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The Scoop

I love my dogs. This little guy makes me feel like a rock star! He and his sissy ( I call her) are always there watching like I am the most interesting person in the world. If you are a dog lover like me you understand that I spend a lot of time making sure I don’t let them down. We take lots of walks, we nap in a pile on the sofa, we share treats and the fun never ends!

It started raining this week after a few weeks of too perfect to be true spring weather. I realized how bad my lighting is again for picture taking. So I took the plunge and ordered a photography lighting kit. I can’t wait for it to arrive. It has it all even back drops in three colors. Now I can finish setting up my photography studio. We have a finished basement that I have all ready for photo taking except for the lighting. Its big empty, quiet with light colored walls. There are two large windows as in it only a partial underground basement but the lighting I ordered should improve things a lot!

In a couple more weeks we will be heading to the mountains for the summer! I am excited to be in the fresh country mountain air again where I can go mushroom hunting, huckleberry picking and take long quiet hikes and trail runs. I will make summer jams and just enjoy the quiet life for a few months.

Can you believe I got three new posts on the blog this week! I don’t know how it happened but I had a few fun looks to share so there you go! I love spring and summer fashion so much.

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My Look

This is all old but good. My top is so fun with the off shoulders but the tie around the neck keeps it secure. Next are my old DIY hem jeans. I think these were the first pair I took the scissors to. After one pair there was no holding me back and I found no jeans were safe if they were too long. These are a step hem. I added my Sam Edelman mules which have been a favorite for several years and carried my LV Never Full GM bag. For jewelry I wore the emerald necklace my husband surprised me with on our anniversary last year. I’m still sportin’ my hair pins because . . . well because I like them!

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Create Your Own Look

My top is State from Nordstrom, Jeans from Costco, mules Sam Edelman and bag Louie Vuitton (gift from husband). I’m linking really great options for creating your own look.

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Above you get a peek of my dinning room that I painted this spring. I love how it turned out. Below is my formal living room that has a ceiling two stories high so I will have to hire to have it painted. But I have it decorated just the way I want. It’s the most serene room. We’ve had the armoire for so many years. It is an antique from England. The room is filled with my favorite things. Even the silly brass duck.

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You can see all my looks on the app when you search northwestmountainliving. Just download the free app and follow me or go to the shop tab on the blog to see them.

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P.S. I started a new IG Account called @northwestmountainliving. If you want to follow along check it out because I will be linking all my outfits and maybe adding some try-on haul stories soon!

How I Do Monochromatic

The Scoop

I think one of the easiest looks to put together is a monochromatic look. For this post I styled two, one in black and one in blue. One of the things I like to do when putting together a monochromatic look is use texture. It can give a look more depth and interest. So I’m not afraid to mix sheer, with suede or other types of fabric that have opposing textures.

Look One

For this outfit I wore all black. The top is a sheer fabric with a underlay and it is an off shoulder top. I love the string around the neck to keep it all in place. I wore black slacks in a soft fabric and suede pumps that have a ruffle accent. To complete the look I carried my leopard clutch. I mean it can’t get much more simple, right?

I learned a little trick this past year that I can’t wait to share! I order pumps a half size larger than my normal size and they are 100 times more comfortable! I guess this is a Megan Markle trick too but it works!

blue 1.JPG

Look Two

This look is all in dark blue, even my shoes! The top is a knit cold shoulder with some fun detail on the yoke and bell 3/4 sleeves. I wore dark blue jeans and dark blue wedge shoes and then my leopard clutch to complete the look.

See how I do the cold shoulder look in the winter here, here and here.

Create Your Own Look

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Summer Chic

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the scoop

I love summer fashion but I think options are limited when it comes to variety. Other seasons give you more of an opportunity to layer which provides endless options and creativity. But I must admit putting together an outfit for an evening out is a lot of fun when you don't have to think about keeping warm. And I think a monochromatic look is so chic for summer. All black or all white just always works.

Linking exact jeans, shoes and top (limited sizes and colors) and a couple of similar tops and fun bags for summer.

