Spring Fashion 2019

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The Scoop

Wow March is already rolling down the highway at the speed of light! Can you believe Daylight Savings Time begins next Sunday, March 10th? I am loving the longer days and the warmer weather here in the city. But read on to see our house in the mountains barely peeking out from under all the snow. We spent the weekend up there and it was sunny and gorgeous but boy so much snow.

Today some of my kitchen appliances are being delivered and then the rest will be installed tomorrow. The existing appliances here at the house in the city are original to the house so around 19 years old. We replaced the refrigerator when we moved in last summer and now we are doing the stove, microwave and dishwasher. I picked out my new counter top and will order it today. I am hoping it wont take long to get installed. I know Quartz is all the rage. I was told by an expert that 90% of what they sell now is quartz. But I just don’t like it. So I am going with what I like and getting granite. It is also crazy because Quartz is more expensive than granite and its man made. Go figure.

I guess I am getting old, because I am over the open concept, I love rooms. I want real natural materials like stone and wood in the house and I love color. I read that although the all white kitchen is strong the new kitchens are trending toward color, natural elements and a bit of vintage vibe and that is totally me!

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My Look

You know how what you are focused on at the moment is what you enjoy? Well I am focused on the house update so I am really going casual a lot. I mean, old jeans, tees and sweats style! Ha ha.

But we were out looking at landscaping ideas today so I pulled myself together somewhat. Everything is old. I am wearing white jeans by Jessica Simpson, a J. Crew top, a Free People cardigan, Steve Madden wedges and carrying an Ark bag. There’s no snow here in the city and it is sunny and in the upper 40s to low 50s. I am so loving it. Big hoop earrings were my only jewelry. I love these earrings so much I think I will add a few more to my collection this spring.

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking fun spring cardigans and fabulous hoop earrings both on my list for fresh spring looks!

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Snow In The Mountains

Below are pictures of our house in the mountains! You cannot see the front door at all. We’ve had this place since 2003 and I have never seen quite this much snow. You can see in some of the pictures the tree that fell down across our circle drive and landed right down our sidewalk to the front door. It’s a miracle it didn’t hit our garden shed or the house. We are at the bottom of a ski hill and it was reported to have gotten more than eleven feet of snow in the month of February alone. Argh!


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