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I have two pairs of Uggs and a third on the way. One pair of slippers and these fabulous snow boots and a pair I just ordered on sale that are perfect for everyday in cooler weather. I love me some Ugg! With this brand I have to be selective because I don’t love all the styles but when I find a style I like I really like them a lot! I always get them when they are on sale and they are super high quality so you get your money’s worth in wear over the years.

my look

These boots look good with so many things but I decided to wear them with leggings. I went with a black column which I say, when in doubt, start with a column. You all know what I mean by a column. You wear a top and pants in the same color creating a column type of look. From there you build and create so many fun looks. I added these boots and a vest in a black and white almost hounds tooth design. For more warmth I topped it off with a beanie.


just a pair of black leggings with a black tee.

create you own look

I’ll start with the boots. I got mine on sale a while back and adore them. The second pair I am linking I just ordered and are 33% off. These styles are really trending right now. I’m linking other options too.

complete your look

I am loving vests this season. They are a great third piece for any outfit. See more about the third piece here. I love them to be just a little fitted to accentuate the waist. You can get these for fabulous prices at Ross, Marshals, TJMax, Target, etc.

To create a column (see more about column dressing here and here) try basic black leggings and tees. I’m linking my exact tee. It comes in many colors and I wear it in black or white several times a week. My favorite leggins are Zella and I’m linking them also. I prefer the shorter ones. See more outfits with leggings here (in leather) here and here. And don’t forget to have fun with beanies! I have a few of theses linked and love them. See how I wear them here, here and here.


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Good Reads

I always love to share good books to read and here is a trilogy! Michael B. Koepʼs final installment in The Newirth Mythology Trilogy brings a psychologist face to face with his greatest fear: madness. On the other side of the world, a professor of mythology struggles to interpret a sudden shift in the historical timeline, the mysterious discovery of the ruins of an ancient city and the anomalous nature of Locheʼs writing. Just click on the picture to link to more about this book.

Part one of this trilogy is The Invasion of Heaven here. And part two is Leaves Of Fire here.

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How To Use Column Dressing


A few years ago I learned about a style concept called column dressing. It is where you wear the same color top and pants and then build out from there. I felt it was a brilliant idea and I use it often. My favorite is the black column. In this outfit I have a pair of comfy high wasted black jeans and an asymmetrical long sleeved tee with a V neck. You will see in the following pictures how versatile this base is by switching out jewelry, bags, shoes and by adding a third piece (another style concept that I will talk about in a future post).  I used things like pulling the neckline down to a cold shoulder, big statement necklaces, adding cardigans and wearing different shoes. I could have probably put together 50 different outfits and of course loved every minute of doing it!

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