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my look

This top covers a lot but yet it doesn't. The sleeves are sheer so not at all too warm for evenings and baring the shoulders is also a comfortable way to keep cool. This top is great because it is nicely secured around the neck. You don't even think about it falling or being too revealing. I decided to wear it with cropped black denim for a chic look. I had packed most of my belts to move to our other house so had to use this silver metal belt which I ended up actually liking. Nothing makes black pop more than tan shoes and bags so there you have it. A complete look. I added colorful earrings for fun. It wasn't planned but red toes and white nails added even more interest to this look.

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They Call Me Mellow Yellow

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when you know a hero

This is a last minute add in. I don't talk much about my immediate family, I respect their privacy and my blog is about frivolous things and not personal things. But I have to share this story. Today my youngest son called me and told me about something that had just happened.

He was driving on the highway in Kansas City where he lives and an older woman had made a move that angered a younger man. The man began trying to run her off the road and finally got in front of her and stopped her. My son pulled in behind her and watched as the man got out of his truck with a small knife. My son grabbed his big wooden umbrella and got out of his car and told the guy to get away. My son is big and strong and the guy stopped immediately and turned to run away but first stabbed the lady's tire. He got in his truck and did a u turn and took off. My son got in his car and followed him and got his license plate number and a picture of the car. Then he went back to the lady who was with her 12-year-old granddaughter and called the police. They came and he gave them all the information he had attained and made sure the lady and her grand daughter were okay before calling me. 

I was so proud of my son and so scared for him. My heart was in my throat as I listened to his story. He was very brave and did the right thing. Too many people would have not stopped to help and he did. He is not stupid, he said he looked at the situation carefully and knew he could take the guy down in a heartbeat. He was furious that someone would try to hurt an older lady and a child. He said he could not stand by and let it happen. I am so proud of my son. He is my hero. He was a hero for someone he didn't even know. She was so grateful and shaken. He said she could barely write his name down. I feel so bad for her but happy that someone was there to help her. No one else will ever know this story but that is what being a hero is, helping others in trouble without thought to yourself. And I know a hero.

the scoop

Yellow has cast it's spell on me this spring. I have never been a fan of yellow. When I was a small child I got lots of ear infections and the medicine I was given was yellow. I still remember the taste and the trauma of being held down while warm ear drops where put in my ears. It was very upsetting to me and I never forgot it and every time I saw yellow the memories came back. And even now I recall those times but I am pretty much over blaming the color yellow. Ha ha!

Linking my top (limited sizing), and several other fabulous tops in yellows.

festive 1.JPG

feeling mellow

wearing yellow

my look

This top is sort of a light mustard color and the minute I saw it, I liked it. The fact that it had the cold shoulder design and was in a sort of linen fabric made it even more appealing. I wore it with my DIY cut off shorts and my fabulous striped Seychelles mules that I got last year. The shorts are button fly Lucky Brand and very comfy. I plan to cut off a few more jeans this summer. I usually go to the thrift shops for jeans to cut off which is where I got these. 

Linking several options for shorts and mules for creating your own look!

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in case you missed it

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Baggy Pants

Every once in a while . . .

I love my baggy pants!

the scoop

I have several pairs of linen pants fashioned in a relaxed or even baggy style. I like them big enough that they are almost falling off. Perfect for my fat days! You can see me wearing them here too. 

Here's the link to my exact top and other fabulous tops along with linen pants.

my look

This outfit started out with the top. It is so cute and comfy with lots of fun details. It has tassels on the sleeves and I love how it is held up by the straps around my neck. They are adjustable so I can raise of lower if needed. It has a pretty peplum hem, is shorter, made of a soft silky fabric and it is lined. Love!  I wore it with my linen pants and a pair of leather flip flops for a casual fun outfit. Big hoop earrings and a straw clutch completed my look!

Linking some fabulous hats, flip flops and bags to create your own look!

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How I Wear An Off Shoulder Top In Cooler Weather


We had a cold snap last week with highs mostly in the mid 40s. This week is supposed to be closer to normal with highs in the mid 60s. Right where I like it the most. It is really time for cozy sweaters, comfy jeans and beautiful scarves. But I don't plan to put away all my summer trends for the winter. Take the ever so popular off shoulder or cold shoulder tops. Should we put them all in winter storage? Not me, I'm going to continue wearing mine but with a twist. I'll be adding a cozy scarf to add fall colors and extra warmth when needed. Imagine sitting by a fire in the evening with a glass of wine looking stylish and comfortable all through fall and winter.

