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the scoop

I hope you all don’t get sick of my harping on fitness but it has always been a big part of my life and now as I grow older I am even more obsessed with health. I don’t necessarily want to live long but I want to live well. I don’t want to become a burden to someone else or society if I can help it. Just because I am over 50 doesn’t mean I can’t look and feel my best. I want to breath air into my lungs, skip, jump and laugh until I close my eyes for the last time.

Recently I found a little tool that after using it for a week or so I see really making a difference. It’s a sports watch! I talked about it in my last post here, but in this post I wanted to give you a little more detail.

apple watch

I got an Apple Watch and love the look but also I am seeing how it motivates me to think about a healthy lifestyle. It reminds me to breath and guides me through one minute breathing sessions gently tapping my wrist as I take air into my lungs and then exhale. Do you ever think about how good it feels to really exhale? All the stress is shoved out of my body.

The big thing though is that this watch tracks how much I stand, my exercise, my heart rate, my steps and even the flights of stairs I take each day. It lets you set goals and then see how you do. At first I set low goals and just went though my normal day. When I saw what I had achieved I started competing with myself and see myself improving each day. It is fun!

Let me show you an example through a couple of screenshots of a day in my life.

  • The first picture is showing how many hours I stood in one day. And yes, I never sit for long but I was surprised at how little I sat that day. Yesterday is showed I was standing 12 hours and I was idle 2. That doesn’t count the night sleeping. I turn it off at night. Below it shows my steps and distance. This is a normal day for me, I didn’t go for a walk or run just normal house work, dog walking, etc. It also showed my distance for the day. I did go to the gym and do strength training but I haven’t set up tracking for that yet.

  • The next picture shows calories used. I set an easy goal of 240 extra calories to burn that day. It showed I went over my goal and it also shows total calories used that day just doing my normal routine. This is such great information and when I saw it I instantly decided to try to challenge myself.

  • Another perk I didn’t expect is that I give myself a break now knowing I am doing more than I thought. I always worried I wasn’t doing enough.

See why I love this watch so much? These screen shots are from a couple of days ago.

The first watch linked is exactly like mine. Linked options so you can compare styles.

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Dress For Success

It doesn’t always mean for the office, it means in all parts of your life.

my looks

I always want to dress fun for working out because it really does motivate me. My goal is to be strong and to feel good and I surround myself with all the tools I can to live that lifestyle. I love leggings especially black because they go with everything. I love over sized sweatshirts because you can layer them and pull them off if you get warm while moving. I love different sneakers for different things. Asics are best for me for running. I can have knee pain but virtually don’t if I wear this brand. I heard Hoda Kotb say that once and tried them and she was right. For other activities I love New Balance sneakers. And of course Niki’s are the lightest weight shoes ever. Hats just add a little spunk to a look and covering up a bad hair day is never a bad thing.

create your own look

In these pictures I am wearing all old stuff. Zella leggings (my favorite) Black sneakers are Niki and the other pair is ASICS. My grey sweatshirt was DIYed for off the shoulder, inspired by the other one that came that way. See this top in red here where I make fun of the Blogger Things I Do. I’m linking some fun things for you! Don’t be afraid to be you and do you!

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My Christmas Present, Designer Tree & Blush Style

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All I want for

Christmas . . .

the scoop

A lot is going on here in this post but I have a lot to share as you can see in my too long title. My husband got me my Christmas present early because he is sweet. Also because it was something I have been wanting for a while and felt like I needed right now to keep me motivated in my fitness endeavors.

So what did he get me? An Apple watch, the newest series with the sport band (series 4). I never got on the Fitbit wagon because I was always happy with just carrying my phone when I ran. I don’t buy a new phone each year I am still using the iPhone 6 Plus going on four years now and it still works perfectly. But recently my walking partner showed me her Apple watch and I started researching and thought this is something that would be so useful for me. No carrying a big phone while working out. And gang, it is so pretty! I do so many things with it and have only had it a few days.

It works with the running app I have had for many years (RunKeeper) where I have tracked 1,559 miles of running, it plays my music that I have collected on my iPhone since 2005 (iTunes) and it is a phone so I can take and make phone calls right from my wrist. This is heaven for me since it seems I get the most calls while making dinner.

It has a breathing app that reminds me to stop and take 60 seconds to focus on breathing. It gently taps my wrist as I breath in and out. It has the nutrition tracker that I have used for several years (MyFitnessPal) and I can even take and send text messages easier than on my phone.

Well the list goes on, it tracks my heart rate, will call help if I fall and don’t respond, gives me the weather and more. I would say if you are on the fence, get off! It’s an investment that is worth the money.

Linking Apple watch options. The first one is mine. I love the bands on these others too. You can pick these up at Costco last I looked but they were selling out fast.

pink 2.JPG

designer tree

One Saturday night a few weeks ago I was bored. I was having a glass of wine and watching YouTube videos of how to decorate a designer tree. Well I decided I was going to do my own. I pulled out all my old stuff bought new ribbon and a few stems from Michael’s and a designer tree was born. I am so in love with it too.

I went with a red and white theme. I wish I would have added more lights and will do so next year. For big ornaments I used some of the things I normally would hang on walls, doors or something like that. I also used our Christmas Stockings as ornaments. The pictures don’t show how really pretty it turned out.

I cut the 2.5 inch ribbon in strips of about 1.5 or 2 ft, and then tucked them up in the tree in a random pattern. I stuck the stems up in the top in place of a tree topper.

Linking the Ribbon and Stems I got for my tree this year. Everything else was old.

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my look

This active wear look was inspired by my new watch. Ha! Pink! I wore white jeans, pink sneakers and a pink and cream colored pull over. In keeping with the neutral look I carried my LV Never Full GM.

create your own look

Linking my exact watch, same top and same shoes. I love New Balance shoes for everyday wear! I have them in many colors.

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