The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

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All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun

Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard

Remember that Sheryl Crow song. It's been running through my mind the last few weeks because we have not had much sun. It came out for two minutes for this shoot and I had my cool shades ready to go!

Little by little though the snow is melting and I can at least get out in my boots for some outdoor photos.  When all the snow does finally melt it looks like a disaster zone from the harsh winter weather. It takes half the summer to get things back in order. And then it all starts over again. 

I'm not complaining though. The beauty of this forest is like none I have ever experienced. It's not just the landscape, its the wild life, the scents in the air and the twinkle in the stars. I have never seen a stars shine brighter anywhere in my life. And they seem so close, I feel like I can reach out and touch them. It's also the quietness. Silence. Something my heart craves. I love to listen to silence. Have you ever heard silence? 

Today, I put on my old Levi's, Hunter boots, over-sized tee and white distressed denim jacket and headed outside for a few pictures. I was actually warm, in the low 40s. But the lighting wasn't the best so I did what I could. I thought my white tassel earrings and white framed sunglasses were fun details for this look.

I'm linking exact jacket, tee and boots. My jeans are Levi's and almost exactly like the pair I linked up. And I also linked up similar sunglasses that are too fun!

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I was able to clean off our front entry. We had wood stacked on the sides over the winter which left a mess and it was so nice to sweep it off. Next I will add pretty cushions since we sit out here a lot throughout the spring, summer and fall.

The snow melts first in circular forms around the trees. It's a scientific thing where the sun heats the snow and the roots absorb the heat and so you get large rings of bare earth around the trees even while there is a foot of snow everywhere else. Our driveway is clear due to the snow plow we have come all winter and the side walk is clear because we use a snow blower to keep it passable. 

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Reinventing The Wheel


Sometimes it seems like I am reinventing the wheel. My style wheel anyway. How many times can I put together denim and a white button down? It appears many. I can't help myself, it it just the easiest thing to throw on and still look chic. I have what I would call a small collection of white button down shirts. I pick them up anytime I see one that is on sale or has a little detail that I like. This one, is an inexpensive one from Walmart. It is light weight and well made. And since it is a staple, why not? I wore it with my old Levi's and pair of nude sandals and carried a fun tote! I love the pom pom look so many people are sporting on their bags and found the one on my bag for about $5.00. I got a cream one too. I can just clip them on any bag I am using if I am in the pom pom mood! Ha ha!

One more little detail about this post. Recently I read an article about Feng Shui. I thought it was more about home decorating but in this article it said to wear your watch on your right wrist, that wearing it on your left wrist interrupted the flow to the heart. Well He_ls Bells, I can't afford any heart disruption so from now on I will wear it on my right wrist.

P.S. I tied my shirt through my belt loop. It keeps my top from riding up and my britches from falling down! Win win!

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I'm proud to participate in the following link ups and am always looking formore! I love to start my day checking in with them and seeing what everyone is doing and connecting! I hope you will join us HERE!