Summer Chic

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the scoop

I love summer fashion but I think options are limited when it comes to variety. Other seasons give you more of an opportunity to layer which provides endless options and creativity. But I must admit putting together an outfit for an evening out is a lot of fun when you don't have to think about keeping warm. And I think a monochromatic look is so chic for summer. All black or all white just always works.

Linking exact jeans, shoes and top (limited sizes and colors) and a couple of similar tops and fun bags for summer.

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my look

This top covers a lot but yet it doesn't. The sleeves are sheer so not at all too warm for evenings and baring the shoulders is also a comfortable way to keep cool. This top is great because it is nicely secured around the neck. You don't even think about it falling or being too revealing. I decided to wear it with cropped black denim for a chic look. I had packed most of my belts to move to our other house so had to use this silver metal belt which I ended up actually liking. Nothing makes black pop more than tan shoes and bags so there you have it. A complete look. I added colorful earrings for fun. It wasn't planned but red toes and white nails added even more interest to this look.

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Cheers To Each New Day

happy monday gang!

I hope you are ready for another week. An important one because it is one week closer to spring! While we're waiting however I'm celebrating each new day!

One of the things I love to do is celebrate each day and the way I do that is each evening (well most of them) I make a nice meal and make a big deal about the ritual of cooking and eating. I love to cook so I usually put on music and pour a glass of wine. I try to dress for the occasion (meaning getting out of exercise or house cleaning clothes) and set a table and think about how grateful I am for life, food and home. 

This is not new, I have done it most of my adult life. It comes somewhat from my parents and grandparents always pointing out the importance of meals and family time. I don't always set up our meals in the dinning room or kitchen, sometimes it's on the patio, in the living room or even on a tray. But the sentiment it the same, to celebrate the day.

I usually wear jeans and a fun top when cooking.

But I have often worn, maxi dresses, casual dresses, shorts, slacks or pretty lounge wear. Just something nice that seems fitting for celebrating the day knowing no matter what I achieved (or didn't) I put my all into it as I try to do everyday.

My kids will tell you that dancing in the kitchen while I'm cooking may or may not happen! Ha Ha! A girls gotta get her cardio in when she can! 

For this look I am wearing jeans from Express, a top from Ross and Marc Fisher platforms. I love the whole retro look of these jeans and top. Kind of a 50s or early 60s look I think. I added big hoop earrings for jewelry and my outfit was complete. Everything is old so I linked up similar things I am loving that you can use to create your own look!

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I spent a day this week on my YouTube channel and had so much fun! I have all kinds of plans for using it this summer so stay tuned. Meanwhile scroll down to see some of my videos. They are short and sweet. I hope you will subscribe too!

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