New Way to Wear a Scarf

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the scoop

The next couple of posts will be pictures from our stay in the mountains. We are back in the city now and I have tons of things going on. It’s Halloween, I have neighbor who is now my walking partner and a new friend to meet for coffee. Plus we are hosting Thanksgiving here this year so I am planning for that.

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my look

I was watching “Hot and Flashy” one of my favorite You Tubers and saw her style a scarf in a new way. I loved it so much I had to try it. I have worn it sort of like this before but I had the scarf tucked into the belt all the way around. I love it so much more with the back not tucked in.

I always think of the scarf as the star of the show when I wear it, so nothing much else is going on in this look. I have the basic back drop of jeans and a black tee. The belt is a little blingy but I loved how it looked.

Everything I am wearing is old so I won’t try to link up things right now. Maybe tonight I will add some to my Like To Know It. All you have to do is download the app and follow me for the latest posts. I think most of us have all the elements in our closets anyway.

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  • We sold one of our airplane hangars so we have to run out there today to get the last of our stuff out of it.

  • Since we drive right by Costco on the way I am sure we will stop there.

  • It’s Halloween and I can’t wait to give out candy to all the little Trick or Treaters!

  • My new walking partner and I will be taking a walk in our beautiful neighborhood.

  • And it’s basically November now so it’s time to start planning holiday events!

  • Next week I have some new things to show you. I had a surprise PR package on my doorstep the other day full of fabulous clothes. I love to get surprises like that!

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Something to read . . .

When we were moving things this summer, I found this old copy of To Kill A Mockingbird in our library. I could hardly remember what it was about so kept it out to read.

This book according to a 2008 poll was voted greatest novel of all time. See the article here.

I found it so interesting to see all the different book covers with new editions. This one is my copy from around 1988.

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Field Jackets, Scarves and Platform Shoes

Field Jackets, Scarves & Platform Shoes

Gosh I saw this jacket online by way of Crazy Blond Life blog and fell in love! I knew I would be able to style it in so many ways. You may get tired of seeing it. It comes in a dark blue too that is beautiful.

the scoop

There are some clothing items I collect.  Jeans, white button downs, denim jackets just to name a few. Field or military jackets are on that list too. I have at least four or five in different styles and brands. One is camouflage as seen here and here. The peplum on this jacket is what stole my heart!

Scarves are so the thing this spring!

I got this beautiful square scarf and fell in love with the colors and versatility. I wore it over my shoulder, wrapped around my waist and wrapped around the handle of my bag.

See how I wore a scarf around my waist here too. Field jackets and scarves are in for spring but the biggest take over is platform shoes, especially in a sneaker style. They are all over the place and come in every color imaginable. I am obsessed and have three pair as seen here and here

Create Your own look

I'm linking up this jacket, same jeans, same platform sneakers and then lots of options you can use to create your own look!

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