Favorite Summer Skirt Look

skirt 8.JPG

The Scoop

Every summer I pull out this skirt for a go around. I got it several years ago at a consignment shop and it is a classic that will always be in style. I love to buy classic pieces at consignment shops because you can get a quality piece at a great price and use it for years to come. And don’t you love skirts in the summer? They are so easy and I love to style them casual more than any other way.

skirt 9.JPG

My Look

I’m wearing an old white button down from Walmart, skirt by Anthropologie from local consignment store called Again. It is the most beautiful skirt in the colors I love with tiny sparkling beads all over. It is fully line and so well made. My sandals are Tory Burch and my bag is Mar Y Sol from Nortstrom (old). I don’t wear much jewelry in the summer because I like the simple look and comfort of nothing touching me.

skirt 10.JPG

Create Your Own Look

I’m linking similar white shirts, same brand bags, same exact sandals in the color bleach and fun Anthropologie skirts. These are great skirts so always keep a look out if you don’t want to pay full price for when they are on sale, consigned or in a thrift shop.

skirt 12.JPG

Anyone know what this is?

I am always taking pictures when out walking or running and the other day I came across this beautiful bird. It let me get within ten feet without showing concern. I am not sure what it is, does anyone know? See the feather off the back of it’s head. It was so beautiful and I think around three feet tall.

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Black For Summer Style

black 7.JPG

The Scoop

I don’t think of wearing black as much in the summer as I do the rest of the year but I found this black top and thought it was so classic and the perfect thing to wear on a summer day. Come along with me through my house as I show you this look and some of the rooms of my house.

The first picture is my (above) dining room.

black 8JPG.JPG

This is our family room where we watch TV and hang out. It is open to the kitchen so am always part of the action when cooking or cleaning.

black 6.JPG

Here I am standing in my kitchen. A few days after I took these pictures I did another project in the kitchen. I painted the pantry door. My husband has went on and on about how much hes loves the results. I am always working on a project which is why I love this house. There are many projects to be done!

Create Your Own Look

Linking my exact top, bag, sunglasses and lots of other fabulous options most of which I have in my closet. The Steve Madden wedge sandals are on my extreme wish list!

black 5.JPG

My Look

I’m wearing a black top from Amazon, black 7 For All Mankind jeans, Steve Madden wedge sandals my Cult Gaia bag. Everything is old but the top. My earrings are old too and added a pop of color to this look. They are by Bauble Bar. My sunglasses are also from Amazon and I have three pairs of them in different colors because I love them so much. My coffee mug is by Rae Dunn an artist that does all sorts of dishes with fun sweet sayings on them. I have a couple of mugs and some flower pots in my kitchen that I grow herbs in. I watch and pick up a piece when I find one I like. This mug says Be You.

black 4.JPG

This is our front or formal living room and the room you enter when you come in the front door. I love the old fashion vibe of inviting guests into the front room to visit.

black 3.JPG

This is the formal living room too. The stairs lead up to the second and third floors. If you include the basement you have five elevations in this house. It is kind of funky that way and another reason I love the place.

Below is my pantry door project. So far in our kitchen we have put in new granite counters, all new appliances, I painted all the walls and now the the pantry door. I am still thinking about the cabinets on whether I want to paint or leave alone. I really like the wood look right now so I am not in a hurry to do anything. I also love the library pulls on the drawers. They are old but back on trend now. It goes to show if you wait long enough things come back around. Ha ha.

pantry door.JPG

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Color My Mood

boots 3.JPG

The Scoop

Seriously gang, rich colors like those in this outfit make my heart sing. They make me happy. Finding the perfect combination of colors is a lucky gift when you can find them. These blues and plums complement each other like they were meant to be.

We are back in Idaho checking on the houses in the mountains and valley. There is a ton of snow at the mountain place and it is still coming down. There are avalanche warnings going off on the TV as I write this post. I hope to get some pictures this week. In the valley it is cloudy and raining a ton. Winter in Idaho is never dull, that is for sure. I have learned to enjoy the climate no matter where I am though. I always say, “you can laugh or you can cry and I chose to laugh!”

boots 4.JPG

My Look

I am wearing a Karen Kane top, Free People cardigan, 7 for all Mankind jeans and boots from Target. And gang, they are my favorite pair of OTK boots. Everything in this look is at least a season or two old but I wear them often because of the fun colors. My leather cross body bag is a major fun thrift find bought in Arizona last winter. All I can say it this is one of my favorite winter. outfits.

boots 10.JPG
boots 15.JPG

Create Your Own Look

There is no better time than now to pick up a pair of OTK boots, they are on sale everywhere! I am linking a few for you to look at along with some fabulous cardigans that can add a pop of color to your look! Layer your favorite tunic for warmth and more color and style.

boots 17.JPG


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Valentine's Date Night Look

The Scoop

Happy February gang! Can you believe we are well into 2019 already? February means we start thinking (or not) of that fun holiday where we celebrate those we love! It may be our partner, children, or close friends that we call our valentine but we love an excuse to eat candy and celebrate. And for some of us it is a distraction to get us through winter and closer to spring!

