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A Body Con Dress

The Scoop

I love this dress! I know it is a body con dress and I should be more self-conscious about my body but I'm not. I used to be very worried about what others think but one of the great things in life is when you reach the point of doing what you want, not what you think others want of you. 

Why do I love this dress? Because it is extremely comfortable. It's like a comfy tee shirt. It has a great cut and ruching that finds your best points and flatters them. I have seen so many bloggers wearing this dress and they all look amazing, confident and comfortable. Call me major "influenced!" Ha Ha!

I have this dress in this fabulous blue and in black. I will be wearing it with sneakers and flat sandals this summer. I can switch out the jacket with different styles (think my white blazer) and cardigans. You can pull it up or down to the length that fits your personal preference too. It is a very versatile dress.

my outfit

I wore a white distressed denim jacket with this almost denim blue-colored dress. For shoes I wore a pair of tan wedge sandals and I carried my leopard bag. I wore colorful earrings and a silver bracelet for jewelry. I really think the options for styling this dress are endless.

Linking exact dress, my color is Navy Night Hthr (I sized up to M but would have been fine with the S), exact distressed white jacket ( I wish I would have sized down to an XS, the S is a little big in shoulders) and exact wedges (TTS) my bag is old but I have the Ark bag and is looks fabulous with this look too. Linking my exact authentic Ark bag in large. 

This was my date night look!

Husband Approved!

coming soon

I just wanted to let you know some posts I am working on.

  1. I am completely redecorating my deck and am so excited. I have had the same old wood furniture for ten plus years and it was looking pretty shabby and not at all chic. I oiled our deck over the weekend and my new furniture is being delivered on Monday. I hope to share it with you later this week. That is if it quits raining!

  2. I got more done with my hair. I went several inches shorter and added tons of highlights for summer. I can't wait to show you the difference!

  3. Lastly I am working on a fitness post to update you on my successes and failures with the boot camp I am in. I just finished week three and have three more to go. Mixed thoughts on it.

I loved this look so much that I got the dress in black, the pink jacket that is linked and the wedges that are linked. I have the linked Ark Bag and use it all the time! This will be another fun look for me.

Here I've linked a similar dress that is less body con, a jacket that is not distressed, wedges and bag that I am totally obsessed with.  Just waiting for them to go on sale!

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I've Kissed A Lot Of Frogs


It's true, I cannot tell a lie; I have kissed a lot of frogs. Hat and sun glasses frogs. I can't wear most hats well and most sun glasses don't look good on me. But let's face it, after all the years I've been looking (too many) I have finally found a couple of hat styles and sun glasses that I like.  I was excited about the beret I found (see here) but this Fisherman's hat is the CATS MEOW for me.

Fun, fun, fun! I wore it with a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans (my fav jeans), a Free People off should sweater (another favorite brand) and an old pair of booties. I slung a leopard bag over my shoulder and grabbed my tassel belt and I felt positively Frenchish! P.S. I make up words often. Big Mark Twain fan, learned it from him.


The fringe trend was so short lived for me. Surprising since I grew up when fringe was EVERYWHERE (60s/70s)! But I got these booties with fringe a few years ago and one clutch that had fringe and I was over it. I haven't worn these booties much but when I put them on with this outfit I thought, what the crap is wrong with me, these are ROCKIN boots. So they will be back on rotation for me. 

fringe 11.JPG
fringe 13.JPG

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How I Wear Red For Fall


How I Wear My, a blog post hosted by Adrienne of The Rich Life In Wine Country and Jill of Everything Just So goes live today. This is a once a month blog event that has been going on for many years and I have participated in it for the last few years. It is always so fun and has a different theme each month. This month is How I Wear My Red. I love red so I pulled out some of my favorite red items and put together an outfit. 

I'm wearing black skinny jeans (DIY step hem), a sweater, denim jacket and my favorite pumps in red plaid. I carried a leopard clutch for added interest. For jewelry I wore a fun statement necklace made of leaf shaped silver and it has a little bling, a silver bracelet and watch and my big hoop earrings that I am wearing a lot lately. So retro! This outfit was such fun. The shoes are the star of the outfit for me. I got them several years ago at a consignment store and enjoy bringing them out each fall! 


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Plum Thermal Top


This plum colored thermal top is several seasons old and it is a favorite. It is a rich autumn color, and just the right weight for days that are starting to be cooler. I wore it with skinny jeans and a pair of suede nude pumps. I carried my leopard bag because it just adds so much to a fall look like this. For jewelry I wore a layered necklace that is a favorite right now and hoop earrings. This was an easy low key outfit for a day when I wasn't feeling so joyous.


I wasn't really feeling like doing a post today. I watched the news all day and got so sad about the loss people were bound to be suffering. At the hour of 7 PM Mountain time it seems the storm surge may not be as catastrophic as first thought. Thank goodness. I am thankful for the coverage the news did in trying to get everyone to be careful and safe. But it is a relief that things may end up not being as bad as first thought. Mostly I worried about loss of life. I pray that no one lost their life due to Irma. 


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I'm proud to participate in the following link ups and am always looking for more! 

I love to start my day checking in with them and seeing what everyone is doing and connecting!

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Softer Side of Both Sexes


While I was out hiking this morning I was thinking about how many people say they love to wear gray and pink together. I wondered why I heard that more than about any other color combination. It just struck that maybe it is because these colors represent the softest side of both the female and male. I think of pinks as the most feminine color and I think of gray as the gentler side of men. Crazy maybe, I don't know. 

For this outfit I wore a pair of what I call vintage jeans. I have owned them for around 12 years and will never give them up. I wore a pastel pink camisole and this gray sweater with big bell sleeves. I wore some silver sandals and carried a leopard bag. The bag is several years old and a favorite that will never go out of style either. For jewelry I wore my giant hoop earrings and a layered necklace. When I was all put together I could see this outfit would be on repeat for fall. 


I have been watching the tragedy in Texas non stop and it is so heart breaking. This flooding reminds me of the time my home flooded in Missouri. Back in the early 90s we had a 100 year flood. We had no warning. Our house was next to a river. Before we knew it water was coming in our doors. We saw our car washed away and huge rail road ties raced by in the water along with everyone's barbecue grills and lawn furniture. We didn't know what to do because the water was up to our knees and the current was so fast we were afraid to try to wade out. Our refrigerator was shorting out and we were afraid of electricution. All our pictures, my sons saxaphone and furniture was being covered in water. We grabbed our cat and went out on the front porch. The city came by in a big front loader or something like that but I guess they didn't realize we were trapped because they just drove by. We (my husband and two sons and cat finally linked arms and started wading through the water and got to higher ground. 

After the water subsided a couple of days later, we went home. Inches of slimy mud covered everything. Water damage was devastating. It was a little overwhelming and to make it worse the media showed up taking pictures. That upset me, they weren't there to help they were there to take video of our heartbreak. It made me sick. Anyway, we got through it all and it is a distant memory. My car was found and totaled and our house was repaired and we soon sold it and moved to higher ground. 

That chapter of our life was closed. But today, I feel deeply for those going through this. All of us looking in the window at them isn't that helpful sometimes. No one wants to see their pain splashed all over for the world to see. 

pink 16.JPG

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