How I Wear Flats For Fall

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it’s a good thing!

the scoop

Since we’ve have been spending so much time here in the city I have been wearing comfy flats a lot. You can see the stairs in our house and imagine the old walking into a room and forgetting why you’re there scenario. So I am running up and down those steps it seems a million times a day. Plus I take our dogs for a least two walks a day to get them out in the fresh air. Also we do a lot more running around here, like going to Costco (so much that the greeter says when we leave, “see you tomorrow!” Ha Ha.) It seems we always forget something we need and my husband loves Costco. We also love to go to thrift shops and explore the area. Anyway flats are in order for a lifestyle like this.

my look

The problem for me with flats is I don’t like the look as much as heels. So I am always on the look for a fabulous versatile flat. I found these a week ago and wear them almost daily. They have a quilted leather look that is so fun and they are black so they go with everything. I wear them with leggings, jeans, and even casual dresses. They slip on and off easily which is nice too.

In this look I also dug out something from my closet that I bet most everyone has. My leather scuba jacket. This thing has been in my closet for at least ten years. I felt like it was out of style the last few years but knew it was a classic that would show up on trend again. This is another basic that you can wear casual or dress up. Obsessed!

I wore my pixi pants from Old Navy (Spring find) and a black cami. The necklace is an old find from a local consignment shop. I have to go visit that shop again now that I am in town.

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these stairs

good for the glutes!

outfit details

I’m wearing Pixi pants from Old Navy. Linked exact style and they come in many colors and prints. Wouldn’t the floral be fun for fall? I’m linking exact flats by Steve Madden. Love these so much I think will get a second color. I also linked my favorite cami from Express. I have these in so many colors. They are lined and very well made. I got my jacket several years ago at It is a beautiful lambskin leather and very well made. I found similar ones there to link.


  • I am so excited to try out recipes that were sent to me in my last post. Thank you to those of you who sent them!

  • Yesterday I did HIIT outside with a run. I have an app that tells me when to run and when to walk. I run as fast as I can on the run parts. Awesome workout and it was so beautiful outside that I got my runners high in 30 minutes! Today is YMCA day where I do a weight circuit. I use the machines made for children or smaller people so they fit me just right and I move from machine to machine to get my heart rate up. I walk on the treadmill first for 20 minutes to warm up. Forty minutes and I am done!

  • I’m meeting one of my blog readers for coffee tomorrow and can’t wait. She recognized me in a restaurant in our mountain home town a summer ago and we hit it off right away. She lives near me in the city so we are going to get coffee and catch up! I’ve met so many wonderful people through this blog. That’s one of my favorite parts of blogging!

  • Is anyone else spending a lot of time thinking about the big bag of Halloween candy in the cupboard?

  • Today I have to pick up dry cleaning, confirm with the gutter company and plan our trip to the mountains. I also have to schedule vet appointments, go to the Y and oh well the list goes on. Ha ha!

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You can take the girl out of the mountains, but

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life . . .

the scoop

August was supposed to be a break for me but it ended up adding years to my life. In my last post here where I updated you at mid point of my "blogging break" I explained a lot of what was going on. But things got worse before they got better.

My husband's pneumonia got worse, his lung collapsed with fluid and a trip to the ER ensued. The big issue was that at our age getting pneumonia out of the blue when you are seemingly very healthy can be a sign of lung cancer. And since there is a family history of lung cancer along with other symptoms we had quite a scare for a couple of weeks as we ruled that out. Gratefully it was ruled out and he is finally almost back to normal.

fight or flight

I, on the other hand have aged 10 years. I was in continual fight or flight mode for a few weeks, working nonstop to care for him all the while fearing the worst. I am so grateful to breath again and now it is time to think about myself and caring for my health. I don't have a real plan yet but I am getting in long walks and sleeping and eating better. 

camo 2.JPG

at least

i'm not in sweats!

my look

You can take the girl out of the mountains but you can't take the mountains out of the girl are my thoughts on this look. I have lived in joggers the past month and for this shoot I kicked it up a notch (ha ha) with very distressed jeans and a camo shirt. Most of the day I was bare footed but when I had to go out I added a pair of low heeled booties and carried my LV MM bag. 

Same shirt (LOVE!), same brand jeans (SO COMFY), options for fun fall booties and totes!


We are back in the mountains as I write this post. We needed to come up to check on things since we have been away for a while. But OMG I am loving my place in the city. It is much smaller than our mountain home and I adore the coziness of it as I build our nest. I went for the not trendy layout with this house. I love different rooms and don't feel the need for the open concept that is so popular. It is open enough to feel connected but still lends the ability to have variety in decorating. The house is 18 years old and had only one other owner which was the people who built it. They took loving care of it and did so many unique things while they were there. 

Everything is still a work in progress but so far I have our bedroom about done, outside of painting it. I am trying out the existing deep purple walls for a while because I actually find them rather serene. I have the kitchen set up but will change the counter tops down the road. I know quartz is all the rage but I still love granite and plan on replacing the existing counter tops with that. I am still thinking about painting the kitchen cabinets. I read that natural wood was going to be on trend this coming season and really like the way they are right now. 

