Its All About Showing Up- a little story about aging

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The Scoop

I haven’t done a fitness post for a while and since that is one of the things I think about and work on the most I thought I would share how it’s going. If you follow me much you know that I love to stay active and eat healthy. But I also love to have fun and treat myself to all the things I love.

The last couple of years I have noticed that I struggle a little more with keeping up the activities I love. I’m a little slower, more prone to sore muscles and less motivated to do difficult activities. My weight is up a few pounds over where I feel best this past year too. And I find it harder to be disciplined enough to drop the weight which for me means cutting calories. This is all new to me. My whole like if I wanted to lose a few pounds I could do it in a few weeks. So I have been reevaluating my whole routine.

Here is what I am doing right now. First I try to do what is right for my body at least 80% of the time. That has been a life-long rule for me. I am still at a healthy weight so I mostly will just maintain my 125 to 127 pounds (which is where my weight seems to have settled) rather than worry about being 120 pounds. If what I do helps me lose a few pounds I will be fine with it. I have been doing HIIT runs,meaning that I do a five minute walk to warm up then I run at top speed for a minute and then walk for a minute and repeat for 30 minutes on hills. I do this every other day. On the opposite days I have been doing a 30 minute yoga session followed by a three mile walk on the trails around here that are very hilly. I work in a day off every few days.

I have been studying the new research on strength training and am finding there is a lot of false information out there in main stream media. Strength training doesn’t only mean you have to be in a gym with machines or free weights. There are many ways to build muscle that is lost through sarcopenia (muscle loss due to ageing). Running, hiking and even walking builds strength and muscle. Not only can it prevent sarcopenia it can reverse muscle loss due to aging. Here is a great article that sorts out some of the things we hear in the media today. My goal is to push my muscles to failure or to exhaustion because that is what builds muscle. I do that through my HIIT runs, hiking, and even my yoga pushes my muscles to exhaustion. Have you ever hiked or done somethings similar and felt your leg muscles go weak? Or with yoga you push your arm muscles until they shake? That’s the key.

As for eating I have not been meeting my normal standards. I am craving lots of unhealthy things and so I really have to think about what I am eating. As a rule we eat lots of vegetable, beans, legumes, etc., fresh fruits, lean meats in small amounts, etc. We have been trying pastas made of lentils, quinoa, and garbanzo beans and we really like them. I have a glass wine only a few times a week since alcohol can do a lot of damage. But I make brownies and cookies which probably aren’t the best for us. But at least they are home made so no preservatives and things like that.

My weight is up also because my hormones are out of balance. I have used bio identical hormones since I went thorough menopause at the age of 47 and recent tests showed I was getting too much estrogen and testosterone which among other things makes you hungry thus my eating like a teenage boy. Ha ha! So I am working with my doctor to adjust my dosages. I can already tell a difference and it’s only been a couple of weeks.

Anyway the point of me sharing all this is to say staying fit as most things in life ebbs and flows. There are easy times, good times, and then more difficult or down right hard times. One thing I know for sure is it is all about showing up. Each day is a new day and a chance to be good to my body. I just turned 59 and I am very aware that you can retain what you can’t regain. I know if I stop taking care of myself it is all down hill. So I show up!

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fit 6.JPG
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Fun Thing

I watch a lot of public television and recently I saw a show talking about the popularity of boulder climbing. Yes people climb big boulders for fun here in Idaho! It was crazy to watch. I consider myself a boulder jumper. We have lots of big boulders around our house in the mountains and for years I have ran at them and half climbed half jumped for pictures for my blog. I use a tripod and timer so that means I have ten seconds to get my butt up and in position. I have had so many laughs as I miss my target or fall. There I am in the middle of nowhere, by myself laughing like a nut trying to get a picture. Lots of times I get up and realize I lost my high heels and there they are laying the ground. Ha ha. The boulder in the picture below is small so one good hop and I was up but some require much more work.

fit 12.JPG

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Hello Yellow

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The Scoop

Feeling so accomplished here as this is my second post of the week and I have photos in the can for another full week. While I write this we are in the mountains for the week and I have been doing so well on my fitness. I have been doing HIIT runs, yoga and long walks daily. I am at a point where I can feel my age and I know if I don’t keep moving it will be a slippery slope. So my days here in the mountains have been a lot of self care. I turned 59 a couple of weeks ago and time isn’t slowing down so there is no time like the present to “choose happy” and be good to me.

The weather is turning cold (highs in the 50s) for a few days so we will be heading to the city for dentist appointments and hair cuts later this week. I am having a time with my hair so it’s time for a trim.

