Daddy or preferred service if you have another one you want to use.
  2. Set up your Content Management System (CMS) with Squarespace
  3. Design your blog
  4. Teach you to add your posts

Breakdown of costs:

You will pay to these companies:

1. Go Daddy Domain (1 yr subscription)  $.99 for first domain (Go Daddy Pricing as of 6/6/17)* 

2. SQUARESPACE Content Management System (1 Yr subscription) $150.00 (SQUARESPACE pricing as of 6/6/17)*

phase two-Connect 

I will show you how to engage readers through comments, commenting, link ups and social media participation. I will also introduce you to communities and networks within the industry.

Building on your success of a blog design, I will show you how to connect with your readers through comments, commenting, link ups and social media participation. With these tools you will be able to design a communication process that works for you. I will also introduce you to communities and networks within the blogging industry. 

From several years of experience I can share what I have learned using social media in relationship to my blog. I'll share what I use, how I use it and how it effects my blog. 

My blog and social media audience is 100% organic, I have never promoted or had contests to gain readers. I have been actively building my blog audience through engagement for a little over a year. Although my goal is not about your audience, that will be up to you. You can read my Press Kit here to see my stats.

This phase will take no more than 10 days after completion of Phase One.

phase three-Grow

I will provide you with the tools to grow your blog through hosting link ups, affiliate links, newsletters, and campaigns as well as additional social media tools.

Building on your accomplishments in phase two, I will show you additional ways to grow your blog through the use of hosting link ups, affiliate links, newsletters, campaigns, and pop ups as well as additional social media tools. 

I've experimented with many affiliate programs, advertising opportunities as well as newsletter and popup services and have a lot to share on the topic. I'll be available via multiple avenues including phone, email. text, video conferencing, etc. to answer questions throughout the process. I continue to learn as I create new content and plan to share my experiences with you as we put together the blog that reflects who you are.

This phase will take no more than 10 days after Phase Two is completed.

next step

After you have reviewed this information please let me know if you would like to talk to learn more and get started! I look forward to talking to you soon.