My dining room is done except for hanging my curtains and more furniture for our family room arrives this week and I am so excited! I am going to wait on the formal living room decor for a while as I percolate ideas but right now I am totally thinking mid century modern (ish). Deep colors for the sofa and chairs and maybe a fun texture for the fabrics, like velvet. I'm in no hurry though so I will have one big empty room for while. Oh and our patio is still stark naked! Soon though.

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Peace gang!

Thanks so much for hanging in with me while I was away!

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Dog Days Of Summer And A Blogging Break Update

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Sup' Gang?

Popping in from my hiatus to say hi!

the scoop

There is so much to tell you and I don't really like to bore you too much so let's just say things have been crazy around here. But I wanted to check in at midway through my month off of blogging to let you know what's happening.

I was so over blogging for a a while and I am only starting to miss it a little. But even if I did miss it I wouldn't have time to do it. My husband has been the sickest he has ever been since I have known him. He is a major health nut but somehow he got walking pneumonia. And he is very anti medication so he refused to go to the doctor for six weeks. Finally I threatened him and he went and they put him on antibiotics and now at week eight he is starting to come out of it. But he was so sick for a long time.

My son and grandson came to visit for a week and we had a wonderful time. I miss them now that they are gone. We hiked, ran, cooked, made jams, went shopping and so much more. It was a whirl wind visit and I needed a couple of days rest after. I don't know if I ever told you this but my son is the male version of me. Seriously we love all the same things in life. First family, then cooking, fashion, fitness, etc. It is so fun to share things with someone who gets me so clearly. We are both introverts and just think the same way about life. It's interesting and fun! 

Around the time of all this starting we were already in the process of buying a house so most the running, and making decisions was done by me alone.  We bought a house in Boise for when we spend time there. You all know how I love the quiet life here in the mountains but l also like the city life from time to time so now we have a place to stay when we go down. For the past few weeks I have been setting up that place when I have time between taking care of my husband and company visiting. We have one more round of family coming at the end of August but just for a couple of nights. I am prepping for that now. 

Through all this I am trying to take care of myself which has been hard. You know how we always put others' needs first. It's in our genes. But I have continued to run a few times a week and have been extremely active with moving and keeping things under control. My diet has suffered since I have been needing a little comfort food, so lots of room for improvement there. You all probably understand the toll stress can take on your body. This spring has been a land mind of stress for me. I lost a beloved aunt, a favorite uncle, and a brother. My mother is very ill as well as other siblings with advanced lung diseases. My son went through a heart breaking divorce and then my husband got sick. I feel a little battered right now but know the only way out is up. So I make each day a day to be grateful and carry on.

Now that my husband is on the mend I plan to really work on my health, lose the five pounds that I put on over the winter and keep the joy of life as a top priority. Wish me luck!

my look

This was a very casual day for me like most of my days recently. I am obsessed with this long shirt that can be worn as a dress or a duster. It will carry me through fall and winter with so many styling options. I can't wait to experiment! For this look I wore a pair of DIY cut offs and a gray cami. Nude flip flops worked just right for the day. 

Linking options for creating your own look!

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Got Blog?

I plan  to be back to my blogging routine in September but I still feel I need a little change so I am trying to envision what that might be. Meanwhile I decorated my office in the house in the city. And I totally love it! I went with a bit of a French theme but really I had no plan when I started. I just went shopping a picked out things I loved and somehow they all came together. The desk is a beautiful deep red and I still have to get a chair and a chandelier. I tweaked a little more after this picture, added a few more accessories and installed my Alexa. The results were a peaceful pleasant space to dream, create and be happy. I'll try to follow up with better and more pictures soon.

office 9.JPG

true story

Linking same desk and similar curtains and rug. 

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Blogger's Slump?

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the scoop

Well gang, I must confess my heart is not into blogging lately. I am in a total slump and have no vision or inspiration for fun new looks to share. I am not sure if it is a temporary thing or what but I am struggling and have been for most of the summer. Is that called a blogger's slump? I don't know but I got it bad. So I am going to take the month of August off and see if some time off will help me get my mojo back. I'll take some time and try to enjoy some summer with family and friends and hope this passes. Some good old fashion taking care of myself may go a long way. Finger's crossed!

scarf 8.JPG

my look

These pants are so different with the fun hem. I haven't worn them for almost a year and thought wearing them with a white tee might be fun. Then I added an old square scarf and an old pair of wedge sandals to complete my look. My orange tassel earrings and a wicker bag were great accessories. 

scarf 14.JPG

Later Loves!

See you in Sepember!

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Summer Color

turq 17.JPG



the scoop

There are certain colors that feel like summer to me and turquoise is one of those colors. I don't have lot of this color in my closet but the few pieces I have stand the test of time and always are perfect for a summer day. 

