OTK Boots with a Dress-that is all

I try to do three posts a week; a challenge to myself that sometimes I wonder about, because it can be a big challenge. I get really bored with wearing the same thing. At the end of the day, you have pants, top and shoes, or dress and shoes. Its hard to make it fun and original each day (or three times a week). The minute the calendar said Fall; I started seeing everyone wearing their tall boots. At the age of 56, I have wondered if I can get away with OTK boots, to be honest. But a couple of years ago my husband got me my first pair for Christmas and I said what the heck, I LOVE them and I'm going to wear them. Today's outfit consists of a knit dress, blanket scarf and my favorite OTK boots. " No words!" (Rachel Zoe)

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Copper Pants

WARNING, you might get sick of my OTK boots and this is only one of my three pairs! Wait until you see my black pair, they are "Bananas" (Rachel Zoe). Everything I am wearing is old but my pants. Last spring Costco had Buffalo pants in white and black and I picked up a few pair because they were cute, well made and well, $19.99. I was tickled to death when I went last week and found them in this beautiful copper color. They also have them in a deep wine. They are basics for me, everyday wear.  And since this color is on my short list as a favorite, I had tons of things to style with them. 

Do you have a fun/quirky place that you buy staples?

On an added note, I ran another 5K last Saturday to benefit the only Children's Hospital in Idaho. Although there were thousands participating in the 5K, 10K and half marathon, only 25 women in my age group were in the competitive 5K. I got second place being  beat out by only about 60 seconds! It was all uphill and a challenge but I ran at a 8 minute 43 second pace and finished the race in 27.07 minutes. My fastest race yet! I started running in my mid 40s and am so glad I tried it. I enjoy it so much and love the competitive part of 5Ks. Now it's time to train for my next 5K! I met a lady in her 70s who had eight women in her age group and she got second place. She ran her race in 31 minutes! It was amazing! 

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Cardigan+Dress+Adidas=Casual Comfort

I'm wearing dresses as much as I can right now because soon it will be too cold. At the same time, I need a little something extra to keep warm so I am adding fun cardigans. This dress is a very light weight knit so if the day warms up I can take off the cardigan and be comfortable. The sweater  adds an extra element of the season with its rich fall color. With my casual lifestyle, tennis shoes are functional foot wear. This is an outfit I can spend the day at my desk working, around the house working, out to lunch or for errands in. Cardigans are so versatile and a wardrobe staple for cool climates.  

What is the first thing you pull out as the temperatures drop?

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Bombs Away

It seems like our weather is cooling off early this year. It is still beautiful but you need a sweater or jacket most days and all evenings. My jacket of choice lately has been this fun bomber jacket. Even though I have to wear a jacket, I am still wearing peep toe booties. Its fun to mix a cooler weather item with a warmer weather item. It makes the perfect transnational look. This outfit included my do-it-yourself uneven raw edge jeans. I love the look but didn't need another pair of jeans so I took a pair of old jeans and did it my self. A t-shirt and a scarf completed my outfit. Mixing cool weather items, my favorite bomber jacket and wool scarf with warm weather items, t-shirt and peep toe booties was a nice balance for the season. 

What items do you like to mix as the season changes?

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One Bomber, Two Outfits

I have been kind of bored with the styles this fall until I found this! The bomber jacket is a game changer. It is a very functional piece especially for transitioning from one season to the next but it also is something a little different. You can dress it up or down and use it in so many creative ways. I decided to put it with this knit dress and fun necklace and then switch it up by changing out the shoes. The first outfit with the addidas was what I wore yesterday for shopping, and running errands. I wanted to elevate the look a little for dinner out in the evening so I changed the shoes. See the versatility? This is my number one favorite new trend this season. I took a lightweight knit dress, this casual jacket, a little jewelry and Adidas for day and booties that night.

Have you found a new trend for fall that excites you? What is it?

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One more thing . . .  POPSUGAR Sent me this MUST HAVE BOX to try. It was so fun to see all the surprises inside! The coolest thing was the JACK & LUCY 100% wool hat! It has such cute detail and is adjustable for a perfect fit. I love the MANI-ER kit and FLINT lint roller because they are both perfectly sized for my handbag. The SMITH & CULT lip lacquer really has lasting power. My favorite way to use it is under my lipstick because it makes it last so long. Take a look below, inside this fun box of surprises! 

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Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?

