Northwest Mountain Living & Style
Northwest Mountain Living & Style
by Cheryl Tucker


Phase Two

Building on your success of a blog design, I will show you how to Connect with your readers through comments, commenting, link ups and social media participation. With these tools you will be able to design a communication process that works for you. I will also introduce you to communities and networks within the blogging industry. 

From several years of experience I can share what I have learned using social media in relationship to my blog. I'll share what I use, how I use it and how it effects my blog. 

My blog and social media audience is 100% organic, I have never promoted or had contests to gain readers. I have been actively building my blog audience through engagement for a little over a year. Although my goal is not about your audience, that will be up to you, I will share my data here.

This phase will take no more than 30 days after completion of Phase One.

What you will need:

  1. Completed Phase One

  2. Social Media Accounts of your choice

Total Cost: $100.00 (this is an introductory price)