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Got Casual?

The Scoop

I went shopping the other day to see what was new in the shops and find inspiration for the blog. I was inspired for a few minutes but still struggling with feeling any fashion vibes. I keep trying so hang in there with me and maybe I’ll snap out of it.

I went to a shop that I have been buying clothes from since I was in my twenties. It’s called Maurices. It is close enough to walk to from our condo and never overloaded with clothes so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It was just the place for me to relax, try on some things, chat with the nice staff and find inspiration.

I saw this denim shirt and although I have several, it was fresh, a fabulous color and perfect fit. Then I came across button fly boyfriend jeans that are “fall right off loose” and I thought they made a great couple, so Bingo, they came home with me. They were both 50% off too.

Once I got back to the condo, I pulled another pair of boyfriend jeans out of my closet and put together a few outfits with different tops and shoes.

Look One

These are the jeans and shirt from Maurices. I wore my orange pumps and carried my leopard clutch. I wore a statement necklace that if you read my blog much you know I have had for probably 20 years. It is a one of a kind and sort of my signature necklace.

Look Two

I am wearing a shirt tied at the waste and a pair of Marc Fisher wedges in a deep blue color. Again with the leopard bag. I wore my bar necklace that has my grandma name, “Coco” and silver earrings.

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Look Three

These boyfriend jeans are several years old from “Nasty Gal.” I remember when I ordered them I was embarrassed to pick them up at the post office due to the name. But they are fabulous jeans! I wore a coral striped shirt, carried my Ark bag and wore another pair of Marc Fisher wedges. For jewelry I wore a Chico’s necklace that I have had a long time.

Create Your Own Look

Got Boyfriend Jeans?

Denim Shirts Oh Yeah!

Shoes and bag, yes please!



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Where The Wind Blows

It's my

Birthday Weekend!

the scoop

As I write this post I have no plans to celebrate my birthday. My husband's birthday is the day after mine and we decided to wing it! Fly by the seat of our pants and go where the wind blows us on our special weekend. No matter what we end up doing it will include taking time to relax and reflect and be grateful. We did manage to book a hotel at the last minute but other than that anything can happen! As long as I am in bed by 9! Ha ha!

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Basket bags are so fun for summer, especially when they are thrifted!

my look

This top grabbed me when I saw it due to its bright colors. Then I saw the style. We used to make these tops by the dozens when I was a teen. We used a soft white rope cord to string through the top to tie it in the back. This is the easiest top to make and we all learned to sew making it. The fabric on this top is a crepe (another blast from the past) so it hangs softly which I love also. I wore it with jeans and platform wedges and carried a fabulous straw bag that I got a a thrift shop a few years ago. I wore my bright orange tassel earrings from Tuckernuck and a bracelet that I bought in Mazatlan a few years ago and my Michael Kors watch. And that was that! A fun summer look. I think I would like this top in other colors it is so cute and comfy. I wear stick on bras with tops like this. I'll link it so you can see what I am talking about. 

Linking my top (tts, I am wearing a small petite for the shorter length) and jeans (limited sizing when I posted) along with shoe and bag options!


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Spring Fashion State Of Mind

It's all about positivity!

I know many of you are in the same boat with me. It's snowing and cold outside so I am using my will power to carry on as if it were spring in full bloom!

Over the weekend it was just me trying to ride out the storm. The winter storm in spring. So Saturday I spent the day organizing my closet, moving my spring and summer clothes front and center. It was a fun day and I got a ton of exercise since it was an all day thing of up and down the ladder to my upper closet, Kneeling and squatting down to lower shelves and drawers. You get the picture.

Sunday it was all about photo shoots. I picked out four outfits and three of them got the green light when I tried them on. I put so much on Instastories it was probably annoying but no one really sees them and it was good practice for me. Anyway, I got enough photos Sunday morning alone to get me through all this week's blog posts. Yay for that! 

Before I knew it the snow quit and it started to lighten up and we think the sun may peek out tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed because I am a little tired of running in the rain, sleet, snow, cloudy days. And that's another thought, I need to lose the weight I put on this winter and the weather is not helping. I think I may do another boot camp later this month. More on the soon. 

This was my favorite look that I photographed on Sunday. This top is so killer cute. I am so happy I found it and it was 40% off when I got it which was just HELLO!  I am wearing a pair of DIY step hem jeans in white and my favorite wedge sandals. My Marc Fisher sandals are the most comfortable shoes I have. I love them so much that I have them in three styles. This pair has a light orange color which is a favorite color of mine so they go with almost everything I own. A tan belt, tan tote and my dark blue Baublebar earrrings completed this look.

The greatroom . . .

My favorite place in the house is our great room. But it is a decorating challenge to say the least. It has to be functional and comfortable and is due for an update. Mountain home styles are unique to say the least.

I almost always crop the heck out my pictures but recently decided to not do so much. It takes up time and affects the picture quality.  Soon I will be able to move outside more for picture taking and I can't wait. Meanwhile I am moving around my house and experimenting with the lighting and angles trying to learn more and provide better pictures. I'm a work in process! Ha Ha!

