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the scoop

So disregard my hair in these pictures, I didn’t feel like messing with it and I was really just trying on outfits for our Christmas party this weekend. I want something fun, different and warm since we will be in the mountains. Above all since I am hosting, I have to be comfortable. I have tried on several things and still haven’t come up with what I want but I did like this look so I thought I would share it. I would wear this if I were not hosting but as a working host I need less fuss.

We got our final RSVP list and it looks like between 35 and 40 guests so we decided to ask our pianist to play the piano for us again this year. I had thought we would just play music but having a local musician has become kind of a tradition. I am putting real pine trees on each side of the front door and using real wreaths to decorate a couple of windows and laser lights to decorate the front of the house. It will all be very simple but festive.

these boots

Hands down these are my favorite boots for this season. I wanted to buy them last season but they went out of stock so when I saw them on sale late this fall I snapped them up. They go with everything. They are out of stock but there is a new version that I will link. The thing I love the most about them is the wood heels.

black dress 11.JPG


I took my little black dress that is sleeveless and added the warmest brightest sweater I had. I think yellow is a fun out of the box color to add to a holiday party look. Next I added my boots because I love the contrast of the brown boot with the black dress. I carried my leopard clutch that is probably the best investment I have ever made on a bag because I use it a lot and it is holding up perfectly. Plus this bag is the perfect neutral to go with everything. I wore a necklace that is several years old to add a little gold bling and that was that. Fun, warm, comfortable and a little out of the box.

create your own look

I’m linking my exact dress including the long sleeve version. I’m also linking my boots (this years version on sale now) and I think the same boots in black are fabulous also on sale! I’m linking sweater options, a pretty yellow one but wouldn’t the red be perfect for the holidays. And the purple is a trending color right now that will take you through spring and is so different and pretty for the season. I’m linking my exact bag too.

black dress 7.JPG


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Body Con?

How I wear

A Body Con Dress

The Scoop

I love this dress! I know it is a body con dress and I should be more self-conscious about my body but I'm not. I used to be very worried about what others think but one of the great things in life is when you reach the point of doing what you want, not what you think others want of you. 

Why do I love this dress? Because it is extremely comfortable. It's like a comfy tee shirt. It has a great cut and ruching that finds your best points and flatters them. I have seen so many bloggers wearing this dress and they all look amazing, confident and comfortable. Call me major "influenced!" Ha Ha!

I have this dress in this fabulous blue and in black. I will be wearing it with sneakers and flat sandals this summer. I can switch out the jacket with different styles (think my white blazer) and cardigans. You can pull it up or down to the length that fits your personal preference too. It is a very versatile dress.

my outfit

I wore a white distressed denim jacket with this almost denim blue-colored dress. For shoes I wore a pair of tan wedge sandals and I carried my leopard bag. I wore colorful earrings and a silver bracelet for jewelry. I really think the options for styling this dress are endless.

Linking exact dress, my color is Navy Night Hthr (I sized up to M but would have been fine with the S), exact distressed white jacket ( I wish I would have sized down to an XS, the S is a little big in shoulders) and exact wedges (TTS) my bag is old but I have the Ark bag and is looks fabulous with this look too. Linking my exact authentic Ark bag in large. 

This was my date night look!

Husband Approved!

coming soon

I just wanted to let you know some posts I am working on.

  1. I am completely redecorating my deck and am so excited. I have had the same old wood furniture for ten plus years and it was looking pretty shabby and not at all chic. I oiled our deck over the weekend and my new furniture is being delivered on Monday. I hope to share it with you later this week. That is if it quits raining!

  2. I got more done with my hair. I went several inches shorter and added tons of highlights for summer. I can't wait to show you the difference!

  3. Lastly I am working on a fitness post to update you on my successes and failures with the boot camp I am in. I just finished week three and have three more to go. Mixed thoughts on it.

I loved this look so much that I got the dress in black, the pink jacket that is linked and the wedges that are linked. I have the linked Ark Bag and use it all the time! This will be another fun look for me.

Here I've linked a similar dress that is less body con, a jacket that is not distressed, wedges and bag that I am totally obsessed with.  Just waiting for them to go on sale!

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How I Wear Body Con


I am seeing body con dresses a lot lately. I love the look but would say I am more body self conscious than conscious at times. I got this dress several years ago and wear it for special occasions with my husband. It is a nice knit fabric and is ruched around the waist. 

I am not always ready to wear this dress as is, so I have come up with lots of ways to be completely comfortable when wearing it. I usually take a scarf and wear it different ways for different moods. I may wear it around my shoulders letting it hang down for more full body coverage or I may wrap it around my neck for more chest coverage. It's also fun to wrap the scarf around my waist so it can cover my stomach and hips. See the versatility and fun in this dress?

Other things I think about when purchasing or wearing a body con dress are that I prefer a black dress or a dark solid color. I also like it to have a good weight fabric. I always want to wear shoes that are comfortable so I am not flailing around as I walk. I like my jewelry to accent not steal the show and I prefer a clutch rather than a larger bag. All this seems to compliment my look which is simple and easy. 


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I'm proud to participate in the following link ups and am always looking for more! I love to start my day checking in with them and seeing what everyone is doing and connecting!I hope you will join us HERE!