These Things. . .

Next week the national weather service is predicting snow showers here in our Idaho mountains. And so it begins. Our perfect weather is going to wind down into a winter wonderland. Some things I will miss, other things I will embrace.

Winter fashion. Picture taken outside our house

McCall Winter Canrival

I will miss seeing wildlife in the warmer weather setting. We took this picture of a moose cooling off in a pond near our house. We hid behind a tree and used a telephoto lens because these animals can be very aggressive. He was looking straight at us.

Probably only a year old.

Deer on the border of our yard looking at us watch her.

Later the day this picture was taken these baby Robins left the nest for good.

Stella and McCall never giving up that the squirrel will come down.

Last warm October night.

Soon we will see the first October snow and experience all the wonder that winter brings. 

October 22, 2012

Payette Lake in winter.

My hiking trail.

Long Winter naps.

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Home Sweet Home

I want to bring a variety of topics to my blog. I have so many interests. With this post I want to introduce my mountain home. First the view. It is beautiful. Nothing but forest all around us.

Our yard. Beautiful forest all around.

We see all kinds of wild life. Like moose.

Moose enjoying the summer pond.

We see bear, deer, red fox, birds of prey and more.

The deer feel quite at home in our yard.

We spend as much time as we can outside, enjoying nature.

Our back deck.

Our dogs are with us all the time. They love the mountains!


Stella and McCall help us watch wildlife.

Where do you like to spend time?

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