Arizona Vibes

The Scoop

I’v been in Arizona for a week now and starting to get into a groove. It has been hectic, both my dogs got sick and it took some work to get the condo in shape. The weather has been record breaking cold but still warmer than Idaho. We have worked in a few hikes and I have started running more consistently. The dogs are all better now and today will be in the upper 60s so I see fun in my near future!

Create Your Own Look

Here are some fabulous New Takes on an old trend!

So many sales on OTKs right now. I am drooling over the first pair. I love that the heel is brown! It’s such a fabulous contrast!

Give me all the orange bags! I have more than my share of orange bags but these are so closet worthy!

I have bralettes in so many colors and wear them almost daily.


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

_ Albert Einstein

My Look

I have to say I am so bored with fashion right now. I have been for most of the year but winter fashion holds very little intrigue for me. I am not sure if I am changing or if the fashion world is in a rut but I am leaning more toward sweat pants and sweat shirts these days. I’m trying to live by the words of Albert Einstein by keeping the fun in fashion and maybe that will help me over my hump!

One thing fun about only being here in Arizona for a few months each year is everything I leave in my closet feels new again. I didn’t remember leaving the pieces of this look here but thought it created a nice sort of Arizona vibe. My top is a thrift shop find, a Michael Kors brand. It is sheer and has a tie at the neck and buttons up the front. I wore a black lace bralette underneath. I wore it with dark blue leggings and these fun OTK boots. To top it off my third piece was this fun orange bag. It is my favorite bag right now because of the color and the over the shoulder style which makes it perfect for roaming around town exploring the beautiful city of Phoenix.

leo 8.JPG


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Saturday Mountain Style

leopard 2.JPG

My Saturday style in the mountains!

the scoop

It’s been so nice here in the mountains for the weekend. I have mixed in taking care of business, relaxation and fun relatively evenly. There are always threes things I have to do when I come up now that we are not here full time. I have to vacuum, dust and clean bathrooms/change bedding. So I break it up into a chore a day so nothing is too much. Then I always cook because I love to cook and eat! I try to get some outdoor time in via, hiking, running or just sitting outside on the deck. Lastly I do a little picture taking for the blog.

leopard 4.JPG

Each season in the mountains has its own special beauty.

my look

So, everything I have on is too big. I don’t know why I insist on getting things too big but it seems I always order them that way. Not always but often. This top is Free People and it is way too big. I always get a small in Free People but never again. After so many too big sweaters I have learned my lesson. This brand runs way large. My jeans are new and they are high waisted skinny jeans in my favorite brand. I ordered a size up thinking it would be easier to tuck tops into them but after wearing them all day they are falling off so another lesson learned. Although I can probably wash and dry them in hot water and make them work. My hunter boots are a half size too big too but with heavy socks they are fine.

Linking my exact top. I usually wear small in tops and this one is a small but an extra small would have been much better for me. Linking exact jeans, my favorite brand 7 For All Mankind (TTS), Linking exact Hunger Boots. My Tory Burch bag is old but I found another Tory Burch in red that is similar but my red is more of a fire engine red I think.

leopard 5.JPG

Life right outside my front door!


  • It’s our second day here and I am loving it. It rained all night last night and it was nice to sleep listening to rain gently fall.

  • We had chili and corn bread last night and tonight I am grilling steak to go with salad and baked potatoes.

  • I got some new make up at the drug store to play with along with some bubble bath for a relaxing hot bath tonight.

  • You can see our first fire of the season on my IG Stories Highlight here! It was so beautiful.

  • Planning another big fire tonight as we watch the sun set. Which reminds me I have to run out and bring in some wood!

leopard 10.JPG


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