Speaking of summer it is in full swing here in the mountains. Our days are in the upper 80s and nights in the mid 50s. Perfect temperatures only marred by the fires all over the west including here in Idaho. We couldn't drive down to the city using our normal route today due to fires shutting down the highway. We're hoping they open up by tonight so we can go down. These fires are normal for this time of year in Idaho but they are making our air smokey which can irritate the eyes and throat. But nothing can dull the beauty of this time of  year in my eyes. We're certainly hoping for a short fire season this year for everyone being effected.

turq 1.JPG


We're going down to the city for the weekend for a furniture delivery to the house and to check out the fabulous Farmer's Market down town. We are also going to one of the local orchards for peaches, they are just coming into season. Normally I would be making jams with them but this year I am so busy I may not tackle that job.

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Summer Nights

summer night 19.JPG

Summer Nights

in the mountains

the scoop

We are on the border of mountain and pacific time so it stays daylight until 10 pm here at our mountain home. I wish it would get darker earlier so I could stay awake more often to look at the stars. The stars are brilliant and beautiful and they seem so close that you could reach out and touch them. Truly magical.

Linking my sweater (run large, wearing a S and wish I had gotten XS). Also linking fun summer options!

summer night 1.JPG


evening at home style

my look

Now that our weather has warmed up I am living in cut offs and big beachy sweaters. The sweaters are perfect for the chill that settles down around us in the evening. Daily highs now are in the 80s and lows in the 50s. These are DIY cut offs. I wore a lace bralette that is almost like a tank top and then an over sized summer sweater. If shoes are neccessary I wear a pair of mules that slip off and on easily. A colorful necklace complete my look.

summerr night 3.JPG


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I am knee deep in settling into our city house. Nothing reminds you of how old you are like moving! Ha ha. I am still doing the initial deep cleaning. We had a new bed delivered but other than that no furniture. I've have the kitchen just about set up though and the dinning room is next. I am taking my time with things and taking breaks in the mountains to cool off since it is super hot in the city right now. I am focusing on the journey! 

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Life Lately

the scoop

I have never done a "Life Lately" post. But life lately has been crazy and it is theraputic for me to share. It's sort of an organizational relief for me. So here goes!

i care!

This is not meant to start a political debate, it is a statement regarding compassion. When I envision myself years ago as the mother of two young sons and the things I did to better their lives I am ashamed of the people in our government who deny that right to other human beings.  I struggled and worked hard and took advantage of the help offered to me when I needed it. Through my perseverance I made a better life for my sons and myself and they now are thriving young men. They give back at every turn too. I am so grateful for all the help I was given and for my determination. I believe all human beings have the right to live full, happy and SAFE lives. I support this belief and try to find ways I can help others in need. I want to pay it forward for all the good that was shared with me. So here are some things I found I could do. Little things but every little thing adds up to big things. 

1. This tee is for sale and the company making them is donating 50% of the profits split between Raices, a Refugee and Immigration Center in Texas currently helping to reunite immigrant parents with their child AND Catholic Charities of New Orleans Immigration and Refugee Services. 

2. Wearing this tee will help publicize the atrocity going on of ripping children from parents and not reuniting them. The more people who know the truth of what is going on; the more the true face of our country will be shown to the world. We want the world to see us for who we are. We are a compassionate and caring country who is willing to share what we have for the good of all.

3. On June 30 I will be participating in a local Families Belong Together March. People are peacefully rallying in Washington, D.C., and around the country to make a stand and strong statement that families belong together. You too can find a local march and participate. Here is how to find out more. 


good read

If you read my blog regularly you know that recently I have been trying to live my life more in the present and less virtually. I deleted my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts mostly as a stand against the way these platforms promote negativity and steal happiness from so many lives. But also because of their abuse of  everyone's privacy. I am testing the waters of letting IG go too. So far I am not seeing a down side. 

As part of trying to live more in the present I am making time to read. I had let that part of my life go with no time it seemed and missed it. There is nothing better than sitting out on my deck with a glass of tea and relaxing with a good book. 

This book? "In a luxe beach read with weighty questions at is center, debut novelist Laura Holtz's Warm Transfer breaks into the new media landscape forged by the "MeToo movement with a story of self-discovery, newfound joy and reinvention." I really enjoyed this book! Also important to note. Ten percent of the profits from this book are being donated by Holtz to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). You can find this book on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound or wherever books are sold.


Home Sweet Home

We have been thinking, rethinking and thinking of getting a home in the city for a while. Currently we live on 22 acres in the mountains and don't have access to anything more than the great outdoors. Not gonna lie, love that part but I need some balance. I have been mostly sharing this story in my update/newsletters but since it is taking a huge amount of my time and energy it is a big part of my "Life Lately." Thus part of this post.

We found a place and I am so excited. We are hoping to close soon and all the moving will commence! We have one last hurdle regarding the square footage being way off but keeping our fingers crossed. I have several projects planned to update and am so ready to nest someplace closer to the bustle of life. We will be able to attend cultural activities, see our friends more often and engage in so much more soon! 

Stay tuned for more updates as I plan to share the good (decorating), the bad (painting cabinets) and the ugly (moving). I plan to embrace and enjoy this journey as life is too short to not go for the gusto!