Here's a few so so cute tops you might like!


I have so many photos like this where I am dropping something, tripping or doing something that looks silly. But it is all part of the fun of blogging!

I'm linking up some fun sandals and jeans for you just in case you want to create a spring state of mind look! 

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Spring Fashion For The Style Wise

There's something surprising about getting older.

I never thought I would feel so comfortable in my own skin. I rarely doubt much. And putting an outfit together is something that I worry the least about. I feel style wise.

Sure I have moments now and then where I doubt my decisions but they are rare as I grow older. Mostly because if something isn't working I let it go and put it behind me. I ain't got no time to think about the past. Ha Ha! I just want to be my best going forward.

This outfit reminded me that clothing is the most simple thing in life and should represent who you are as an individual. It shouldn't be something we worry about, only enjoy if that is your thing. Do what you want to do, say what you want to say and be who you want to be. That is the wisdom that comes with age and living life.

Just a heads up Gang. I was in target and they are now selling Baublebar jewelry. This jewelry is so fun for spring and summer and I really stocked up. The first multi colored pair are my favorites. I can't tell you how cute they are and the other pair I think I got in every color they had. These earrings are not high end but they don't break the bank and can really complete a fun summer look. I also linked some fun clutches that are perfect year after year. 

Be who YOu are in everything you do.

Listen to your mood and look in your closet and let your instinct guide you and I think you will always feel good about your decision.

This outfit made me feel happy. The red in the top just looked like the promise of spring. I loved that the buttons are red and the sleeves are 3/4 length with a slit in the cuff. These little details made it special.  And pairing it with white jeans seemed natural. The Marc Fisher wedges added to the festive vibe this outfit gave me. My wicker clutch now going into season three was the right bag for this look along with my big hoop earrings. 

I'm linking crazy cute options for you to create your own look. I'm wearing 7 for all mankind jeans and I linked exact pair but I DIY my raw hem. 

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I spent a day this week on my YouTube channel and had so much fun! I have all kinds of plans for using it this summer so stay tuned. Meanwhile scroll down to see some of my videos. They are short and sweet. I hope you will subscribe too!

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Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

the scoop

Wow, I got this post completed in record time. As of one hour ago I had no pictures. My husband went out of town for work for a couple of days so I spent the day redecorating the condo bedroom. That included shopping for bedding, throws, flowers, cleaning, organizing, rearranging, the whole nine yards. And I love the serene comfortable results. I even picked up some cozy PJs. I took pictures of everything and will share on one of next week's posts. 

About an hour ago I realized that what little light was left was going to be short lived so I dressed and started snapping. I decided to put together a look for a night out with my guy since the shoes arrived at the door today and the top some how got thrown in the cart with the bedding! What? What? How'd that happen? Ha Ha

my look

So the top is so cute in this look. Comfortable but colorful and fun. It has so many details besides the pretty colors with big bell sleeves and a fun tie at the neck. It has a shirt color but you tie it. Never seen anything like it, so no wonder if fell in my cart! I wore it with skinny jeans rolled up so I could wear the Marc Fisher platforms. OMG, I wanted these same shoes all last season so when I found them on sale I snagged them. They give you height but are comfortable for long wear time. Platforms are just cool, and I take some of the credit you know, being alive and wearing them the first time around in the 70s! I know! Right?!

create your own look

I'm linking same jeans and shoes (limited sizes) and more shoes (I considering ordering the Marc Fisher's with red in them) tops, bags and large hoop earrings ( I wear them with everything)! 

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

Friyay Fashion For A Night Out

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Style In The Mountains


We are having one of the hottest weeks we've had all summer this week. This means our days of warm weather are almost over. You know the one last kick of the bucket thing. So I  pulled another tried and true cold shoulder top out of the closet and styled it. I wore skinny jeans, and sandals and carried my Ark bag. For jewelry I wore a new choker necklace that I bought at a local Art Fair last weekend. Jewelry styles are experiencing a little change and I am loving it. Chokers and layered delicate necklaces are so pretty and easy to wear.


We went to our local farmers market last Saturday and it was going strong with lots of local farms selling their crops. One sign caught my attention. It was the Hobbit Hill Farm and they had Himalayan Yak meant for sale stating it was mountain grown and grass alone. I've never had Yak meat before, have you? I'm not sure I've ever even see a Yak. 

After the farmers market we went to a local art fair and I found the beautiful choker that I am wearing in this post. It can also  be wrapped and worn as a bracelet. I have been wanting a choker and finding a one of kind made locally was perfect. I like jewelry that holds a memory and this one will remind of the lovely day we had. We finished our morning by going to a little cafe that is at the back of the gas station. Yes, you heard me right, in the gas station. They have really good biscuits and gravy and are off the beaten path.


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I'm proud to participate in the following link ups and am always looking for more! I love to start my day checking in with them and seeing what everyone is doing and connecting! I hope you will join us HERE!