My husband and I have no Valentine’s Day traditions. Over the years we have done different things. Like one year he ran me a bubble bath with candles all around to soak in while he made a romantic dinner. One year, I did everything, made a dinner, dressed up in a sexy red dress and all he had to do was bring me flowers. Easy! Last year I thought we wouldn’t do anything and he surprised me with a big bag full of goodies, candy, jewelry, card, etc. He gave it to me after I had on my old PJs and I opened it in bed and ate it all right then! I thought it was so fun. Some years we do nothing at all. This year? We plan to go out to a favorite restaurant.

Do you have Valentines’s Day traditions or do you wing it like us?

My Look

Since we will be going out I need a dress! Right? I created a holiday look this year that I loved so much I thought I would do something similar for Valentines Day. I have this dress in three colors, black (see here), blue (see here) and now this gray. It is such a versatile dress that I wear it for a lot of things. You can add anything to it to give it a different vibe. Since it is cool at night here in Arizona I added a big cozy red cardigan. This cardigan is perfection! Soft, over sized, and that deep color of red that I think of on Valentine’s Day. The sweater will be used for many outfits for me because where I am in the summer (Idaho Mountains) is sometimes colder than where I am now (Arizona Desert). I decided to wear my floral Sam Edelman sandals to complete this look. I grabbed my backpack but will probably just carry a clutch when we go out. For jewelry I wore big hoop earrings, a fabulous statement necklace and my look was complete.

red 10.JPG

Create Your Own Look

I’m linking exact dress and other items for creating your own look!

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Bahama Mama

the scoop

Every once in a while I love to stop by our local thrift shops and pick out a complete outfit. Just to see if I can do it. And I always seem to find at least one treasure. On this trip I found two! First, I found the top. It is a100% pure silk, Tommy Bahama brand and my size exactly! Win! I thought to myself, but what would I wear it with? I moseyed on over to the skirt rack and low and behold this skirt was singing a sweet tune to get my attention. Crazy because it looked to be just my size also. I had never heard of the brand but it seemed well made. The seams were straight, stitching was tight and even and for being preused it seemed in perfect condition. Have you ever heard of the brand Bubblegum? I looked it up and it was a really popular brand in the 80s. I guess I totally missed that, well being busy working, going to school and raising two sons. But better late than never, right? 

and something else

This is a little different topic but I want to let you know that I have closed several of my social media accounts. I took a lot of time to consider this move and the effects it will have to my blog but at the end of the day I don't like these platforms and the things they represent. I am still on Instagram (not sure how long), Pinterest (which I still love) and YouTube (considering future use of this platform). Anyway you will no longer find me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ so if you want to easily keep in touch sign up for my updates or follow me on Bloglovin. 


Linking up a few similar looks!

sometimes things are

Meant To Be

my look

The minute I picked up the skirt I could envision it with the top so I handed them to my husband to pay for them and literally skipped out the door! And my mind's eye was correct. It was the cutest look ever. The skirt has slits to the knees on both sides and I had been wanting a denim skirt all spring but wasn't finding something unique. Silly me, a couple of years ago I got rid of all my denim skirts thinking I was too old to wear them. But all's well that ends well. To complete my look I wore my new favorite pair of tan wedges and carried my Ark bag. For jewelry I wore my Tucknuck tassel earrings. My biggest fan, gave me the two paws up. 

More options for creating your own look!


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Casual Summer Hair Style

In my last post (here) I showed you how I wear a scarf in my hair. I had seen it on a few people lately and just loved it so wanted to try it out. I really liked how it turned out. There are not a lot of things I can do with my hair without feeling silly but this feels sophisticated and stylish. For this outfit I used a white scarf. I wish I had a smaller one but this was the only white I had. I plan to get more now that I know how I can wear them. I wanted an old fashioned, sort of old Hollywood look so I wore a maxi dress and lower heeled mules and I carried a wicker cross body bag. I was pleased with the result and plan to wear this a lot over the summer. Now I just need to check out the thrift shops and online for some fun smaller scarves to style in my hair! The dress in London Times, mules are Reaction Kenneth Cole, the scarf is Anthropologie and the bag is Sun N Sand.

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