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Birthday Weekend!

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As I write this post I have no plans to celebrate my birthday. My husband's birthday is the day after mine and we decided to wing it! Fly by the seat of our pants and go where the wind blows us on our special weekend. No matter what we end up doing it will include taking time to relax and reflect and be grateful. We did manage to book a hotel at the last minute but other than that anything can happen! As long as I am in bed by 9! Ha ha!

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Basket bags are so fun for summer, especially when they are thrifted!

my look

This top grabbed me when I saw it due to its bright colors. Then I saw the style. We used to make these tops by the dozens when I was a teen. We used a soft white rope cord to string through the top to tie it in the back. This is the easiest top to make and we all learned to sew making it. The fabric on this top is a crepe (another blast from the past) so it hangs softly which I love also. I wore it with jeans and platform wedges and carried a fabulous straw bag that I got a a thrift shop a few years ago. I wore my bright orange tassel earrings from Tuckernuck and a bracelet that I bought in Mazatlan a few years ago and my Michael Kors watch. And that was that! A fun summer look. I think I would like this top in other colors it is so cute and comfy. I wear stick on bras with tops like this. I'll link it so you can see what I am talking about. 

Linking my top (tts, I am wearing a small petite for the shorter length) and jeans (limited sizing when I posted) along with shoe and bag options!


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Seek & Find - The Fish

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Can you find the fish in this look?

So last winter when I was in Arizona for a couple of months I found this belt at a thrift shop. Don't ask me why I bought it except that is was so whimsical! It is a man's belt and way too big for me but it was hand made in Essex CT and in perfect condition and I fell in love with it not knowing what I would ever do with it. It couldn't really be shortened but I'd worry about that later. 

my outfit

I started this outfit idea out by looking at my blog posts from this time last year. I thought it would be fun to recreate an old look remembering my commitment to use what I have. The sweater, over sized pearls and delicate heels were in my mind mostly. But one thing led to another and before I knew it I added this puffer vest and then I had an ah ha moment! That belt was just the zing this look needed. I turned the buckle to the back so the beautiful fish could be seen! The belt being canvas made me realize my canvas back pack was the perfect bag to finish this look. Oh! And the fisherman's hat topped it all off just right!

fish 6.JPG
fish 7.JPG
fish 10.JPG
fish 13.JPG

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