Almost Didn't Happen


These boots arrived at my door late Saturday evening while I was visiting my granddaughter and family. I got home so late I didn't get to open the package and then Sunday came and we were so busy running around shopping and then I cleaned the condo and put pizza dough together to start rising and one thing led to another until I wasn't sure I would get pictures for a post today (Monday). But I finally had time to open the package and put together an outfit and get some indoor pictures taken. If I hadn't been so in love with the boots I might not have even done a post but I wanted you to see them. 

OMG they are so comfortable and cute. They have a lower heel than I normally wear and the fabric on the legs is so perfect! Just delicious! I wore a light weight sweater that was loose and had fun sleeves that are bells with a tie. The ties are sewn on so you don't have to fuss with them.  It also has a cute split up the back that is fun. I put on a pair of skinny jeans and grabbed my leopard clutch to complete this outfit.

My nails weren't done and a mess because of cleaning and cooking and I had to try to pull my hair up to get it in some kind of order but you understand I am sure that it was urgent I get this post up! Duh, I'm such a nut! Ha Ha!


My husband and I are having so much fun here in Phoenix. Our condo is small and nothing fancy but it is perfect for us to spend our time doing other things rather taking care of it. We've been hiking the nearby mountains and I have been getting runs in every other day. I still cook most of our meals because I love to cook but we get to eat on our patio. We have lovely neighbors from Canada that also spend most of their winters here.  

I get to see my granddaughter often because they only live about 5 miles away. She is a delight and I never could have understood the love for a granddaughter until she came along. t's all good. We're spending Thanksgiving Day with our family and my heart is full of joy! I am so thankful and not just on Thanksgiving day but everyday!

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When It Feels Right


This outfit was created on one of those days when I had no idea what I wanted to wear. I just walked into my closet and looked around to see what struck me. My eye was drawn to this jacket that I have had so many years I don't even know where I got it. Of course it is a favorite due to the style with the tie front, the fall colors and the fun print. It is a perfect piece for fall. But what to go with it? I decided on a pair of skinny jeans and OTK boots. I wore a cream camisole under the jacket and carried a fringe clutch in a dark blue. For jewelry I wore a piece of Amber. I had no idea how this look would turn out but when all was said and done , it just felt right. And I have learned that when it feels right, go with it!


I'm in Arizona enjoying the warmer climate. We are out and about every single day and in the evenings on our patio having dinner and glass of wine. We live in an area where everything you need is within walking distance so we try to walk everywhere and it feels so good. 

I'm having a little trouble getting pictures because people are everywhere and the lighting is so different than what I am used to. So I am playing around searching for the best setting, etc.

I'm thinking of redesigning my blog. I do this each year about this time so it is ready by the new year. I get bored with the same old look but I also want it to be original so I'm not sure what I will do this year. 

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Red Leather Jacket For Fall Fashion


I put this outfit together a while back for a link up I was doing. I wanted to share it in more detail. The jacket is such a favorite of mine. I got it several years ago in a consignment store. It is 100% leather and very high quality. I always love it when I find such a treasure. I wear it every year as the holidays get closer and the style options are never ending.

This time I wore black jeans and a colorful top with bell sleeves, my OTK boots and I carried a little black clutch. It was such a festive look and comfortable too.  The jacket is timeless and I am sure I will be styling it for many years to come.


I'm still traveling from one place to another but have my laptop and am being able to stay on top of blog things. I should be in one place soon and back to my normal routine. Happy Halloween BTW!

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How I Wear Leather Leggings


We are now seeing all the beloved fall clothing spilling out all over Blogsphere. One tried and true garment is leather leggings. For so many years I wouldn't go near leggings let alone leather leggings. I finally took the plunge and bought these multi media leggings, faux leather in the front with a nice fabric back. I was so thrilled with the look and fit that a bought two of the same pair and now in my third season love them more than ever. They are not tight fitting but they are nicely fitted and they look good with everything from pumps to OTK boots and from camisoles and cardigans to be over sized sweaters. 

For today's outfit I choose to wear OTK boots and a cozy sweater along with a Shearling vest. Can I just say, OMG? This is my favorite outfit so far this fall. It is comfy, stylish and edgy. Everything I love about an outfit. I carried an old designer bag that added a pop of color and more edge and wore big hoop earrings, a layered necklace and that was it! Ready to hit the road or sit by the fire with a glass of wine!

I like this look so much that I found another pair of faux leather leggings that were on sale. They just arrived and I'm not thinking they are going to work but I will try them on to see and let you know. Just for fun I will show you what I ordered down below for a complete outfit. It all arrived today and I will try it out in the next day or two. I think I will put a cami with this outfit. 

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Everyday Style For Fall


Happy Monday all! I am so excited about this week. After taking a long weekend off from all things blog I am ready to go again focusing on the joy it brings me. Speaking of joy, this outfit does just that. It speaks fall and comfort and simple everyday style. You can get all the shopping details on my Boutique & Chatter page. But let me tell you a little about it. The top has style but more than that it is comfort. It is perfectly proportioned for this look. The dark blue, high waisted leggings are so comfortable that they feel like sleep wear and they tuck easily into my OTK boots. Why does it seem my leopard bags go with everything? To me anyway. My Coco bar necklace was the prefect delicate piece of jewelry for this any day look. 


On Wednesday The Rich Life in Wine Country and Everything Just So are hosting their monthly "How I Wear My" feature on their blogs. I have been joining in their link up for several years now and it is always so fun with so many beautiful participants. Adrienne and Jill are two of my favorite bloggers and two of the first blogs I started following. I owe a lot of my love for blogging to them. This month is all about Red. I will be dedicating my post on Wednesday to this fun blog event and my red looks. I hope you join in the fun. If you want to participate you have until the end of today to enter. Just click here for details. 


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Last Chance Sally


Don't even ask me why I titled this Last Chance Sally. I was thinking this was my last chance of the season to wear a white blazer and it just popped into my head. But it's true, this is about the last of the season for a white blazer. Yes, I will be wearing white jeans all winter long but a white blazer is probably not going to appeal to me. So I decided to create a transition outfit. You know, mixing something summer with fall as you ease into full blown fall clothing. And that is how this outfit was envisioned. I pulled out my adored OTK boots (fall/winter item), a striped tee (spring/summer item) a pair of jeans and put it all together with my white blazer. I carried a leopard clutch for added interest. I loved it!


On Monday, me and a couple of my girlfriends went to a local shop called Emulate Natural Care, for facials. OMG, we had so much fun! We fell in love with the lady who owns and operates the place and dragged her along to lunch with us after we were done indulging ourselves. I cant' tell you how much fun this store is. You have to check out this website to learn all about the products that are grown locally and handmade for the most amazing skin care system. (I'm not being compensated, just loved the product). Every thing is made with American Emu Oil and 100% plant-based Moringa. This company ships too! My friends tried the Emu Oil products and I went with the Moringa products. We laughed, relaxed and of course solved all the problems in the world. And all in one day! Ha ha!


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I'm proud to participate in the following link ups and am always looking for more! 

I love to start my day checking in with them and seeing what everyone is doing and connecting!

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