Arizona Vibes

The Scoop

I’v been in Arizona for a week now and starting to get into a groove. It has been hectic, both my dogs got sick and it took some work to get the condo in shape. The weather has been record breaking cold but still warmer than Idaho. We have worked in a few hikes and I have started running more consistently. The dogs are all better now and today will be in the upper 60s so I see fun in my near future!

Create Your Own Look

Here are some fabulous New Takes on an old trend!

So many sales on OTKs right now. I am drooling over the first pair. I love that the heel is brown! It’s such a fabulous contrast!

Give me all the orange bags! I have more than my share of orange bags but these are so closet worthy!

I have bralettes in so many colors and wear them almost daily.


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

_ Albert Einstein

My Look

I have to say I am so bored with fashion right now. I have been for most of the year but winter fashion holds very little intrigue for me. I am not sure if I am changing or if the fashion world is in a rut but I am leaning more toward sweat pants and sweat shirts these days. I’m trying to live by the words of Albert Einstein by keeping the fun in fashion and maybe that will help me over my hump!

One thing fun about only being here in Arizona for a few months each year is everything I leave in my closet feels new again. I didn’t remember leaving the pieces of this look here but thought it created a nice sort of Arizona vibe. My top is a thrift shop find, a Michael Kors brand. It is sheer and has a tie at the neck and buttons up the front. I wore a black lace bralette underneath. I wore it with dark blue leggings and these fun OTK boots. To top it off my third piece was this fun orange bag. It is my favorite bag right now because of the color and the over the shoulder style which makes it perfect for roaming around town exploring the beautiful city of Phoenix.

leo 8.JPG


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How I Weekend in the Mountains

boots 16.JPG


in the mountains is magical!

the scoop

Last night we hopped in the car with the dogs and drove up to our place in the mountains. I had been gone for a couple of weeks and was missing it. It was after dark when we got there so we unpacked the car and settled in for the night. Today, I sprung out of bed ready to face a chilly day in the mountains. I tidied up the house first while drinking lots of coffee.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to work on a blog post but after getting dressed I decided to snap a few pictures and put up a quick post. Rain is moving in later today so I have lots to do until then.

my look

I decided to wear a pair of high waisted jeans, low heeled OTK boots, a black tee and top it off with a cozy blanket scarf. It was perfect for this fall day. I bought the high waisted jeans in my favorite brand but sized up so I could tuck tops in and wear belts easily. I am so happy I did because they are so comfortable.

boots 2.JPG


style is my style!

create your look!

I’m wearing Seven For All Mankind high waisted skinny jeans, long sleeved black tee, blanket scarf and Steve Madden Gabby OTK boots. I’m linking my jeans and boots and lots of other options for creating your own look!


  • I’m keeping this short today so I can run into town and get some groceries. I want to make chili and cornbread and an apple cake.

  • I will be going on a trail run or hike and it may be in the rain which I love to do. I have always loved to run, walk or hike in a light rain. It’s like you are the only one in world outside and so peaceful.

  • I need some things at the drug store, like bubble bath, face powder and maybe nail polish.

  • I’m looking forward to tonight by the fireplace with a glass of wine reflecting on a beautiful day.

boots 10.JPG


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How I Style Over The Knee Boots For Fall Fashion


A few of years ago when Over the Knee Boots starting popping up everywhere, I was sure I was too old to wear them. I let society whisper in my ear, no no, you can't wear those, you'll look like you're trying to be younger. But as with so many whispers in my ear, I ignored it and showed my husband a beautiful pair of Louise et Cie OTK boots that I loved and he got them for me for Christmas! I was so excited and the minute I put them on I loved them. The heck with what anyone thought! Over the next couple of years I added two more pairs. They are so versatile and absolutely a fun addition to my wardrobe! 

For this outfit I wore the second pair of OTK boots purchased, they are a rich caramel color and they can be scrunched down to below the knee for variation.  Right now I prefer over the knee. I wore them with a pair of pants in a copper color. My top is a fun cold shoulder in a blue that reminds me of stormy nights.  I wore a layered necklace and a choker and carried a tote bag. All I can say is, I love this outfit. The top made it comfortable for the still warm days we were having but I got to style the boots so it is a perfect transitional outfit. 


As I write this post I am enjoying a day in the mid 60s and sunny with a little wind. But the wind is blowing in an early winter storm. For the next week, it is only going to be in the mid 40s and Tuesday through Thursday the forecast predicts snow! It's crazy and way too early for snow. A first in my experience.  I think the next week it is supposed to warm up to the 50s and 60s so hopefully our fall isn't over. Meanwhile my husband has been stacking wood for all our fire places. Stay tuned for weather updates! Ha Ha!


On last Saturday's edition of the "Move It Or Lose It" segment, I talked about my skin care or lack there of. I'm taking this week off. I have pretty much shared my stories related to health, fitness and beauty and will move this feature to the first Saturday of the month from now on. So look for my October post in a few weeks.  Sign up below for my newsletter if you want to get the reminder.


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