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The Scoop

I love my dogs. This little guy makes me feel like a rock star! He and his sissy ( I call her) are always there watching like I am the most interesting person in the world. If you are a dog lover like me you understand that I spend a lot of time making sure I don’t let them down. We take lots of walks, we nap in a pile on the sofa, we share treats and the fun never ends!

It started raining this week after a few weeks of too perfect to be true spring weather. I realized how bad my lighting is again for picture taking. So I took the plunge and ordered a photography lighting kit. I can’t wait for it to arrive. It has it all even back drops in three colors. Now I can finish setting up my photography studio. We have a finished basement that I have all ready for photo taking except for the lighting. Its big empty, quiet with light colored walls. There are two large windows as in it only a partial underground basement but the lighting I ordered should improve things a lot!

In a couple more weeks we will be heading to the mountains for the summer! I am excited to be in the fresh country mountain air again where I can go mushroom hunting, huckleberry picking and take long quiet hikes and trail runs. I will make summer jams and just enjoy the quiet life for a few months.

Can you believe I got three new posts on the blog this week! I don’t know how it happened but I had a few fun looks to share so there you go! I love spring and summer fashion so much.

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My Look

This is all old but good. My top is so fun with the off shoulders but the tie around the neck keeps it secure. Next are my old DIY hem jeans. I think these were the first pair I took the scissors to. After one pair there was no holding me back and I found no jeans were safe if they were too long. These are a step hem. I added my Sam Edelman mules which have been a favorite for several years and carried my LV Never Full GM bag. For jewelry I wore the emerald necklace my husband surprised me with on our anniversary last year. I’m still sportin’ my hair pins because . . . well because I like them!

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Create Your Own Look

My top is State from Nordstrom, Jeans from Costco, mules Sam Edelman and bag Louie Vuitton (gift from husband). I’m linking really great options for creating your own look.

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Above you get a peek of my dinning room that I painted this spring. I love how it turned out. Below is my formal living room that has a ceiling two stories high so I will have to hire to have it painted. But I have it decorated just the way I want. It’s the most serene room. We’ve had the armoire for so many years. It is an antique from England. The room is filled with my favorite things. Even the silly brass duck.

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You can see all my looks on the app when you search northwestmountainliving. Just download the free app and follow me or go to the shop tab on the blog to see them.

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My Christmas Present, Designer Tree & Blush Style

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All I want for

Christmas . . .

the scoop

A lot is going on here in this post but I have a lot to share as you can see in my too long title. My husband got me my Christmas present early because he is sweet. Also because it was something I have been wanting for a while and felt like I needed right now to keep me motivated in my fitness endeavors.

So what did he get me? An Apple watch, the newest series with the sport band (series 4). I never got on the Fitbit wagon because I was always happy with just carrying my phone when I ran. I don’t buy a new phone each year I am still using the iPhone 6 Plus going on four years now and it still works perfectly. But recently my walking partner showed me her Apple watch and I started researching and thought this is something that would be so useful for me. No carrying a big phone while working out. And gang, it is so pretty! I do so many things with it and have only had it a few days.

It works with the running app I have had for many years (RunKeeper) where I have tracked 1,559 miles of running, it plays my music that I have collected on my iPhone since 2005 (iTunes) and it is a phone so I can take and make phone calls right from my wrist. This is heaven for me since it seems I get the most calls while making dinner.

It has a breathing app that reminds me to stop and take 60 seconds to focus on breathing. It gently taps my wrist as I breath in and out. It has the nutrition tracker that I have used for several years (MyFitnessPal) and I can even take and send text messages easier than on my phone.

Well the list goes on, it tracks my heart rate, will call help if I fall and don’t respond, gives me the weather and more. I would say if you are on the fence, get off! It’s an investment that is worth the money.

Linking Apple watch options. The first one is mine. I love the bands on these others too. You can pick these up at Costco last I looked but they were selling out fast.

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designer tree

One Saturday night a few weeks ago I was bored. I was having a glass of wine and watching YouTube videos of how to decorate a designer tree. Well I decided I was going to do my own. I pulled out all my old stuff bought new ribbon and a few stems from Michael’s and a designer tree was born. I am so in love with it too.

I went with a red and white theme. I wish I would have added more lights and will do so next year. For big ornaments I used some of the things I normally would hang on walls, doors or something like that. I also used our Christmas Stockings as ornaments. The pictures don’t show how really pretty it turned out.

I cut the 2.5 inch ribbon in strips of about 1.5 or 2 ft, and then tucked them up in the tree in a random pattern. I stuck the stems up in the top in place of a tree topper.

Linking the Ribbon and Stems I got for my tree this year. Everything else was old.

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my look

This active wear look was inspired by my new watch. Ha! Pink! I wore white jeans, pink sneakers and a pink and cream colored pull over. In keeping with the neutral look I carried my LV Never Full GM.

create your own look

Linking my exact watch, same top and same shoes. I love New Balance shoes for everyday wear! I have them in many colors.

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Softer Side Of Style

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Sometimes . . .

I feel quiet and wear softer colors.

the scoop

Some days I am slow on the uptake and want to sort of lay low and be quiet. Wearing softer colors feels right on those days. Neutrals are a way to stay in the background and observe. This to me is the softer side of style.

Linking my exact top in Petal Pink, exact jeans (size down), adorable tote and mules.

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my look

I'm wearing white flared jeans in this look. They are stretchy and high waisted and so comfortable. I wore a soft pink top, tan mules and carried a neutral tote. Everything was soft and quiet. The top had a lot of detail which made it fun. A Swiss Dot yoke and sleeves and a lace-up front are so pretty.

Here are some more beautiful pink tops all on sale! Also I'm linking some more cute totes and mules!

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