Favorite White Jeans’ Looks For Spring

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I wear white jeans and pants all year around but spring is my favorite time of the year for them. After five years of blogging I have put together a lot of looks with white jeans and pants. I went through and picked a bunch out to show you how many options there are for white jeans and pants in the spring!

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Holiday Outfit

Today I went into my closet to see if I find an outfit for an evening out that would be a little dressy but not too dressy. To my surprise I found all the items I needed for a comfortable, classic and festive look. Everything in this outfit is a few seasons old and bought at different times, not really intended to be worn together. First I pulled this lovely black with gold flecks top. I love the ruffle detail! Then I saw in the jacket section of my closet this adorable gold jacket. I knew nothing would do but black pants and I think boot cut was a little more dressy and appropriate for the top and jacket. Happily I saw my cute little booties that have a gold buckle and a gold clutch to tie in with all the gold. Big gold hoop earrings was my only jewelry. 


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Change . . .will do you good.

I reported in a post a couple of weeks ago that I signed up for an online six-week boot camp that would help me build muscle and get stronger. I made it though week one and it was a bear! But I am still in the game, more determined than ever. I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle so I read and try a lot of things. I have to eat very low calorie most of the time with lots of running and hiking to stay my healthy weight. This boot camp has taught me a lot of new things that make sense. I am loving the challenge!

Meanwhile, while I was thinking about ways to improve my health I was so tired of my hairstyle and knew I wanted to make a change there too. My stylist and friend whom I have been going to for ten years, helped me pick out a style that I love. I can wear it straight or curly and do so many fun things with it! But it is a change for sure. I have always loved change and believe it can only move you forward. 

For this shoot I wore a poncho purchased a couple of years ago at Costco, it is a beautiful soft cashmere with soft neutral colors. I have on a thermal top (also bought at Costco) for added warmth, skinny jeans and booties. Yep, I like this change just fine!

How do you incorporate change in your life?  Do you see it as a good or bad thing?

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Try It You Might Like It!

I see so many lovely bloggers mix and match things, and it always looks so great on them. But I still hesitate when trying some things, thinking it just doesn't seem right. After some hesitation though, I always at least try it out. Here is a plaid shirt and leopard scarf and hey, I like it! Hold me back, there is no telling what I might try next!

I am wearing Old Navy jeans, Michael Kors boots, Old Navy flannel shirt, leopard scarf and black hat.

Have you tried something new that you love?

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Showing A Little Shoulder

Even though I don't believe in fashion rules for women as they age, I still have many ingrained in my personality that I have to think about it when I get a little gutsy. But I must say it is getting easier all the time. Today I am showing a little shoulder. 

I'm wearing a Free People sweater, Old Navy Rock Star jeans, low heeled booties and a hat because my hair is a mess and because I liked how it went with my outfit. 

Do you break the rules without thinking about it or do you hesitate just a little?

This week has been really rough. I have the saddest heart that I can remember. I thought the best way to react was by trying to do good things for others. I started out on Tuesday by making cranberry walnut pumpkin bread and putting a basket together with some of my pumpkin pecan butter to take to our Veterinarian. She and everyone in her office are kind and thoughtful people and they have taken care of my puppies for about 10 years. I wanted to thank them. On Wednesday I participated in an event to benefit a non-profit group called, Girls on the Run. This organization promotes self-esteem and healthy lifestyle for girls. I had to add one mile to my normal three mile run and ASICS would donate a pair of running shoes to this organization. So I ran my four miles and RunKeeper, also a contributor, tracked and reported the run and the donation was made. Last for this week I run a 5K to benefit Veterans. I donate money to participate and the activity brings awareness to the cause and raises more money. This run happens tomorrow, Friday. I don't know if doing these things makes me feel better yet but, I do know that giving is better than taking and that love is better than hate.

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Grey Days and Still a Sweet Life

I was away from home for a couple of weeks and I am so happy to be back. I always miss home when I am away and this was a very long trip for me. After a few days of getting back to normal I decided today was time to head outside to breath in fresh mountain air. It's in the mid fifties and partly cloudy and autumn is clearly heading to a close. When I look at the most basic things in my life, I am so grateful. Even grey days don't take away from a sweet life.

I'm wearing a grey sweater from Nordstrom, a scarf from Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy jeans, and Vince Camuto booties. A fun hat covered up my messy hair! Gotta love hats!

What are some of the things that make you grateful for your home?

Today, Stella and McCall have their checkup with the vet. This lovely lady has been taking care of my dogs since I got them, so 10 years for McCall. I wanted to show extra appreciation today when the world seems so harsh and angry right now. So, I made cranberry pumpkin walnut bread and added a jar of my pumpkin pecan butter to a gift basket for the office. It felt good to do something positive.

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Autumn Style

I took these pictures a few weeks ago when I was really excited about fall and all the beautiful colors the season brings. My top is several years old but one I wear each fall and really love. I like to wear it in early fall because the sleeves are sheer. I also take it to Arizona with me in the winter when I visit because it is perfect for the weather there. These boots are so perfect for this time of year also. They are so pretty and add a touch of class to any outfit. 

Do you have favorite fall items in your closet that stand the test of time?

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