How I Wear Flats For Fall

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it’s a good thing!

the scoop

Since we’ve have been spending so much time here in the city I have been wearing comfy flats a lot. You can see the stairs in our house and imagine the old walking into a room and forgetting why you’re there scenario. So I am running up and down those steps it seems a million times a day. Plus I take our dogs for a least two walks a day to get them out in the fresh air. Also we do a lot more running around here, like going to Costco (so much that the greeter says when we leave, “see you tomorrow!” Ha Ha.) It seems we always forget something we need and my husband loves Costco. We also love to go to thrift shops and explore the area. Anyway flats are in order for a lifestyle like this.

my look

The problem for me with flats is I don’t like the look as much as heels. So I am always on the look for a fabulous versatile flat. I found these a week ago and wear them almost daily. They have a quilted leather look that is so fun and they are black so they go with everything. I wear them with leggings, jeans, and even casual dresses. They slip on and off easily which is nice too.

In this look I also dug out something from my closet that I bet most everyone has. My leather scuba jacket. This thing has been in my closet for at least ten years. I felt like it was out of style the last few years but knew it was a classic that would show up on trend again. This is another basic that you can wear casual or dress up. Obsessed!

I wore my pixi pants from Old Navy (Spring find) and a black cami. The necklace is an old find from a local consignment shop. I have to go visit that shop again now that I am in town.

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these stairs

good for the glutes!

outfit details

I’m wearing Pixi pants from Old Navy. Linked exact style and they come in many colors and prints. Wouldn’t the floral be fun for fall? I’m linking exact flats by Steve Madden. Love these so much I think will get a second color. I also linked my favorite cami from Express. I have these in so many colors. They are lined and very well made. I got my jacket several years ago at It is a beautiful lambskin leather and very well made. I found similar ones there to link.


  • I am so excited to try out recipes that were sent to me in my last post. Thank you to those of you who sent them!

  • Yesterday I did HIIT outside with a run. I have an app that tells me when to run and when to walk. I run as fast as I can on the run parts. Awesome workout and it was so beautiful outside that I got my runners high in 30 minutes! Today is YMCA day where I do a weight circuit. I use the machines made for children or smaller people so they fit me just right and I move from machine to machine to get my heart rate up. I walk on the treadmill first for 20 minutes to warm up. Forty minutes and I am done!

  • I’m meeting one of my blog readers for coffee tomorrow and can’t wait. She recognized me in a restaurant in our mountain home town a summer ago and we hit it off right away. She lives near me in the city so we are going to get coffee and catch up! I’ve met so many wonderful people through this blog. That’s one of my favorite parts of blogging!

  • Is anyone else spending a lot of time thinking about the big bag of Halloween candy in the cupboard?

  • Today I have to pick up dry cleaning, confirm with the gutter company and plan our trip to the mountains. I also have to schedule vet appointments, go to the Y and oh well the list goes on. Ha ha!

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Maxi Season

It's Maxi Season

Spring and summer are the times of year when I wear a maxi dress the most.

I was going through pictures and brutally deleting those that were awful. When I ran across these I knew I wanted to use them even though the lighting is not the best. Because this dress is crazy cute and comfortable. 

It's made of the nicest quality knit, hangs perfectly and the colors are very vibrant and rich. It has slits on both sides up to the knee and is shorter so I can wear flat sandals with it making it perfect for hanging out in the summer.

You won't beleve where I got it

I got it last summer at Costco. That's right, they have cute clothes there too! And I went yesterday to see if they had them again and they do. I picked up another one in a beautiful Merlot color. Score!

I always try to dress for dinner, even when we eat at home. I make nice meals and love to celebrate the day in style. This dress has been perfect for dinners here in Arizona.

If you can't get to a Costco, here are some similar dresses, flip flops and bags for creating your own look! My flip flops are leather and I love to have a few in black and nude for casual outfits. 

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Trail Blazer

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create your own look

Here is a fabulous orange blazer (limited sizes).  This jacket here would look fabulous belted! I would kill for these jeans here, they are my favorite brand currently. I'm glad I got my jeans so long ago, this style is pricey right now. If you hook a pair hang on to them. This pair here is on major sale and again my favorite brand. My mules are 10 to 15 years old and again something that doesn't go out of style. Here is a very similar pair and here. This style shoe looks so good with wide legs but make sure the length of your pants almost hits the floor. Mine are almost too short in this look. Here is a perfect belt for over a jacket. Or this belt here with an elastic back would be more like the one I'm wearing. Last add a leopard bag, they never go out of style and this bag here is in the new must have "round" shape! So obsessed with it! Here is a cute one on sale too! And there's more options below and in the Boutique!

the scoop

This was a fun shoot, putting together all old things for a fun modern look. I was still in the mountains and it was cold and snowy outside so a colorful and cheery look was needed. 

my outfit

Everything in the outfit is old and most people probably have similar things in their closet. The orange blazer is so fun but I wanted to wear it differently so I grabbed a fun belt. I  wore a white tee underneath. My jeans are around 13-years-old with wide legs and a brand that I have always loved, Lucky Brand. I love them because inside the zipper they always say, Lucky You! How fun is that? My mules are chunky and very 70s decade like and I have worn them often over the years. A leopard bag and Mexican Fire Opal necklace finished the look. 

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Red Hot Summer Style

The Outfit

I love red so much for summer and in this outfit I added skinny raw hem jeans and wedge sandals. Nothing really too original. To make it all pop I added a leopard bag. Big hoop earrings and a watch and that was it. This was before I started wearing my watch on my right wrist (see post here). The top is an off the shoulder in a light weight fabric so it hangs nicely. Everything is a few seasons old and still standing the test of time trend wise. 

What's Happening

Where is the summer going? We have been so busy I don't feel like I've been able to enjoy the full summer season. And now we have fires all over the northwest so we can barely go outside without choking from the smoke. This is fairly normal for this time of year here in Idaho. But it will last until September at least so summer spent outdoors is about over. 

We finally visited our new Starbucks. It is on the second story and has a balcony that wraps around two sides. It is really nice! 

These pictures make me see how much I need a hair cut, I am really liking it shorter these days. Luckily I have an appointment in couple of weeks. 

I'm really excited because I have some new fall items arriving soon to style and share with you. I don't see any real new trends yet but the soft cozy and comfortable look will be big. Lots of warm cardigans, soft jeans and cute booties look to be the norm. I love the fall most of all the seasons and fall clothes are so fun.


I wanted to share with you a new group board on my Pinterest! I love Pinterest as many of us do but it seems as in many things, it is more represented by the young and fabulous in the fashion and style genre. I am moving to make a change and created a group board titled Style Wise. Check it out here. It was just created and needs some more inspiration so if you are a fashion and style blogger and would like to be a contributor let me know via I would love to have more Style Wise women help me show brands and society our value and relevance!


On this past Saturday's edition of "Move It Or Lose It" segment, I talked about breaking up with exercise. It was a fun post and well received. Check it out if you haven't already!


I didn't shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year, I wasn't seeing anything really new. I did find some amaing things at the Rack so I added links to my finds. An amazing white shirt with fringe tail, my favorite jeans both on sale as well as a camo jacket and a pale pink and cream shearling jacket also both deeply discouted to my Boutique and Chatter page here. So check it out and all the other noise on my blog. 

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I'm proud to participate in the following link ups and am always looking for more! I love to start my day checking in with them and seeing what everyone is doing and connecting! I hope you will join us HERE!