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After the overalls look from Monday which I am still not sure how I feel about I dressed for today staying in my comfort zone. This look is probably the type of style that I am most comfortable wearing. I love the relaxed fit of the flared trouser jeans, the crispness of the white long-sleeved white tee and the classic look of the navy and white cardigan. I wore a pair of tan booties and carried my leopard clutch. For jewelry I wore a pair of white earrings and my initial necklace. Everything in this outfit is old, like many years old except the white tee. I have had these trouser jeans (I have three pairs) for probably five years. The sweater is that old at least maybe more. My booties are four years old and my bag is a couple of years old. It just shows that when you buy classic pieces they never go out of style and are worth the investment.

Let me know what are you most comfortable wearing? Do you ever go outside your style box?

I’m linking my exact necklace and bag as well as similar tees and jeans.

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My Look

My jeans were purchased at the Loft, my tee from the Rack and my cardigan is INC from Macy’s. My booties were bought at Nordstrom, the brand is bp. My Clare V bag was also purchased at Nordstrom. My earrings came from Target last winter and my necklace is from the Rack. I will see how many of these items I can find or at least something really similar to link for creating your own look!

Create Your Own Look

Here I am linking some navy and white cardigans, similar booties to what I am wearing!

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Story Of The Traveling Pixi Pants

Pixi Pants for summer

My second most worn pants other than jeans!

the scoop

Last fall I saw these adorable Pixi pants at Old Navy and thought a pair in mustard and a pair in leopard would be perfect for early fall looks. And I was right I was able to put together pretty outfits with them (see leopard here). 

Fast forward to spring and I am seeing these pants again only in fun spring colors. But I thought with the right top and shoes I could make these colors work for spring too. No need to buy more although I am tempted because these pants are so comfy.

my look

For this look I pulled out this fun top from my closet that I hadn't had a chance to wear yet. The pattern and style was perfect for these pants. Next I added my platform sandals and a brilliant blue bag and I was almost ready. The last touch were my royal blue tassel earrings. Fun, fun look that will be on repeat this summer.

Summer colors

in vibrant yellows and blues


You can get these pants in my color but in many other fabulous colors for spring. I'm linking these exact pants, similar tops, sandals and bags for creating your own summer look!

don't forget

I love these Bauble bar earrings! They come in every color you can imaging and are so fun!

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Natalie Attired-The Mini Series


Here we are gang, the finale/cliff hangar of my mini series staring Natalie Attired. A personalized, convenient, fun "try before you buy" clothes shopping experience for women. Based on your unique style profile, they will send you a collection of five coordinates from a wide variety of quality contemporary brands to create the looks you'll love. See the part un here and part deux here


I have to start out by saying that I have the hardest time finding dresses that work for me. I have physical attributes that make finding a dress that fits difficult, so when I pulled this gorgeous dress out of the box I was jumping up and down! So cute and versatile. This dress can be accessorized for any occasion and to top it off gang, can you believe, I don't have a little black dress? How did Natalie Attired know? 

I styled this dress six ways to Sunday and could still do more. First just wearing it as it was, was enough! The sheer fabric on the yoke is a subtle but beautiful detail. For this post I styled it with the jacket from Natalie Attired and with both the tops they sent me and then with a scarf from my closet. For shoes I wore it with a cute pair of booties that reflect my personality and then with with a pair of leopard flats that also speak my name. For jewelry, all I wanted was pair of earrings and for a bag my leopard clutch and boom, ready to go! 

Further down in this post you will see how I wore the dress with both the tops sent to me by Natalie Attired. In all, there are five different looks with this dress in this post.

That's it dolls. This series is complete. I call it a cliff hangar though because I see Natalie Attired in my future!

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When It Feels Right


This outfit was created on one of those days when I had no idea what I wanted to wear. I just walked into my closet and looked around to see what struck me. My eye was drawn to this jacket that I have had so many years I don't even know where I got it. Of course it is a favorite due to the style with the tie front, the fall colors and the fun print. It is a perfect piece for fall. But what to go with it? I decided on a pair of skinny jeans and OTK boots. I wore a cream camisole under the jacket and carried a fringe clutch in a dark blue. For jewelry I wore a piece of Amber. I had no idea how this look would turn out but when all was said and done , it just felt right. And I have learned that when it feels right, go with it!


I'm in Arizona enjoying the warmer climate. We are out and about every single day and in the evenings on our patio having dinner and glass of wine. We live in an area where everything you need is within walking distance so we try to walk everywhere and it feels so good. 

I'm having a little trouble getting pictures because people are everywhere and the lighting is so different than what I am used to. So I am playing around searching for the best setting, etc.

I'm thinking of redesigning my blog. I do this each year about this time so it is ready by the new year. I get bored with the same old look but I also want it to be original so I'm not sure what I will do this year. 

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Black Slacks For A Modern Look


My Blogger Friend Jodie of recently did a post on styling black slacks. Jodie reminded me that a I had a few pair from my going into work at the office days. They are classic and I doubt I will ever get rid of them. This pair is oh so comfy, in a thick knit fabric that holds its shape and fits like a glove. They zip at the side so no bulk ANYWHERE! I need a thousand pairs in this style! I almost didn't want to take them off at the end of the day! 

To complete my outfit I wore one of my many leopard cardigans, an item I kind of collect. I have them in all styles, shades and price ranges but my favorite right now is a new one I got at Old Navy! Yes, and it is a goodin! I wore a pair of black booties, one of my amber necklaces and carried a cream tote. This outfit would work for the office, a business dinner or for lunch with a friend! These pants will stay at the front of my closet for a while!


I wrote this post in Idaho but by the time is goes live I will be in Arizona. I'm leaving a foot of snow behind to sit by the pool. If I can stand to put on a bathing suit. I have been eating like a bear getting ready to hibernate and need to lose at least 3 lbs. It's amazing how just a few pounds can make your pants tight and really show up on camera! Ugh!. Hopefully I can get back to a routine and tone down the beast a little.

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