You can take the girl out of the mountains, but

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life . . .

the scoop

August was supposed to be a break for me but it ended up adding years to my life. In my last post here where I updated you at mid point of my "blogging break" I explained a lot of what was going on. But things got worse before they got better.

My husband's pneumonia got worse, his lung collapsed with fluid and a trip to the ER ensued. The big issue was that at our age getting pneumonia out of the blue when you are seemingly very healthy can be a sign of lung cancer. And since there is a family history of lung cancer along with other symptoms we had quite a scare for a couple of weeks as we ruled that out. Gratefully it was ruled out and he is finally almost back to normal.

fight or flight

I, on the other hand have aged 10 years. I was in continual fight or flight mode for a few weeks, working nonstop to care for him all the while fearing the worst. I am so grateful to breath again and now it is time to think about myself and caring for my health. I don't have a real plan yet but I am getting in long walks and sleeping and eating better. 

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at least

i'm not in sweats!

my look

You can take the girl out of the mountains but you can't take the mountains out of the girl are my thoughts on this look. I have lived in joggers the past month and for this shoot I kicked it up a notch (ha ha) with very distressed jeans and a camo shirt. Most of the day I was bare footed but when I had to go out I added a pair of low heeled booties and carried my LV MM bag. 

Same shirt (LOVE!), same brand jeans (SO COMFY), options for fun fall booties and totes!


We are back in the mountains as I write this post. We needed to come up to check on things since we have been away for a while. But OMG I am loving my place in the city. It is much smaller than our mountain home and I adore the coziness of it as I build our nest. I went for the not trendy layout with this house. I love different rooms and don't feel the need for the open concept that is so popular. It is open enough to feel connected but still lends the ability to have variety in decorating. The house is 18 years old and had only one other owner which was the people who built it. They took loving care of it and did so many unique things while they were there. 

Everything is still a work in progress but so far I have our bedroom about done, outside of painting it. I am trying out the existing deep purple walls for a while because I actually find them rather serene. I have the kitchen set up but will change the counter tops down the road. I know quartz is all the rage but I still love granite and plan on replacing the existing counter tops with that. I am still thinking about painting the kitchen cabinets. I read that natural wood was going to be on trend this coming season and really like the way they are right now. 

My dining room is done except for hanging my curtains and more furniture for our family room arrives this week and I am so excited! I am going to wait on the formal living room decor for a while as I percolate ideas but right now I am totally thinking mid century modern (ish). Deep colors for the sofa and chairs and maybe a fun texture for the fabrics, like velvet. I'm in no hurry though so I will have one big empty room for while. Oh and our patio is still stark naked! Soon though.

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Peace gang!

Thanks so much for hanging in with me while I was away!

staying connected

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Thinking Of Fall


It's amazing but I didn't buy one thing from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. Everything I saw looked so close to something that I already had, I couldn't bring myself to buy just for the sake of a sale. I decided to go to my fall closet and put together some outfits that will be just as stylish this year as they were last year.

Before I go too far into the outfit I wanted to point out that the biggest, little detail I see this season is the jewelry. The big chunky necklaces are not as hot this year. The smaller dainty and layered look is back in style. I love this subtle change. I love that you can put on a meaningful delicate necklace and wear it for days. It reminds of time gone by.

Now on to the outfit. I have had this dress for a couple of seasons. I liked it so much that I have it in two colors. This rust and and a burgundy. I mean how fallish is that? To change it up I added an old camouflage shirt. Open toed booties are still in and I had these favorites from last year just waiting in the closet. They have an olive tinge so they went perfectly with this outfit. A basic tan tote and I am fashionable, current and happy. I am wearing my new favorite bar necklace. I am looking at my old necklaces now to see how I can do some layering. Stay tuned!

New Pinterest Group Board

I wanted to share with you a new group board on my Pinterest! I love Pinterest as many of us do but it seems as in many things, it is more represented by the young and fabulous in the fashion and style genre. I am moving to make a change and created a group board titled Style Wise. Check it out here. It was just created and needs some more inspiration so if you are a fashion and style blogger and would like to be a contributor let me know via I would love to have more Style Wise women help me show brands and society our value and relevance!


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P.S. I got so sick of putting on self tanner everyday that I let my legs go white! Yikes! But for this shoot I used my leg make up and was so happy with it. I sweat that stuff sticks and rubs off on nothing. I think I will get it in a darker color. It's Sally Hansen's Air Brush. See here.

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