Thrift Treasures!

My husband and I bought a very small condo in Arizona a couple of years ago to vacation in once in a while when we needed to get out of the long snowy winters in the mountains. So far we have only stayed a week or so here and there but this year we plan to spend more time in our little condo. This place is only about 900 sq ft and we decided to furnish as much as possible with treasures found at thrift and consignment shops. It has been so fun to fill our place like this. I feel like something that meant something to someone else at one point can now be treasured by us. The little condo is turning into a sweet little nest. I thought I would share some our recent finds.

Patio set to enjoy the warm mornings with coffee and evenings with a drink.

Patio set to enjoy the warm mornings with coffee and evenings with a drink.

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You can't go into shops with looking at the clothes! Look at what I found!

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There is nothing I enjoy more than transformation. I love to take anything and just by moving it, painting it, or even turning it upside down, make a different look. This is true for what I wear, cooking and home decorating. I love change, my eyes crave to see art in all objects or subjects. Recently we have moved to our mountain home permanently. We used to only come on weekends and during the summer. But this year we decided we would love to enjoy all the seasons. This meant that I had to nest and make the place a real home, not just a place to spend a few days. I moved all my favorite things here and have been taking time to paint and decorate. My latest project was my home office. I have moved a lot and always make my home office a priority because it is where I make a living and dream. I am not done yet, I have a beautiful old Dutch dish cabinet that I am bringing in to place in the corner where there is now a popcorn machine. The popcorn machine belonged to a dear friend who passed away a few years ago. He loved popcorn more than anything. We treasure our memories when we look at it. It will eventually go into my husbands office when he lets me decorate it. :-)

This is the almost finished project. As I mentioned I will be bringing in a beautiful old Dutch cabinet for the corner where you now see a popcorn machine.

The floors in this house are flagstone so area rugs are a must and add so much to the decor.

This was the room before. Tan walls, no drapes, no furniture except for a desk. The portable piano was given to a new family because I brought my baby grand and put it in the great room. On another post I will show what I have done in that room. I took the upper back part of the desk off and used it as a shelf along another wall. Next to my office is an elevated room which we use as a media room. It is an interesting design but I think I have made it work well. Below you can see that behind the chair in my office are the steps up to the media room.

Stella just had a good roll on my love seat. If there is a camera in the room she seems to be there too.

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Long Time No Post

I haven’t been so motivated lately to share what I am wearing because it involves a lot of old shorts and t-shirts with paint all over them. We have been painting a lot the last few weeks. First we painted our media room a color called Sly Fox. I love the names of paints. It really looks like Cinnamon. I am so happy with how it turned out. I want to be in the room more often now and find it a relaxing atmosphere.

Next we painted one of the guest bathrooms. It was a minty green color that I have never appreciated. We painted it rich earthy golden orange color. I can’t remember the color name. But it turned out so warm and inviting. I added some décor, all stuff I had around the house and we put in new lighting.

Next I want to paint our bedroom. It is the same color as most of the house, a plain tan. It has lovely stone work around the fireplace that is also tan and I thought a rich color would make it pop. So I picked out a color called Model T. I also like a color called Vintage Frame. They are both a version of a very dark blue steel. They are so different and pretty and will match my existing drapes and bedding.

Bedroom project

Last I want to paint my laundry room. I think I like a color called Dancing Bear the most. I already have cute curtains I made a few years ago. They are a stagecoach window style.

Love Dancing Bear

Stagecoach curtains

Another fun project I have been working on is my entry. It is very large and kind of plain. I wanted to warm it up and make it more inviting. We hung drapes on the side windows and got these darling metal horse pull backs. I added some décor and like the results. A future project is to patina the copper inserts in the door.

Next week I head to the Midwest to visit family. I am very excited since it has been a long time since I have seen them.

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