As I go through this post I will point out a few of my home DIYs from this spring. In the family room I painted the walls a linen color and the cabinetry white. I added crystal knobs to the cabinet doors. I left the shelves the oak color because I like the contrast. The top of the fireplace mantel was also left the oak color. I hung sheer curtains and the room now is so calming and comfortable.

top 7.JPG

My Look

I just got this top and I was mostly drawn to the beautiful yellow color. Plus it is the perfect top for hot weather. It has been mostly in the 70s and 80s which means its time for comfortable tops. I wore a pair of white jeans but white shorts would be great with this top too. Summer sandals and a fun bag completed this look.

top 8.JPG

Dining Room

Behind me is our dinning room. I painted the walls above the chair rails the same linen color and below the chair rails I painted it a dark blue. It is called dark denim. I hung dark denim blue and white curtains and we had the built in buffet top replaced from tile to granite that has tons of dark blues. Love this room so much!

top 9.JPG

My Sunglasses

I love these sunglasses so much that I ordered them in a gradient tortoise color. I wear them all the time.

top 13.JPG
top 14.JPG

Formal Living Room

The formal living room will have to be painted by professionals because of the two story high walls and ceilings. I plan to tackle that this fall when we are there full time. Wood floors go throughout the house and I want to sand them all down and re-stain them. I haven’t decided on a color. The wood on the steps is in a herringbone design and I love them.

I’ll show you the kitchen in a future post. We updated the counter tops to granite, painted and put in new appliances. I love the space so much and it is perfect for cooking which is another hobby of mine.

top 15.JPG
top 16.JPG

Create Your Own Look

Linking my exact top, sandals, sunglasses and bag. I also added a couple of other sunglasses I got this year that I really like.

top 17.JPG

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Halter Tops

halter top  6.JPG

The Scoop

It is absolutely fabulous weather now and I am enjoying wearing all the summer things in my closet. There is so much to do when the weather is nice and I am loving being so busy. On this day we were going to Trader Joe’s for shopping and then out to lunch. And a shopping day is never complete until we stop by Costco too.

Our weeks are divided up between our house in the city and our house in the mountains so I get all the advantages of the bustling city and those of the quiet country life. As it gets hotter though we will be in the mountains most of the week.

I have been going to the trails in town to walk or run this year since we have bears hanging out around our trails at the house and they are way to close for comfort. When we came back this week we had bear paw prints on the car windows of our car we left in the drive way. They are such curious creatures. They have tried to get into our garage and my husbands shop.

Bear proof trash cans are required here because they will keep coming back if you have trash they can dig through. We have watched them wrestle our big bear proof trash cans all over the place trying to get them open. But as we are here more they will move on because they really don’t like to be around people.

halter top 4.JPG

My Look

This top was so popular last year when I got it and I still love it this season. The bright colors are right up my ally and I love the halter style. It reminds me of the tops we used to make when I was a teenager. We used a soft cotton rope for the ties and cold make one is minutes.

I wore the top with a pair of old shorts and sandals. I am mixing high and low in this look. My bag is a dupe of bags that cost around $250 that I got for about $25. My sandals are the real Tory Burch but you can now gets dupes for them. I have to say the real ones are so comfortable and I wear them a lot. My earrings are from Tuckernuck and several years old but I wear them a lot because they are my favorite color. My apple watch and a Chico’s friendship bracelet completed my look.

halter top 6.JPG

Create Your Own Look

I’m linking beautiful halter tops, my same Tory Burch sandals, my dupe bag and the designer version and my exact apple watch (the best thing I have ever bought for my fitness). I couldn’t find similar shorts but linked some that were cute and I couldn’t find the dupe sandals on Amazon but I know they are there.

halter top 9.JPG
halter top  13.JPG

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Color My Mood

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The Scoop

Seriously gang, rich colors like those in this outfit make my heart sing. They make me happy. Finding the perfect combination of colors is a lucky gift when you can find them. These blues and plums complement each other like they were meant to be.

We are back in Idaho checking on the houses in the mountains and valley. There is a ton of snow at the mountain place and it is still coming down. There are avalanche warnings going off on the TV as I write this post. I hope to get some pictures this week. In the valley it is cloudy and raining a ton. Winter in Idaho is never dull, that is for sure. I have learned to enjoy the climate no matter where I am though. I always say, “you can laugh or you can cry and I chose to laugh!”

boots 4.JPG

My Look

I am wearing a Karen Kane top, Free People cardigan, 7 for all Mankind jeans and boots from Target. And gang, they are my favorite pair of OTK boots. Everything in this look is at least a season or two old but I wear them often because of the fun colors. My leather cross body bag is a major fun thrift find bought in Arizona last winter. All I can say it this is one of my favorite winter. outfits.

boots 10.JPG
boots 15.JPG

Create Your Own Look

There is no better time than now to pick up a pair of OTK boots, they are on sale everywhere! I am linking a few for you to look at along with some fabulous cardigans that can add a pop of color to your look! Layer your favorite tunic for warmth and more color and style.

boots 17.JPG


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My February Uniform


The Scoop

If you have been reading along this month you know I have been all about health and fitness. I have tried to put everything else on the back burner and put my health first. Heart disease runs in my family and some have had the window maker (worst kind of heart attack) at the age I am now. Yep 58. Most recently my brother passed away about a year after his heart attack because it damaged his heart beyond repair. He was 59, had is heart attack at 58. So I am trying to be proactive. I even went to get blood drawn for a special test but passed out before they could get enough blood so I have to go back again. This will be my third try because I keep fainting! Ugh!