I have several of these over-sized cold shoulder sweaters that will be on repeat during the cold weather seasons. I usually wear lace t-back braletts with them because they are pretty and add another level of comfort. In this outfit I am wearing flared jeans that have a nice stretch. There is no snow on the ground so I'm wearing a pair of open toed booties that are an olive color similar to my sweater and of course I'm wearing one of my favorite scarves full of neutral tones and fall colors. I really like pattern mixing like here with the plaid scarf and the leopard bag. Making sure they are in the same color family appeals more to my eyes. 


When I first started blogging several years ago I was only doing it for a creative outlet. A little hobby. I really did't care that much if anyone read it or not. And for the most part, not too many did. But as time went by I started thinking I would like to turn my blog into a business and started learning how to grow an audience and make my blog more professional. I loved the design part of blogging and was starting to learn that a few people kind of liked what I was doing. 

Fast forward to today, and I am getting on average 14, 000 views per month on my blog. Relative to other blogs that can be considered a lot or not. I use social media to help people find my blog and spend a great deal of time promoting and engaging with other bloggers. I joined a few like minded groups on Facebook and have worked my self silly with it all. I have become more worried about growing my blog than taking pleasure in the process. I am forgetting the joy I find in other things in my life and am feeling way too much stress and unmotivated in general.

So I decided this weekend to let some of it go. I am going to go back to doing what I love, and that is creating stylish looks that hopefully inspire others to play in their closets more often if that is something they enjoy. No more sitting in bed at night and in the mornings with my nose in my phone on IG and other social media worrying that I will make someone mad if I don't like their post, comment on it or their blog. No more feeling like I can't keep up with the social media rat race. I'll do my blog posts, let everyone know that it is up via a quick post on social media and then I go back to life. My real job, my family, cooking, hiking and being in the present. 

I'll still be updating my Boutique and Chatter page, sharing finds that I think you will like. I like that part of my blog also. I don't make money from doing it for the most part but I get a kick when someone finds it useful. So keep checking it out if you're interested. 

I love helping others design their blog and only work with two or three clients at a time and I find that fun also. I won't be giving up that part of my blog either. So if you ever want to start a hobby blog I'll always be happy to share what I know. Then if you want my help we can go from there. You can see more detail on my Blog Services tab.

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How I Style Over The Knee Boots For Fall Fashion


A few of years ago when Over the Knee Boots starting popping up everywhere, I was sure I was too old to wear them. I let society whisper in my ear, no no, you can't wear those, you'll look like you're trying to be younger. But as with so many whispers in my ear, I ignored it and showed my husband a beautiful pair of Louise et Cie OTK boots that I loved and he got them for me for Christmas! I was so excited and the minute I put them on I loved them. The heck with what anyone thought! Over the next couple of years I added two more pairs. They are so versatile and absolutely a fun addition to my wardrobe! 

For this outfit I wore the second pair of OTK boots purchased, they are a rich caramel color and they can be scrunched down to below the knee for variation.  Right now I prefer over the knee. I wore them with a pair of pants in a copper color. My top is a fun cold shoulder in a blue that reminds me of stormy nights.  I wore a layered necklace and a choker and carried a tote bag. All I can say is, I love this outfit. The top made it comfortable for the still warm days we were having but I got to style the boots so it is a perfect transitional outfit. 


As I write this post I am enjoying a day in the mid 60s and sunny with a little wind. But the wind is blowing in an early winter storm. For the next week, it is only going to be in the mid 40s and Tuesday through Thursday the forecast predicts snow! It's crazy and way too early for snow. A first in my experience.  I think the next week it is supposed to warm up to the 50s and 60s so hopefully our fall isn't over. Meanwhile my husband has been stacking wood for all our fire places. Stay tuned for weather updates! Ha Ha!


On last Saturday's edition of the "Move It Or Lose It" segment, I talked about my skin care or lack there of. I'm taking this week off. I have pretty much shared my stories related to health, fitness and beauty and will move this feature to the first Saturday of the month from now on. So look for my October post in a few weeks.  Sign up below for my newsletter if you want to get the reminder.


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I'm proud to participate in the following link ups and am always looking for more! 

I love to start my day checking in with them and seeing what everyone is doing and connecting!

I hope you will join us HERE!