Poncho Style

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The Scoop

The weather here in AZ has been cool and rainy and perfect for wearing ponchos, jackets and for layering. When I lived here for many years I don’t remember many Februaries so chilly but I know those who live here all year long really enjoy this change from the long hot season.

I think we are going to have to cut our stay here short. Our security cameras were hacked and only one is working and it is showing downed trees in the yard at our place in the mountains. These trees are gigantic too. And they are really close to the house. Last year we had one fall on the house. The snow is really deep and heavy this year so a tree falling is fairly common but you don’t want it damaging property. We have friends checking on things so depending on what they find out we will need to go back.

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My Look

This outfit is so comfy. A pair of skinny jeans in a dark wash, a tee and a poncho. I wore black pumps and carried my backpack to complete this look.

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Create Your Own Look

Linking exact poncho (on major sale) exact jeans (on sale) and similar pumps.

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Red and Black Buffalo Check

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the scoop

Nothing says cozy like a fuzzy pullover, especially when it is in red and black buffalo check. We got our first snow here in the Boise area and it is friggin cold! Our highs this week are not going to get above freezing. I can’t wait until the end of the month when we move like gypsies and head to Arizona for a few months. Meanwhile I will enjoy the winter weather and find the best in my environment. I’m getting to eat more to fuel my body, wear all my fun winter boots and cozy up in the house with my hubby and puppies.

We’re hosting our annual Christmas party on the 15th so I am planning for that. We hold it at our mountain house so I haven’t decorated or anything there yet. I am keeping it simple this year with fresh wreaths and laser lights. Instead of having a piano player we are going to play soft music in the back ground. It always seems hard to talk over a piano playing although we did love the festive element having a piano playing in the background provided. But I want to change things a little this year. We provide the drinks and everyone brings a dish so it will be an easy event to plan. Can’t wait to see everyone!

my look

The star of the show for this look is my top. It is one I got a few weeks ago when I shopped at Walmart. This is the cutest top too. So warm and cozy and just the right weight so you can wear it around the house without getting too hot. It comes in three colors and I love them all. I wore this top with skinny jeans and an old pair of over the knee boots that I pushed down for a slouchy boot look. The boots were the second pair of over the knee boots I ever got and they are not tight around the thigh so they want to slip down anyway. You could wear this top with leggings and sneakers or lounge pants and slippers. It is really versatile!

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create your own look

This top is on sale for 25.99 and I really want it in more colors. It is a perfect everyday top but you could really dress it up for a party too. It is an over sized fit and tts (I am wearing s). Showing all colors below.

Hands down my favorite brand for skinny jeans is 7 For All Mankind the Guenevere style. Linking those but look at the hem of the second pair SO CUTE. I always get my jeans at the rack on sale.

don’t forget the boots

Slouchy or boots that just hit the knee are so fun this season and something different than the over the knee. Mine are old Micheal Kors but I’m linking some fabulous boots that are slouchy or just hit the knee and all on sale. You may have a pair of over the knee boots that you can push down like I’m doing in this look.

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Dog Days Of Summer And A Blogging Break Update

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Sup' Gang?

Popping in from my hiatus to say hi!

the scoop

There is so much to tell you and I don't really like to bore you too much so let's just say things have been crazy around here. But I wanted to check in at midway through my month off of blogging to let you know what's happening.

I was so over blogging for a a while and I am only starting to miss it a little. But even if I did miss it I wouldn't have time to do it. My husband has been the sickest he has ever been since I have known him. He is a major health nut but somehow he got walking pneumonia. And he is very anti medication so he refused to go to the doctor for six weeks. Finally I threatened him and he went and they put him on antibiotics and now at week eight he is starting to come out of it. But he was so sick for a long time.

My son and grandson came to visit for a week and we had a wonderful time. I miss them now that they are gone. We hiked, ran, cooked, made jams, went shopping and so much more. It was a whirl wind visit and I needed a couple of days rest after. I don't know if I ever told you this but my son is the male version of me. Seriously we love all the same things in life. First family, then cooking, fashion, fitness, etc. It is so fun to share things with someone who gets me so clearly. We are both introverts and just think the same way about life. It's interesting and fun! 

Around the time of all this starting we were already in the process of buying a house so most the running, and making decisions was done by me alone.  We bought a house in Boise for when we spend time there. You all know how I love the quiet life here in the mountains but l also like the city life from time to time so now we have a place to stay when we go down. For the past few weeks I have been setting up that place when I have time between taking care of my husband and company visiting. We have one more round of family coming at the end of August but just for a couple of nights. I am prepping for that now. 

Through all this I am trying to take care of myself which has been hard. You know how we always put others' needs first. It's in our genes. But I have continued to run a few times a week and have been extremely active with moving and keeping things under control. My diet has suffered since I have been needing a little comfort food, so lots of room for improvement there. You all probably understand the toll stress can take on your body. This spring has been a land mind of stress for me. I lost a beloved aunt, a favorite uncle, and a brother. My mother is very ill as well as other siblings with advanced lung diseases. My son went through a heart breaking divorce and then my husband got sick. I feel a little battered right now but know the only way out is up. So I make each day a day to be grateful and carry on.

Now that my husband is on the mend I plan to really work on my health, lose the five pounds that I put on over the winter and keep the joy of life as a top priority. Wish me luck!

my look

This was a very casual day for me like most of my days recently. I am obsessed with this long shirt that can be worn as a dress or a duster. It will carry me through fall and winter with so many styling options. I can't wait to experiment! For this look I wore a pair of DIY cut offs and a gray cami. Nude flip flops worked just right for the day. 

Linking options for creating your own look!

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Got Blog?

I plan  to be back to my blogging routine in September but I still feel I need a little change so I am trying to envision what that might be. Meanwhile I decorated my office in the house in the city. And I totally love it! I went with a bit of a French theme but really I had no plan when I started. I just went shopping a picked out things I loved and somehow they all came together. The desk is a beautiful deep red and I still have to get a chair and a chandelier. I tweaked a little more after this picture, added a few more accessories and installed my Alexa. The results were a peaceful pleasant space to dream, create and be happy. I'll try to follow up with better and more pictures soon.

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true story

Linking same desk and similar curtains and rug. 

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