Shoe Style & Still, A Beret


So I got these shoes. I loved how they looked online and when other bloggers wore similar ones but somehow when I put them on I wasn't feeling it. I let them sit in the box for a day and tried again. And this time I was feeling it. I had to find the right kind of jean style for me for these shoes. And you know what? Once I found them I wish I had ordered a back up pair for when these wear out cause I'm thinking I'm going to be wearing them a lot!

My husband thought the wear fancy slippers! Ha Ha! I can see his confusion and in a way I hate to wear them outside of the house but I have a trip coming up and these will be my travel shoes. They are the most comfy and cute flats I own. I wore them with very old Levi's, a cami, a big comfy sweater and of course the one thing you may get sick of seeing, my beret!  


These pictures are dark and as you know I am not a photographer but I do the best I can with my camera and tripod. It had been snowing for two days and I had no light so thus the dark photos. Today, as you read this post it will be sunny and in the 50s so almost like summer for us! Ha Ha. Soon I will be traveling to visit family in Kansas and I can't wait! Big plans!

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A Girl & A Beret

First I saw a beret on @emillyanngemma and then on @simplysylviadc and now I may never take mine off! I don't look great in hats and I have a small head so they are usually too big. I bought this one and one in a cream color and the flood gates are open. I was able to get them in xsmall and by golly they fit! These are now my favorite hats! 

I wore my hat with flared jeans and a old top, well everything I have on is old but the beret. I was totally having a few Mary Tyler Moore moments taking these photos. My next try is a cap I have been seeing. A page boy cap or similar style, so stay tuned!


My internet was down all day Wednesday and most of the day Thursday. I barely got this post up. So I missed a couple of days of link ups and lots of commenting. I'll try to catch up! 

My husband is drying a piece of plastic in the drive. Lovely background eh?

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