Orange is one of my very favorite colors and this little jacket is the prefect shade of orange. I have had it a couple of years and the detail is so fun. I wore it with a simple cami, and vintage jeans I got at the local thrift shop. These jeans were such a great find and I was happy to add them to my fairly extensive collection of vintage. One of my favorite things to look for in thrift shops is vintage jeans and over the years I have a wonderful collection. They don't make jeans like they used to (in my price range anyway). The booties are my favorite fall transition shoes. I wear them all the time with everything. My necklace is from Mazatlan, Mexico purchased on vacation years ago. It is a beautiful Mexican Fire Opal.

Do you have a favorite color for the fall season? 

One more thing . . .  POPSUGAR Sent me this MUST HAVE BOX to try. It was so fun to see all the surprises inside! The coolest thing was the JACK & LUCY 100% wool hat! It has such cute detail and is adjustable for a perfect fit. I love the MANI-ER kit and FLINT lint roller because they are both perfectly sized for my handbag. The SMITH & CULT lip lacquer really has lasting power. My favorite way to use it is under my lipstick because it makes it last so long. Take a look below, inside this fun box of surprises! You can find out more about getting your box here. Include the code SHOP5 for $5 off your first box. 

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Fall for Neutrals

This year, I have fallen in love with neutrals. I have always liked neutral colors but usually gravitated more toward rich deep colors. This season I decided to really play around with neutrals. This outfit was put together for a BBQ we were attending. It was an evening event so the temperatures were in the low 60s. I was excited to get to wear fall clothes and test out my neutral theme. I wore a white button down shirt, camel cardigan, jeans and tan booties. My very old southwestern style necklace seemed to go just right. It all worked perfectly for me. I was warm but felt stylish and plenty casual for an evening on the deck surrounded by beautiful forest. 

How do you feel about neutrals? Are they your go to, or something special now and then?

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Early adopter to be or not to be, that is the question . . .

My husband tells me all the time that I am an, "early adopter" meaning if something new comes out, whether it is clothes, technology, or almost anything, I am all over it. I love change! My favorite style of jeans right now is flared with mid to high rise. But I understand that flares are a little much when we've all been wearing skinny and boyfriend jeans for so long. My second favorite style is boot cut. It is a great way to move toward flares slowly or at the very least, a great option for that more tailored look, without going all out wings on your feet. Everything in this outfit is old but classic so will be in my closet a long time. I love, love this black almost crepe top with these jeans and the leopard bag and shoes were a perfect accent to this understated outfit. Silver jewelry added just a touch of sparkle.

Are you ready for flares? Do you prefer to move over slowly or not at all?

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OOTD Rejects

I have been completely blank regarding outfits for the past week. Everything looks the same to me and every outfit I put on just didn't come together the way I wanted. On top of that I couldn't get decent photos. I looked tired, bored and not satisfied that my vision was coming across. I am giving up for this post and showing you the rejects. They are all just so so and not creative. I hope something inspires me soon or I may just start putting on jogging pants every day. 

This first outfit is one I have done a version of before. Nothing new to relate.

The next outfit was me thinking that the colors and olive and blue would be pretty together but it just didn't come through as I had envisioned.

I thought purple and leopard print would be fun but is seemed so pedestrian that day.

In the next outfit I had been making jam all day. Its a lot harder than you would think and I was tired. Not to mention I had jam on my feet, face and arms. I just had to sit down and have a drink.

The following outfit was my attempt to style a jacket I have had forever but I just wasn't feeling it and you could tell in the photos.

The shirt in the next photo is a beautiful color but too big. I should have returned it but I thought I might like the over sized fit for leggings or something. Clearly wearing it this way wasn't working.

So there you have it. A week of so so outfits. Luckily I got in lots of good runs and enjoyed the beautiful mountain weather with lows in the 30s and highs in the 60s. My dogs were on a kick of eating grasshoppers so I had entertainment and tonight I have a BBQ to attend. I wonder what I should wear?

Do you ever had times when you have nothing to wear? What do you do to get creative?

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Duster Desire

If you haven't been to my blog before you wouldn't know that I am CRAZY about dusters see here, and here. I remember in my 20's, they were big and I loved them then. I don't know what it is but they have such a relaxed casual yet elegant look to them. I wear them with shorts, jeans, leggings and even pjs and each time it elevates my look just a touch. I prefer them to be light weight so they don't add bulk and so I can use them year around. I wear them with tanks or camis in warm weather and layer them with warmer tops when it is chilly. I learned its important that they hit the right part of my leg. I like them just below my knees. In this outfit I went with a white t shirt, flared jeans, my Brighton belt and booties. The only item I buy from Brighton, is their belts. I absolutely love their belts. 