Anyway one of my theories is if I am always dressed to workout I will do so when the time is right. You can see my current workout routine here in my last post. Recently I put together these items to make what I am calling my February uniform.


My Look

I am wearing American Eagle joggers, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, Madewell Tee, zip up sweatshirt and a ball cap. I’m carrying a packpack that I have had a long time.


Create Your Own Look

I’m linking my exact joggers, they come in four colors and I love them so much I have them in all four colors. They are light weight and stretchy and tts, I am wearing a small. Also linking same tee by Madewell. They run a little large, I am wearing xs would usually get a s. Exact same sneakers that I have had for several years but they are so popular they keep stocking them. They are the Stan Smiths. I linking other options for you too. I am also linking my same initial necklace.


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The Utility Jacket

green 1.JPG

The Scoop

This look is awful! Ha ha! But it is all I have in new pictures so I’ll show you what I don’t like about it. I don’t like jeans with holes anymore. I don’t know what happened but over the last year I have grown to not like the look on me. Other’s look fabulous but for me not so much. I still wear them once in a while though because they are in the closet and who knows I may start liking them again.

Keep watching my posts to see what I’ve been doing around the condo. We have new carpet being installed next week and it will be so much nicer. We have hesitated putting much money into a condo that we don’t spend too much time in but the current carpet is old and I can’t live with it any longer. We considered putting in wood floors but since we are on second floor we felt like the noise might be too much for the people below us. I guess wood or tile floors make more noise. But I found a fabulous light colored carpet that I love that will be serene, cozy and block out some of the sound for us too.

There were a couple of walls that were brown and I painted them the same linen color as the rest of the condo and like it much better. I took the dark curtains down and replaced them with linen ones and started putting more modern things on the walls. I knew I wanted a collection of clocks on one wall and I found the perfect ones at Hobby Lobby. I moved my framed art to the dining area and then put up a big mirror above the sofa. Things are starting to take shape.

I also have mercilessly been going through every cabinet, closet or corner and gotten rid of everything we don’t use. I took all our dishes down to just four place settings including all glassware. I also got rid of anything that looked out dated and boring (still more to do). Out with the old fashioned stereo system and in with the Alexa’s and Google Home systems. We are ordering them around all day long, we even control our heat by telling them what temperature we want. They let us know when a package is about to arrive and when it has been delivered. It is endless what these gadgets will do to make life easier. Anyway, I still have more to do but it has been so great seeing the clutter disappear. We ordered handles for the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom since they did’t have any and it was another thing to drive me crazy always messing up my nails trying to open cabinets and drawers. I thought about painting the cabinets but kind of like the color of wood next to the linen colored walls. Its a nice contrast.

Up next is to put the handles on the doors and drawers and then I start painting base boards to freshen them up. I kind of like doing all these things. It has been chilly (for AZ standards) and raining a lot (also for AZ standards) so it is a good time to get things done. Because in another week or so it will be time to hit the pool and spa, sit out on the patio and get back to runs and hikes and shopping and the list goes on!

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on my little projects and try to find fashion inspiration for us all!

My Look

I’m wearing Express Destroyed Skinny jeans, an Express Cami, a utility jacket (not sure where I got it but it is getting donated along with the jeans, this week) and low heeled booties. I am carrying a fabulous canvas backpack to complete this look! I do like it and the cami, booties and bag. So that’s something.

I’m linking some fabulous finds that I just ordered today! There are only a couple of the backpacks left but I love canvas backpacks like these. My current one is Fryes and I have had it for years but the Tommy Bahama is so fabulous! I decided I had to have this Poncho that is on sale today. Not sure how long it will be on sale. All these designer jeans are on sale and that’s a great way to see if you like them without spending on full price.

I’m linking the Echo Dot, Google Home Minis (we have one or the other in every room in the house) and the Thermostats we use in all our homes. These thermostats interact with my Echo Dots and are just amazing! I use the Echo Dots and my husband uses the Google Home Minis. I am an Apple user and he prefers Androids. They all play our music, answer all our questions, run thermostats, lights, etc. We haven’t even begun to use all the options available but is it fun to learn something new each day!

green 5JPG.JPG

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Boyfriend Jeans

alll denim.JPG

Got Casual?

The Scoop

I went shopping the other day to see what was new in the shops and find inspiration for the blog. I was inspired for a few minutes but still struggling with feeling any fashion vibes. I keep trying so hang in there with me and maybe I’ll snap out of it.

I went to a shop that I have been buying clothes from since I was in my twenties. It’s called Maurices. It is close enough to walk to from our condo and never overloaded with clothes so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It was just the place for me to relax, try on some things, chat with the nice staff and find inspiration.

