Winter's Last Laugh

Yesterday it was green, lush and mild, a perfect spring day. Today I woke up with three inches of snow dumped on my doorstep! But it is winter's last laugh because as I write this post the snow has melted away and the sweet green of spring is the victor once more. The forecast reports it is spring sailing for the foreseeable future with sunny skies and mild temperatures. Thank goodness. I wanted to document this day so I put on spring colors, a pale blue light weight sweater with a blush leather jacket, cropped dark denim jeans and wedge heels. The only jewelry are some silver bling earrings. Take that winter!

The jacket has zippers everywhere, on the sides, up the front, and on the sleeves. I wish the lighter color photographed better. Ha! Not that a better photographer couldn't have done it more justice! It is lightweight so I will wear it all summer here in the cool mountain evening air. With jeans, shorts,dresses, you name it! And don't you love love love wedges with a little platform? They add height and elongate the legs but are still easy to walk in and comfortable. Now, I won't be chasing my chickens in them but I will be wearing them a lot.

No connection here but this is Miss Lilac and Miss Peony after a few hours of exploring, they are heading back to the coop!

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Defining My Personal Style

I have been MIA for a couple of weeks because I was moving back from spending a couple of months in Arizona. I loved spending time there visiting family and soaking up the sun but I am extremely happy to be back in the fresh mountain air and country life of home.

I have also been using my down time trying to define my personal style regarding fashion. I have always defined my overall style, be it in what I wear or how I decorate my home, as eclectic. The reason for this type of style is that I love a little of everything and I love change.

Recently, I was reminded of one of my favorite stylists and her distinctive style. I have her books (here and here) and I read them over and over. I watch her television show, The Rachel Zoe Project (all five seasons on iTunes or Amazon) repeatedly just to see her outfits and hear her talk about style and fashion. She has a passion for style that I believe is as strong as possible and she is a genius. I am talking about Rachel Zoe. 

Source: Google

I am a child of the 70s and I was in love with the styles then and I am feeling the urge to wear a pair of forest green, houndstooth, bell bottom, hip huggers with a peasant blouse, platform shoes and a hat! Or a colorful Maxi dress with a flower in my hair! If you look at Rachel Zoe pictures you see she has this style down to perfection.

My 70s look!

So I am going to transition into the spring season trending toward vintage 60s, 70s, and 80s. Oh and I won’t go all out big hair but I will play with some big hair styles just for the fun of it. 

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Red Tartan Pumps. . . Need I Say More?

I bought these shoes last winter at a consignment shop. They aren't designer but they are so crazy cute I had to have them. Then, this winter I found a long red cardigan at another consignment shop. It is Chico's. They now live together in harmony. They make me smile. It's the simple things, right?

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Red Please.

I might get a little down if I let myself go there with this gloomy winter weather. I live in a very remote area in the mountains and there is not a lot going on. On the sunny days everything looks beautiful and positive but on cloudy days the world seems a little cold, harsh and lonely. So, I find something positive to think about, like the color red. I wish I could thank personally all the bloggers that have expanded my fashion pallet. Every day I learn something new and come up with ways to use what I have and make it relevant in a fashion sense. Today I saw flared jeans and a pea coat and remembered, I have both! A red pea coat no less! I also recently got a red plaid scarf. According to experts in fashion the most current way to wear a scarf is around the back of your neck hanging down the front and belted. Who I am to question this perfect look? Here are the results of my research! Black turtleneck, dark flared denim jeans, tan boots, plaid scarf, tan belt with a little tassel and my red pea coat. And since snow is imminent, I grabbed a hat.

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Another Treasure Found

This post features a treasure I found at the consignment shop this weekend. I hadn't been to this shop for a while and thought I would drop in and see what they had. I found this beautiful Eddie Bower goose down vest that was like new! It is this lovely pastel blue/green color with embroidery on one side of the front and cute little snaps on each side. It was my size and I snapped it up. It is about 10 degrees here right now so I layered on the clothes and took these pictures. I am wearing a scarf from a local boutique, Mountain Monkey Business, shirt, sweater and skinny jeans all from Old Navy and a couple pair of boots. The first are at least ten-years old and still perfect and the other are my snow boots bought probably seven years ago at another boutique here in called Mountain Regatta. 

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Layers and Zippers.

Today I am wearing another hat, poncho, scarf and boots combination. When it is cold out, I try to find ways to layer my clothes because it is much more comfortable for me than a bulky coat. My hat is from a local boutique called Mountain Monkey Business, the scarf is from Target, my poncho is Michael Kors from Norstrom. I love the tan pockets and side zippers. I am wearing black Calvin Klein jeans and a black turtleneck as a base and my boots are old enough that I don't know where they came from. I love the faux zipper on the outside and the buckle detail. My bag is old from a local boutique in down town Boise. Please excuse the fingerless gloves, it was below freezing and I grabbed them at the last minute to work with the camera and forgot to take them off. Oopsy!

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Shake it off.

Before I go into my outfit post I wanted to share one of my favorite songs right now. How can someone so young be so insightful I don't know but I really admire Taylor Swift's music. This song Shake It Off  should be an anthem for so many of us. People are going to judge, hate and try to run you down but all you have to do is shake it off and move on.

Speaking of shake it off, we got about an inch of snow last night. I have put off pulling out real winter outfits because I know in the mountains we will have a long winter and plenty of time to wear sweaters, coats, boots and hats. I love to look at coats but I find them very uncomfortable so today I layered sweaters and a scarf and topped it off with an awesome wool hat. I could play in the snow for quite a while in this cozy outfit.

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These Things. . .

Next week the national weather service is predicting snow showers here in our Idaho mountains. And so it begins. Our perfect weather is going to wind down into a winter wonderland. Some things I will miss, other things I will embrace.

Winter fashion. Picture taken outside our house

McCall Winter Canrival

I will miss seeing wildlife in the warmer weather setting. We took this picture of a moose cooling off in a pond near our house. We hid behind a tree and used a telephoto lens because these animals can be very aggressive. He was looking straight at us.

Probably only a year old.

Deer on the border of our yard looking at us watch her.

Later the day this picture was taken these baby Robins left the nest for good.

Stella and McCall never giving up that the squirrel will come down.

Last warm October night.

Soon we will see the first October snow and experience all the wonder that winter brings. 

October 22, 2012

Payette Lake in winter.

My hiking trail.

Long Winter naps.

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Home Sweet Home

I want to bring a variety of topics to my blog. I have so many interests. With this post I want to introduce my mountain home. First the view. It is beautiful. Nothing but forest all around us.

Our yard. Beautiful forest all around.

We see all kinds of wild life. Like moose.

Moose enjoying the summer pond.

We see bear, deer, red fox, birds of prey and more.

The deer feel quite at home in our yard.

We spend as much time as we can outside, enjoying nature.

Our back deck.

Our dogs are with us all the time. They love the mountains!


Stella and McCall help us watch wildlife.

Where do you like to spend time?

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