Have you tried a duster? How would you wear it this fall? I get such great tips and ideas from everyone.

I thought you might like to see some outtakes from a photo session. I am my own photographer (you could probably tell by the quality, ha ha)! I have a tripod and an old camera and I use a timer. I have 10 seconds to get in position for a picture. Needless to say more pictures turn out awful than acceptable. I still love taking the pictures and trying to get something artistic. I live way out in the country and I love it, but you have to adapt to a lot of entertaining yourself. For me its been easy since I am an introvert. I can spend hours and days finding things to do. Just like when I was a child, I would saddle my horse and tell my mom I was heading out to find big foot. She would say good luck and I would be gone the whole day on an excellent adventure!

Here I am trying to get on a round. I thought it would be a fun picture.

Here I am falling off the round! Easier said than done.

Here the round started rolling down the hill so I decided to just lean on it to keep it in place. All in a day's work!

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Foxcroft and Flared

I think everyone looks amazing in a pair of dark jeans and a button down shirt. I prefer flared jeans because I think they lengthen my legs. Whenever I don't know what to wear, I turn to this combo and always feel pulled together. And almost everyone has these items in their closet so they don't have to go out buy them. There are any number of looks you can get right out of your own closet. Add a hat, a scarf up close around your neck, or a cardigan or a duster. My mind is running wild! Big smile!

What is your favorite go to outfit? Do you have an added touch to your jeans and button down combo? I'd love to hear from you!

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Fall With Flare

You can get my sweater here  in two colors (40% off), I'm wearing small, my usual but wish I had the xs, jeans here (40% off). I mostly buy 4s but got these in 2 and am glad I did. They are  extremely comfortable but long so check the inseam for your sizethe  D&B bag, shoes and scarf are old. 

Today it is a respectable 65 degrees for a high and the sun is shining warmly. It is a perfect day for jeans and a light weight sweater. I saw this sweater and jeans combo on the blog, The Sweetest Thing (I have trouble linking to her site sometimes, if you have trouble try typing in http://www.thesweetestthingblog.com.) She is an amazing blogger and although she is much younger, I get outfit inspirations from her all the time. I made this outfit my own by adding a scarf around my neck, one of my favorite bags and my leopard booties. I love the color combo in this outfit. The rich camel of the sweater, the dark blue jeans and the scarf that is full of browns and blues really came together. The bag and booties where perfect accessories. Tomorrow we expect a high of 55. I may have to layer. 

I hope you have time to check out my Northwest Mountain Style page here if you want more outfit ideas. Also, I added a new feature to my sidebar. Its called Blogger Spotlight and each week I will give you a link to a blog that I find inspiring, amazing, fun, and/or informative. I hope you enjoy meeting new bloggers this way. 

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Winter Red & White

Sweater in several colors here (40% off), jeans on major sale for $24.79, here

We have had about two weeks of real summer here in the northwest mountains. The weather has been beautiful but not hot. I have rarely had the occasion to wear shorts or sleeveless tops. We are having highs around 70 this week with the lows around 45 degrees. Forecast for the next week shows highs of upper 50s and low 60s. So, I have been having lots of fun mixing my summer clothes with fall items. White jeans paired with bold fall colored tops is just . . . No Words! In this outfit I added my leopard heels and a fall colored bag and just felt the smile come over my face. How do you transition to fall? 

This sweater is another sweater that I bought during the Nordstrom sale a few weeks ago. It runs large, I am wearing a small and wish I had the extra small. I usually wear a small but this one is a little big. I washed and dried it on gentle and it came through just fine so it is easy care. It is light weight so I doubt will last many seasons and remain looking good, but for the price it is a perfect everyday top to keep me warm and comfortable. 

For more outfit ideas, check out my Northwest Mountain Style Boutique page here.

I wanted to show you a fun project I did last week. I had an old computer deck and an old dresser mirror that I put together to make a dressing table. I love to sit down to do my make up and this works perfectly. I added a little stool and a lamp. I have an area in my bedroom that is a little odd and I needed something to fill it. The space has lots of windows so I get natural light when putting on makeup. I really enjoy using my imagination and re-purposing things. 

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