I saw this denim shirt and although I have several, it was fresh, a fabulous color and perfect fit. Then I came across button fly boyfriend jeans that are “fall right off loose” and I thought they made a great couple, so Bingo, they came home with me. They were both 50% off too.

Once I got back to the condo, I pulled another pair of boyfriend jeans out of my closet and put together a few outfits with different tops and shoes.

Look One

These are the jeans and shirt from Maurices. I wore my orange pumps and carried my leopard clutch. I wore a statement necklace that if you read my blog much you know I have had for probably 20 years. It is a one of a kind and sort of my signature necklace.

Look Two

I am wearing a shirt tied at the waste and a pair of Marc Fisher wedges in a deep blue color. Again with the leopard bag. I wore my bar necklace that has my grandma name, “Coco” and silver earrings.

all red 8.JPG

Look Three

These boyfriend jeans are several years old from “Nasty Gal.” I remember when I ordered them I was embarrassed to pick them up at the post office due to the name. But they are fabulous jeans! I wore a coral striped shirt, carried my Ark bag and wore another pair of Marc Fisher wedges. For jewelry I wore a Chico’s necklace that I have had a long time.

Create Your Own Look

Got Boyfriend Jeans?

Denim Shirts Oh Yeah!

Shoes and bag, yes please!



McCall and I thank you for stopping by!

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Watch Out

Bonne FêteNationale (1).jpg

the scoop

I hope you all don’t get sick of my harping on fitness but it has always been a big part of my life and now as I grow older I am even more obsessed with health. I don’t necessarily want to live long but I want to live well. I don’t want to become a burden to someone else or society if I can help it. Just because I am over 50 doesn’t mean I can’t look and feel my best. I want to breath air into my lungs, skip, jump and laugh until I close my eyes for the last time.

Recently I found a little tool that after using it for a week or so I see really making a difference. It’s a sports watch! I talked about it in my last post here, but in this post I wanted to give you a little more detail.

apple watch

I got an Apple Watch and love the look but also I am seeing how it motivates me to think about a healthy lifestyle. It reminds me to breath and guides me through one minute breathing sessions gently tapping my wrist as I take air into my lungs and then exhale. Do you ever think about how good it feels to really exhale? All the stress is shoved out of my body.

The big thing though is that this watch tracks how much I stand, my exercise, my heart rate, my steps and even the flights of stairs I take each day. It lets you set goals and then see how you do. At first I set low goals and just went though my normal day. When I saw what I had achieved I started competing with myself and see myself improving each day. It is fun!

Let me show you an example through a couple of screenshots of a day in my life.

  • The first picture is showing how many hours I stood in one day. And yes, I never sit for long but I was surprised at how little I sat that day. Yesterday is showed I was standing 12 hours and I was idle 2. That doesn’t count the night sleeping. I turn it off at night. Below it shows my steps and distance. This is a normal day for me, I didn’t go for a walk or run just normal house work, dog walking, etc. It also showed my distance for the day. I did go to the gym and do strength training but I haven’t set up tracking for that yet.

  • The next picture shows calories used. I set an easy goal of 240 extra calories to burn that day. It showed I went over my goal and it also shows total calories used that day just doing my normal routine. This is such great information and when I saw it I instantly decided to try to challenge myself.

  • Another perk I didn’t expect is that I give myself a break now knowing I am doing more than I thought. I always worried I wasn’t doing enough.

See why I love this watch so much? These screen shots are from a couple of days ago.

The first watch linked is exactly like mine. Linked options so you can compare styles.

active wear 3.JPG

Dress For Success

It doesn’t always mean for the office, it means in all parts of your life.

my looks

I always want to dress fun for working out because it really does motivate me. My goal is to be strong and to feel good and I surround myself with all the tools I can to live that lifestyle. I love leggings especially black because they go with everything. I love over sized sweatshirts because you can layer them and pull them off if you get warm while moving. I love different sneakers for different things. Asics are best for me for running. I can have knee pain but virtually don’t if I wear this brand. I heard Hoda Kotb say that once and tried them and she was right. For other activities I love New Balance sneakers. And of course Niki’s are the lightest weight shoes ever. Hats just add a little spunk to a look and covering up a bad hair day is never a bad thing.

create your own look

In these pictures I am wearing all old stuff. Zella leggings (my favorite) Black sneakers are Niki and the other pair is ASICS. My grey sweatshirt was DIYed for off the shoulder, inspired by the other one that came that way. See this top in red here where I make fun of the Blogger Things I Do. I’m linking some fun things for you! Don’t be afraid to be you and do you!

awesome 1.JPG


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Five Years Of Blogging

A Blog

Birthday . . .

the scoop

I feel like I gave birth to my blog. I spent months preparing for it and my first post was a little painful to publish. I had no clue what I was doing. I just wanted to pour my creative energy into something and a blog seemed harmless enough. I always loved graphic arts and designing a blog was something I wanted to learn.

