Spring Fashion State Of Mind

It's all about positivity!

I know many of you are in the same boat with me. It's snowing and cold outside so I am using my will power to carry on as if it were spring in full bloom!

Over the weekend it was just me trying to ride out the storm. The winter storm in spring. So Saturday I spent the day organizing my closet, moving my spring and summer clothes front and center. It was a fun day and I got a ton of exercise since it was an all day thing of up and down the ladder to my upper closet, Kneeling and squatting down to lower shelves and drawers. You get the picture.

Sunday it was all about photo shoots. I picked out four outfits and three of them got the green light when I tried them on. I put so much on Instastories it was probably annoying but no one really sees them and it was good practice for me. Anyway, I got enough photos Sunday morning alone to get me through all this week's blog posts. Yay for that! 

Before I knew it the snow quit and it started to lighten up and we think the sun may peek out tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed because I am a little tired of running in the rain, sleet, snow, cloudy days. And that's another thought, I need to lose the weight I put on this winter and the weather is not helping. I think I may do another boot camp later this month. More on the soon. 

This was my favorite look that I photographed on Sunday. This top is so killer cute. I am so happy I found it and it was 40% off when I got it which was just HELLO!  I am wearing a pair of DIY step hem jeans in white and my favorite wedge sandals. My Marc Fisher sandals are the most comfortable shoes I have. I love them so much that I have them in three styles. This pair has a light orange color which is a favorite color of mine so they go with almost everything I own. A tan belt, tan tote and my dark blue Baublebar earrrings completed this look.

The greatroom . . .

My favorite place in the house is our great room. But it is a decorating challenge to say the least. It has to be functional and comfortable and is due for an update. Mountain home styles are unique to say the least.

I almost always crop the heck out my pictures but recently decided to not do so much. It takes up time and affects the picture quality.  Soon I will be able to move outside more for picture taking and I can't wait. Meanwhile I am moving around my house and experimenting with the lighting and angles trying to learn more and provide better pictures. I'm a work in process! Ha Ha!

Here's a few so so cute tops you might like!


I have so many photos like this where I am dropping something, tripping or doing something that looks silly. But it is all part of the fun of blogging!

I'm linking up some fun sandals and jeans for you just in case you want to create a spring state of mind look! 

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How I Wear Leopard Pants


Happy Friday Everyone! Another week in the bag. For today's outfit I wanted to share I how wear leopard pants. I was a little worried about how I could pull this off but after I found the right pants and sweater I was confident I would love the results.

I wanted to add a modern twist to this look since the style of the pants and cardigan are rather traditional. The graphic tee is so trendy right now so I added that and then to add more modern zing I added the mustard colored cardigan to the leopard pants. I love it when I get the chance to wear my belt with a tassel. For heels I wore my low heeled suede pumps in a nude color. I felt like they were a nice neutral for this look that didn't need anymore attention. A simple tan tote completed my look. I love it so much I plan to repeat this in other colors. I got the pants in a mustard color and the sweater in a leopard print that I think will look great. So stay tuned!

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Red Floral Bells & Social Media Warning


I'm still rotating fun clothing items from spring and summer. I am going to hate putting away some of my tops for the winter. But at least I know they will be there next spring. The top has a lot of fun detail with crocheted strips and bell sleeves. What really attracted me was the tiny red flowers. They seemed so feminine and old fashioned.  I wore white cropped jeans, tan mules with the rope heel detail and carried one of my favorite Tory Burch bags. Another comfortable and pretty outfit put together.


This past week I learned a few things that I wanted to share. I am not an expert but I will tell you what I know. An Instafriend of mine who had over 10,000 followers and a lovely gallery was hacked a couple of weeks ago. Her account was taken over and they were trying to get money from her. She and many others tried to contact Facebook who owns Instagram and they shut her account down and refused to even speak to her in any form. She was left with no alternative but to start over with a new account. 

This is why I could care less about Instagram, it is not mine, Facebook is in control and they could care less about any individual. I use Instagram as a driver to my blog which is my true passion/hobby. With that being said, I have put a lot of work in the my Instagram account and don't want to have it hacked. Here is what I have been told to do to protect it.

1. Make sure to have Two-Factor Authentication set up. You can find it it your settings.

2. Create a second account where you post everything so if you lose one account you will still have all your pictures. This one seems like a lot of work but I thought I would do it anyway. I don't promote it or work at it in anyway other than add the same photo as my main account. It just takes a minute. Plus it is a fun little experiment to see how things go with no effort. So far nothing but trolls are visiting it. 

3.  Google has a security system that you can implement also. Go to your account and click on Sign-in and security and then on 2-step verification and follow instructions.

4. I am sure there are other systems for other social media and as I learn more I will share.


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Thinking Of Fall


It's amazing but I didn't buy one thing from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. Everything I saw looked so close to something that I already had, I couldn't bring myself to buy just for the sake of a sale. I decided to go to my fall closet and put together some outfits that will be just as stylish this year as they were last year.

Before I go too far into the outfit I wanted to point out that the biggest, little detail I see this season is the jewelry. The big chunky necklaces are not as hot this year. The smaller dainty and layered look is back in style. I love this subtle change. I love that you can put on a meaningful delicate necklace and wear it for days. It reminds of time gone by.

Now on to the outfit. I have had this dress for a couple of seasons. I liked it so much that I have it in two colors. This rust and and a burgundy. I mean how fallish is that? To change it up I added an old camouflage shirt. Open toed booties are still in and I had these favorites from last year just waiting in the closet. They have an olive tinge so they went perfectly with this outfit. A basic tan tote and I am fashionable, current and happy. I am wearing my new favorite bar necklace. I am looking at my old necklaces now to see how I can do some layering. Stay tuned!

New Pinterest Group Board

I wanted to share with you a new group board on my Pinterest! I love Pinterest as many of us do but it seems as in many things, it is more represented by the young and fabulous in the fashion and style genre. I am moving to make a change and created a group board titled Style Wise. Check it out here. It was just created and needs some more inspiration so if you are a fashion and style blogger and would like to be a contributor let me know via northwestmountainliving@gmail.com. I would love to have more Style Wise women help me show brands and society our value and relevance!


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P.S. I got so sick of putting on self tanner everyday that I let my legs go white! Yikes! But for this shoot I used my leg make up and was so happy with it. I sweat that stuff sticks and rubs off on nothing. I think I will get it in a darker color. It's Sally Hansen's Air Brush. See here.

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