Softer Side Of Style

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Sometimes . . .

I feel quiet and wear softer colors.

the scoop

Some days I am slow on the uptake and want to sort of lay low and be quiet. Wearing softer colors feels right on those days. Neutrals are a way to stay in the background and observe. This to me is the softer side of style.

Linking my exact top in Petal Pink, exact jeans (size down), adorable tote and mules.

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my look

I'm wearing white flared jeans in this look. They are stretchy and high waisted and so comfortable. I wore a soft pink top, tan mules and carried a neutral tote. Everything was soft and quiet. The top had a lot of detail which made it fun. A Swiss Dot yoke and sleeves and a lace-up front are so pretty.

Here are some more beautiful pink tops all on sale! Also I'm linking some more cute totes and mules!

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Neutral Outfit For Fall Style


On the day (week really) of this post we were having beautiful weather. Just splash of snow was left on the ground here and there but is was 60 degrees and sunny. My favorite weather! I decided to wear a neutral outfit for the day. I wore a pair of white flared jeans, with fun wedge booties, an over sized-sweater, a tan belt and an beautiful green bag. Me and my crew ( McCall and Stella) decided to go outside to take pictures since the lighting wasn't too bad. 

What's Up

A very old Facebook account of mine that I thought was deleted but somehow Facebook kept, was hacked into last night. I had to search ways to completely delete it and did so. Facebook is criminal if you ask me. Invasive, evasive and I don't like it. I only have it because it helps some people get to my blog. Not sure I will keep it much longer though. Ugh.

By the time you are reading this I will be in the midwest spending the Halloween season with my grandson. This year he wants me and his parents to be robbers because he wants to be a cop. We have really fun costumes figured out. Then soon after my stay there we are off to Arizona for huge chunks of the winter. My grand daughter lives there! It's going to be a great winter! 

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