Like most bloggers report you don’t expect anyone to actually see your blog and for a long time I don’t think anyone did. I didn’t try to promote it because I hadn’t found my space or stride yet. Starting on November 13 of 2013 I posted irregularly and sparsely for about three years.

In the fall of 2016 I decided to take it more seriously and that is when I really started enjoying the full blogging experience. In February of 2017 I joined up with the Fierce 50 ladies and made so many blogger friends and really expanded the scope of my blog through collaborations and connecting.

I tried monetizing my blog for a while but it just seemed to take the fun out of it so I stopped. Now what little I earn is just an organic result of doing what I love. Telling a story through pictures and thoughts. Representing the mature women in the great big cyber world.

my look

The best part of blogging for me is the creativity it brings out in me when it comes to how I dress. I really think about what I put together in an outfit and learn what I like and what works for me. I love that this process is ever changing as I am.

This look is one I am most comfortable in. Very casual with a little edge. I’m wearing skinny jeans, a long sleeve white tee and cozy cardigan with leather patch elbows. Boots that just reach my knees are the perfect shoe for me in that they really finish my look and aren’t too fussy. I added my oldest and favorite statement necklace and this look was complete.

What’s Next?

I have thought a lot over the last few months about what to do with my blog and nothing earth shattering has come to mind. I am playing around with YouTube some and can see adding it to my blog for more variety. I have a good friend (found through blogging) and we are planning a YouTube channel where we talk makeup, skin care and issues in general for the over 50 crowd. We are having a really good time with it. I just have to learn a new skill which is editing video. I can do it; it will just take a little time. Everything regarding my blog has been self taught so a new challenge will be fun.

Note: This weekend my husband fixed all those cords hanging down by the TV so you can’t see them anymore. They were driving me crazy but he wanted to wait to make sure we liked the TV there first.

create your own look

All of my stuff is old but I found similar items. I found the same jeans in a few different shades of blue and same tee that I am liking so much I got it in multiples and wear them almost every day. My Sam Edelman boots are sold out but I found the same brand in a knee high that are cute too, so linking them.

I went and did another search for knee high boots because I think they are so fabulous. Linking what I found.


Thanks for stopping by!

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New Way to Wear a Scarf

black 9.JPG

the scoop

The next couple of posts will be pictures from our stay in the mountains. We are back in the city now and I have tons of things going on. It’s Halloween, I have neighbor who is now my walking partner and a new friend to meet for coffee. Plus we are hosting Thanksgiving here this year so I am planning for that.

black 7.JPG

my look

I was watching “Hot and Flashy” one of my favorite You Tubers and saw her style a scarf in a new way. I loved it so much I had to try it. I have worn it sort of like this before but I had the scarf tucked into the belt all the way around. I love it so much more with the back not tucked in.

I always think of the scarf as the star of the show when I wear it, so nothing much else is going on in this look. I have the basic back drop of jeans and a black tee. The belt is a little blingy but I loved how it looked.

Everything I am wearing is old so I won’t try to link up things right now. Maybe tonight I will add some to my Like To Know It. All you have to do is download the app and follow me for the latest posts. I think most of us have all the elements in our closets anyway.

black 11.JPG


  • We sold one of our airplane hangars so we have to run out there today to get the last of our stuff out of it.

  • Since we drive right by Costco on the way I am sure we will stop there.

  • It’s Halloween and I can’t wait to give out candy to all the little Trick or Treaters!

  • My new walking partner and I will be taking a walk in our beautiful neighborhood.

  • And it’s basically November now so it’s time to start planning holiday events!

  • Next week I have some new things to show you. I had a surprise PR package on my doorstep the other day full of fabulous clothes. I love to get surprises like that!

black 16.JPG

Something to read . . .

When we were moving things this summer, I found this old copy of To Kill A Mockingbird in our library. I could hardly remember what it was about so kept it out to read.

This book according to a 2008 poll was voted greatest novel of all time. See the article here.

I found it so interesting to see all the different book covers with new editions. This one is my copy from around 1988.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Saturday Mountain Style

leopard 2.JPG

My Saturday style in the mountains!

the scoop

It’s been so nice here in the mountains for the weekend. I have mixed in taking care of business, relaxation and fun relatively evenly. There are always threes things I have to do when I come up now that we are not here full time. I have to vacuum, dust and clean bathrooms/change bedding. So I break it up into a chore a day so nothing is too much. Then I always cook because I love to cook and eat! I try to get some outdoor time in via, hiking, running or just sitting outside on the deck. Lastly I do a little picture taking for the blog.

leopard 4.JPG

Each season in the mountains has its own special beauty.

my look

So, everything I have on is too big. I don’t know why I insist on getting things too big but it seems I always order them that way. Not always but often. This top is Free People and it is way too big. I always get a small in Free People but never again. After so many too big sweaters I have learned my lesson. This brand runs way large. My jeans are new and they are high waisted skinny jeans in my favorite brand. I ordered a size up thinking it would be easier to tuck tops into them but after wearing them all day they are falling off so another lesson learned. Although I can probably wash and dry them in hot water and make them work. My hunter boots are a half size too big too but with heavy socks they are fine.

