Travel Day Look

green top 12.JPG

The Scoop

The day I took these pictures we decided to head down to the city for a few days. The highs in the mountains were only in the 50s and low 60s and I needed to warm up. So we packed up and now we are enjoying the 70s and 80s. Funny how much difference a hundred miles can make.

I finally got my hair cut and now am practicing with my flat iron to create waves. I think once I get better at it I will really love the look.

green top 8.JPG

My Look

My look for traveling that day was my mom jeans and a fun green off-the-shoulder top. I added a belt with tassels, sandals and a summer bag to complete my look.

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Create Your Own Look

Here are fabulous options for your look!

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Vintage Jeans

bag 5.JPG

The Scoop

Give me all the vintage jeans! These jeans I’m wearing are 14 years old. I remember buying them and several others just about like them. They are Lucky brand and fit better than any jeans I have ever had. They are starting to get a little thin at the knees so I try not to wear them too much. I often watch for this brand in the thrift shops and have a couple of times found some that I added to my collection of jeans. Yes I collect jeans! Ha.

bag 6.JPG

My Outfit

I added a colorful summer top that I bought last year that can be worn off my shoulders. Along with that I wore a pair of old sandals from Target bought a couple of years ago. I had the sandals in a bag to give away but ended up pulling them out for one or two more wears.

The bag is from our local thrift store and in perfect shape. I am seeing these exact macrame bags in the stores for much more than I paid. My necklace is at least 20 years old from Chico’s. It is so different. It is a pink stone shaped as a snake coiled up.

bag 7.JPG
bag 15.JPG

Create Your Own Look

Linking fun options for your own look!

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Back In The Mountains

It is so fun being back in the mountains and in the country. Although we saw a bear at the front door last week so I am nervous when I go out on my hikes. But there is something about being outdoors that gives me peace. And the smell of pine is so refreshing and uplifting. Its a beautiful place to be in the summer! See the picture of our bear visitor in my last post here.

bag 18.JPG

You can see all my looks on the app when you search northwestmountainliving. Just download the free app and follow me or go to the shop tab on the blog to see them.

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P.S. I started a new IG Account called @northwestmountainliving. If you want to follow along check it out because I will be linking all my outfits and maybe adding some try-on haul stories soon!

How I Do Monochromatic

The Scoop

I think one of the easiest looks to put together is a monochromatic look. For this post I styled two, one in black and one in blue. One of the things I like to do when putting together a monochromatic look is use texture. It can give a look more depth and interest. So I’m not afraid to mix sheer, with suede or other types of fabric that have opposing textures.

Look One

For this outfit I wore all black. The top is a sheer fabric with a underlay and it is an off shoulder top. I love the string around the neck to keep it all in place. I wore black slacks in a soft fabric and suede pumps that have a ruffle accent. To complete the look I carried my leopard clutch. I mean it can’t get much more simple, right?

I learned a little trick this past year that I can’t wait to share! I order pumps a half size larger than my normal size and they are 100 times more comfortable! I guess this is a Megan Markle trick too but it works!

blue 1.JPG

Look Two

This look is all in dark blue, even my shoes! The top is a knit cold shoulder with some fun detail on the yoke and bell 3/4 sleeves. I wore dark blue jeans and dark blue wedge shoes and then my leopard clutch to complete the look.

See how I do the cold shoulder look in the winter here, here and here.

Create Your Own Look

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Look Good Feel Good

Style Can Make You Smile

True that!

the scoop

I hear or read almost daily bloggers and readers saying that a certain outfit makes them feel good. And its true for me too. When I feel bad or low it is reflected in how I dress. Things just are off.  If I can find the right outfit sometimes it can change how I feel. Bright colors, comfortable fit, and a little trendiness splattered in can lift my spirits.

Obsessed with this fun summer tops . . .

Another thing that makes me feel better is to put a smile on my face. A smile is contagious, it is your best accessory, it is a signal that everything will be all right. As long as I can remember, people have commented that I am always smiling and I can't say why that is, only that it is how I connect with people. A smile goes a long way when putting others at ease. It's kind of like my personal hand shake.

Fabulous jeans and slides linked for creating your own look!

Color Your world

with smiles

my look

I have had this top for a while but was waiting for the right occasion to wear it. This day was they day. The sun was shining and it was warm for our standards - in the upper 60s. I wanted my look to reflect the beauty and lightness of the day. 

I wore this off shoulder festive top with my comfy flare jeans and tan mules. I carried my Ark bag and wore bright red tassel earrings along with a white watch and beaded bracelet to complete this look. 

Details make a look  . . .

my hair

I got a hair cut a few weeks ago and my stylist took a lot of length off. She cut it in a graduated style and I love it. But it is still too long so I am going back this week to get a few more inches taken off. Same style just shorter. I love this style because I can just wash and go. These pictures show how my hair looks when I just wash it and let it air dry and do nothing else. It was part of my causal feel good look.

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Blogger Things We Do


It's official! I'm bat a_ s crazy! You know how hard it is to get pictures of yourself leisurely working in your bedroom? I had to get up, set the timer on Mr Tripod and with 10 seconds dive-bomb onto the bed and look casual! Where is the white coat?!! All in the day of a life of a hobby blogger! P.S. that cup was empty.

When I took these photos I was laughing a lot. It was so ridiculously funny to think about the things I do as a blogger. I take my own photos. I use a cannon camera set on auto with a timer set for 10 seconds and it's set up on a tripod. So I have 10 seconds to get into position for pictures. I usually take about 15 to 20 pictures per outfit and about half of them turn out decent. Sometimes none of them can be used. I decided for this shoot I wanted to do a blogger thing I have seen. Me, casually working in my bedroom. Now there are lots of mornings that I do work in bed but I do not look like this and my bed is not made up. But I was trying to create an illusion here. It was fun and my sweet dog sat on the floor beside me watching the whole episode very curiously. He is used to his crazy mom so he just guarded me until I was done.  My outfit was an off the shoulder sweatshirt that I got last year with a comfy lace bralette, skinny white jeans and my bar necklace. At least I was dressed comfortably.


I wanted to share with you a new group board on my Pinterest! I love Pinterest as many of us do but it seems as in many things, it is more represented by the young and fabulous in the fashion and style genre. I am moving to make a change and created a group board titled Style Wise. Check it out here. It was just created and needs some more inspiration so if you are a fashion and style blogger and would like to be a contributor let me know via I would love to have more Style Wise women help me show brands and society our value and relevance!


On this past Saturday's edition of "Move It Or Lose It" segment, I talked about breaking up with exercise. It was a fun post and well received. Check it out if you haven't already!


I didn't shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year, I wasn't seeing anything really new. I did find some amaing things at the Rack so I added links to my finds. An amazing white shirt with fringe tail, my favorite jeans both on sale as well as a camo jacket and a pale pink and cream shearling jacket also both deeply discouted to my Boutique and Chatter page here. So check it out and all the other noise on my blog. 

I've been bringing in new clients for blog designing and so enjoying the process. So if you are thinking about starting a blog and need a designer give me a holler! I've had many clients that already have blogs but want my phase two and three services. More detail are on my Services page here.

I think I am going to offer a free course on starting up your own blog so if you have interest let me know and I'll put you on my list for the first course. More details to come.

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