Linking my exact top. I usually wear small in tops and this one is a small but an extra small would have been much better for me. Linking exact jeans, my favorite brand 7 For All Mankind (TTS), Linking exact Hunger Boots. My Tory Burch bag is old but I found another Tory Burch in red that is similar but my red is more of a fire engine red I think.

leopard 5.JPG

Life right outside my front door!


  • It’s our second day here and I am loving it. It rained all night last night and it was nice to sleep listening to rain gently fall.

  • We had chili and corn bread last night and tonight I am grilling steak to go with salad and baked potatoes.

  • I got some new make up at the drug store to play with along with some bubble bath for a relaxing hot bath tonight.

  • You can see our first fire of the season on my IG Stories Highlight here! It was so beautiful.

  • Planning another big fire tonight as we watch the sun set. Which reminds me I have to run out and bring in some wood!

leopard 10.JPG


Thanks for stopping by!

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Morning Pumpkin



changed . . .

I used to be such a morning person, you know the kind that a lot of people just want to slap. All bouncy and happy and full of immediate energy.

But over the last year I have grown into a grumpy not morning person. I move slow and feel like everyone and everything is annoying. I put my robe on inside out and my slippers on the wrong feet. Arg, you get the picture?

It might have something to do with the fact that I wake up at 5 AM every single day. But, I didn’t even know a change like this could happen. I miss waking up full of energy and smiles for the day. I always felt like it was a new day and anything good could happen. Has anyone else experienced this type of change.

I hope this is just a phase . . .

the scoop

I can’t believe for so long I posted a blog every single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Now it is a struggle to get one out. It’s mostly due to my interests being more on family, health and home this summer. I have been busy setting up our house here in the city and I’m not good at taking pictures of the process so I have been trying to figure out a path back to my blog.

By golly though I think I have figured it out. I think one a week for a while will be fun. I will incorporate my fashion, decorating my home and other things new while I rediscover life in the busy city.

This post will be about my boot cut jeans style, getting my library card and what I am reading and showing you my formal living room. I will also ask your decorating advice on a huge pottery shelf area.

begin again 7.JPG

my look

I haven’t been doing any clothing shopping and really don’t need to do any. My closet is full of lovely fall items that I can use to create that cozy chic look that I love this time of year.

Here I am wearing a Loft shirt in blue strips with beautiful tie bell sleeves, WHBM boot cut jeans in a dark denim, Louise et cie heels in navy and carrying my Italian leather Adora bag in vibrant orange.

Linking my jeans brand WHBM, and options for creating your own look!

begin again 20.JPG

the room

I like to call this room my drawing room.


1. a room where visitors are received and entertained; living room; sitting room

Some would call it a formal living room and it is the room you walk into at the front door which I love. It’s a peaceful room that is always tidy so if guests drop by we have a comfortable place to visit. I sit here in the afternoons and read while I have a glass of ice tea.

The room’s decor is made up of a hodgepodge of things old and new, more expensive, less expensive, formal and casual. It has coastal elements, hints of French style, a little rustic edge and room for lots of future projects. I never tire of tweaking a room. I have few things in mind to change soon and by the time I post this I have already changed the rug at the door. I had just thrown an old one down until I found one I liked. I also added a throw pillow to the sofa in a muted yellow to bring out the yellow in the chairs.

Don’t forget your fall mug! I love having themed mugs for my coffee and here are some fun options!

I always like a little surprise in every room. Something unexpected tucked in a corner. That is where Mr. squirrel comes in. Isn’t this cute wood and metal guy fun?

These pictures are taken from the Juliet balcony off the master bedroom. I love this view.

begin again 27.JPG


this space is very large. probably 5 ft wide and 6 ft tall and about 2 ft deep. i don’t want to do antiques or faux plants but something fun and different. any ideas?

just sayin’

I need coffee and my slippers are perfect for such an announcement. And every September I allow myself to indulge in the perfect dinner, fruit and veggies. Ha ha!


other things i’ve been doing

I went to our local library and got a card and am so excited about all the resources available. It’s amazing how much libraries have changed. I am reading this book right now and highly recommend it.

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • For readers of The Nightingale and Sarah’s Key, inspired by the life of a real World War II heroine, this remarkable debut novel reveals the power of unsung women to change history in their quest for love, freedom, and second chances.

oh boo one more thing

This post is really getting long but I wanted to tell you a couple more things. We joined the YMCA and I will tell you more about that in a later post but I am amazed at the fabulous facility they have and all that is offered.

Also, we have a new smart TV which is so fun and I now watch You Tube all the time on the big screen. I have discovered this fabulous interior designer that I wanted to share with you. She makes me smile and gets my creative juices flowing so check her out if you like that sort of thing. Link here, you may have to cut and paste into your browser.


Peace Gang!

thanks for stopping by!

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You can take the girl out of the mountains, but

camo 11.JPG


life . . .

the scoop

August was supposed to be a break for me but it ended up adding years to my life. In my last post here where I updated you at mid point of my "blogging break" I explained a lot of what was going on. But things got worse before they got better.

My husband's pneumonia got worse, his lung collapsed with fluid and a trip to the ER ensued. The big issue was that at our age getting pneumonia out of the blue when you are seemingly very healthy can be a sign of lung cancer. And since there is a family history of lung cancer along with other symptoms we had quite a scare for a couple of weeks as we ruled that out. Gratefully it was ruled out and he is finally almost back to normal.

fight or flight

I, on the other hand have aged 10 years. I was in continual fight or flight mode for a few weeks, working nonstop to care for him all the while fearing the worst. I am so grateful to breath again and now it is time to think about myself and caring for my health. I don't have a real plan yet but I am getting in long walks and sleeping and eating better. 

camo 2.JPG

at least

i'm not in sweats!

my look

You can take the girl out of the mountains but you can't take the mountains out of the girl are my thoughts on this look. I have lived in joggers the past month and for this shoot I kicked it up a notch (ha ha) with very distressed jeans and a camo shirt. Most of the day I was bare footed but when I had to go out I added a pair of low heeled booties and carried my LV MM bag. 

Same shirt (LOVE!), same brand jeans (SO COMFY), options for fun fall booties and totes!


We are back in the mountains as I write this post. We needed to come up to check on things since we have been away for a while. But OMG I am loving my place in the city. It is much smaller than our mountain home and I adore the coziness of it as I build our nest. I went for the not trendy layout with this house. I love different rooms and don't feel the need for the open concept that is so popular. It is open enough to feel connected but still lends the ability to have variety in decorating. The house is 18 years old and had only one other owner which was the people who built it. They took loving care of it and did so many unique things while they were there. 

Everything is still a work in progress but so far I have our bedroom about done, outside of painting it. I am trying out the existing deep purple walls for a while because I actually find them rather serene. I have the kitchen set up but will change the counter tops down the road. I know quartz is all the rage but I still love granite and plan on replacing the existing counter tops with that. I am still thinking about painting the kitchen cabinets. I read that natural wood was going to be on trend this coming season and really like the way they are right now. 

My dining room is done except for hanging my curtains and more furniture for our family room arrives this week and I am so excited! I am going to wait on the formal living room decor for a while as I percolate ideas but right now I am totally thinking mid century modern (ish). Deep colors for the sofa and chairs and maybe a fun texture for the fabrics, like velvet. I'm in no hurry though so I will have one big empty room for while. Oh and our patio is still stark naked! Soon though.

camo 6.JPG

Peace gang!

Thanks so much for hanging in with me while I was away!

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Dog Days Of Summer And A Blogging Break Update

shorts 1.JPG

Sup' Gang?

Popping in from my hiatus to say hi!

the scoop

There is so much to tell you and I don't really like to bore you too much so let's just say things have been crazy around here. But I wanted to check in at midway through my month off of blogging to let you know what's happening.

I was so over blogging for a a while and I am only starting to miss it a little. But even if I did miss it I wouldn't have time to do it. My husband has been the sickest he has ever been since I have known him. He is a major health nut but somehow he got walking pneumonia. And he is very anti medication so he refused to go to the doctor for six weeks. Finally I threatened him and he went and they put him on antibiotics and now at week eight he is starting to come out of it. But he was so sick for a long time.

My son and grandson came to visit for a week and we had a wonderful time. I miss them now that they are gone. We hiked, ran, cooked, made jams, went shopping and so much more. It was a whirl wind visit and I needed a couple of days rest after. I don't know if I ever told you this but my son is the male version of me. Seriously we love all the same things in life. First family, then cooking, fashion, fitness, etc. It is so fun to share things with someone who gets me so clearly. We are both introverts and just think the same way about life. It's interesting and fun! 

Around the time of all this starting we were already in the process of buying a house so most the running, and making decisions was done by me alone.  We bought a house in Boise for when we spend time there. You all know how I love the quiet life here in the mountains but l also like the city life from time to time so now we have a place to stay when we go down. For the past few weeks I have been setting up that place when I have time between taking care of my husband and company visiting. We have one more round of family coming at the end of August but just for a couple of nights. I am prepping for that now. 

Through all this I am trying to take care of myself which has been hard. You know how we always put others' needs first. It's in our genes. But I have continued to run a few times a week and have been extremely active with moving and keeping things under control. My diet has suffered since I have been needing a little comfort food, so lots of room for improvement there. You all probably understand the toll stress can take on your body. This spring has been a land mind of stress for me. I lost a beloved aunt, a favorite uncle, and a brother. My mother is very ill as well as other siblings with advanced lung diseases. My son went through a heart breaking divorce and then my husband got sick. I feel a little battered right now but know the only way out is up. So I make each day a day to be grateful and carry on.

Now that my husband is on the mend I plan to really work on my health, lose the five pounds that I put on over the winter and keep the joy of life as a top priority. Wish me luck!

my look

This was a very casual day for me like most of my days recently. I am obsessed with this long shirt that can be worn as a dress or a duster. It will carry me through fall and winter with so many styling options. I can't wait to experiment! For this look I wore a pair of DIY cut offs and a gray cami. Nude flip flops worked just right for the day. 

Linking options for creating your own look!

shorts 13.JPG


Thanks for stopping by!

Got Blog?

I plan  to be back to my blogging routine in September but I still feel I need a little change so I am trying to envision what that might be. Meanwhile I decorated my office in the house in the city. And I totally love it! I went with a bit of a French theme but really I had no plan when I started. I just went shopping a picked out things I loved and somehow they all came together. The desk is a beautiful deep red and I still have to get a chair and a chandelier. I tweaked a little more after this picture, added a few more accessories and installed my Alexa. The results were a peaceful pleasant space to dream, create and be happy. I'll try to follow up with better and more pictures soon.

office 9.JPG

true story

Linking same desk and similar curtains and rug. 

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Why I Said Good Bye To Social Media

black 9.JPG


should be lived in the present.

the scoop

I've been asked many times now several questions about deleting most of my social media accounts. Why did I leave? Has it affected my blog numbers? How does it feel to not be on my phone or computer so much are just a few of the questions. I thought in this post I would let you know how it is going or has turned out.

Why did I delete?

In early June I deleted my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. Why? Mostly because I think they only promote competition and self doubt. But also because they misuse the trust people put in them regarding privacy. I also didn't like the feeling of always needing to be online to promote, reciprocate, be perfect, etc. The endless feeling of unrest was just stupid in my mind. Social media didn't own me, I owned it. So I took control. I still have my IG account but have basically ghosted it for a month or so. I want to delete it too but am still considering the fact that it used to be my favorite form of social media. I enjoyed sharing and liking with my IG friends. But at some point they disappeared and the whole thing became frustrating. And any new followers I got were men who had no interest in fashion or the life style of a woman my age. So I am pretty sure I will nix it soon. 

I still love Pinterest and will be holding on to it. It is relaxing and doesn't make me feel like I owe it or someone else something. I hope they don't change it and screw it up. I use Bloglovin' to track the blogs I follow and will stay with it for now too. It seems non invasive so I'm good with it. 

how has it effected my blog?

My blog numbers are down about 21%  month on month. I don't blame it all on quitting social media though. I have slacked off on my commenting and participating in link ups as well as shut down my own link up party account (Style Wise). The biggest decrease came from letting it go. But dropping off  21% seems worth all the freedom I am feeling these days. I also feel like this fall when I get back into things I can bring the numbers back up. Summer's are usually slow in the blogsphere. People can get out more and don't want to spend as much time online. And I agree and support that! And I am still up 73% in unique visitors and 43% views year on year so that is awesome! I remember when I only had one or two visitors and was happy with that! Ha ha! 

I still get daily invites for collaborations but I'm no longer interested in them either. It is another way of me trying to be something I am not. Once in a great while I will hook up to help someone out but mostly I just say no. I've come to learn that the the brands benefit much more than the influencers most of the time. I am always open to helping a cause if I can though.

I love affiliate programs and use Reward Style all the time. I enjoy it and it helps pay for some of my blogging expenses. They are so nice and helpful and fair! Mostly it's a great way for me so share my style with others.

black 3.JPG

how did it effect me?

I have a lot more free time on my hands! I can fit in reading a book, talking on the phone, going for walks, cooking. You get the picture. Smell the roses. It was a little difficult at first because I was worried my blog would tank. But I told myself that I wanted readers that were long term, not blue birds that flitted in accidentally. And an organic following would build that kind of readership. 

Right now I am very honored to have the readers I have and enjoy getting to know them and interact through my blog. I have my creative outlet, a fun hobby and amazing readers. It's all good! I can look to the future of my evolving interests and know I am being supported by the most amazing people ever!

will i return?

I never say never about anything. But I don't see myself returning to facebook, twitter or google+. I may revive my Style Wise Link Up party in the fall because although it was a lot of extra work, it was fun. IG is still on the chopping block. I would love some input. Would you delete it? Are you on social media? Do you enjoy it? I would love to hear what other's think!

my look

I was so taken by this fun top when I saw it because of the big bell sleeves and the black trim on them. I also liked the style of this top with the buttons half way down the front and an almost peasant design. I could see it would be perfect for so many outfits. I mean black and white is the original basic! I wore it with a pair of cropped shinny jeans and tan wedge sandals and a basket tote completed this look.

Linking my exact top, jeans and shoes and the perfect bag to accessorize! Sizes limited.

black 13.JPG


And thank you so much for stopping by!

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