Spring Fashion For The Style Wise

There's something surprising about getting older.

I never thought I would feel so comfortable in my own skin. I rarely doubt much. And putting an outfit together is something that I worry the least about. I feel style wise.

Sure I have moments now and then where I doubt my decisions but they are rare as I grow older. Mostly because if something isn't working I let it go and put it behind me. I ain't got no time to think about the past. Ha Ha! I just want to be my best going forward.

This outfit reminded me that clothing is the most simple thing in life and should represent who you are as an individual. It shouldn't be something we worry about, only enjoy if that is your thing. Do what you want to do, say what you want to say and be who you want to be. That is the wisdom that comes with age and living life.

Just a heads up Gang. I was in target and they are now selling Baublebar jewelry. This jewelry is so fun for spring and summer and I really stocked up. The first multi colored pair are my favorites. I can't tell you how cute they are and the other pair I think I got in every color they had. These earrings are not high end but they don't break the bank and can really complete a fun summer look. I also linked some fun clutches that are perfect year after year. 

Be who YOu are in everything you do.

Listen to your mood and look in your closet and let your instinct guide you and I think you will always feel good about your decision.

This outfit made me feel happy. The red in the top just looked like the promise of spring. I loved that the buttons are red and the sleeves are 3/4 length with a slit in the cuff. These little details made it special.  And pairing it with white jeans seemed natural. The Marc Fisher wedges added to the festive vibe this outfit gave me. My wicker clutch now going into season three was the right bag for this look along with my big hoop earrings. 

I'm linking crazy cute options for you to create your own look. I'm wearing 7 for all mankind jeans and I linked exact pair but I DIY my raw hem. 

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We've all been hearing about using Pinterest to help grow our followings by getting our work out there and I have been taking classes and learning more about using my favorite form of social media. And now I'm inviting you to join my group board titled Style Wise. Check it out here. It was created just a couple of months ago and needs some more inspiration so if you are a fashion and style blogger and would like to be a contributor let me know in the comments section of this post or by sending an email to northwestmountainliving@gmail.com or you can DM me @northwestmountainliving.


I spent a day this week on my YouTube channel and had so much fun! I have all kinds of plans for using it this summer so stay tuned. Meanwhile scroll down to see some of my videos. They are short and sweet. I hope you will subscribe too!

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Natalie Attired-The Mini Series-Part Deux


Be sure to read part un here, of this mini series for the scoop on what my little blog mini-series is all about! Short story, I am test driving Natalie Attired (A personalized, convenient, fun "try before you buy" clothes shopping experience for women. Based on your unique style profile, they will send you a collection of five coordinates from a wide variety of quality contemporary brands to create the looks you'll love.) and this car will be staying in my drive! 


For this outfit I again wore the thyme colored pull-on pants but added the second top sent to me. It was the only piece that I thought I might have to send back. It is an over sized tunic and the fit just about over whelmed me. But the print and colors are so gorgeous I was determined to find ways to make it work. Without much thought I decided to tie a knot in the front and viola! It was perfect. This time I wore my Mexican Fire Opal because it matched my top perfectly. Same shoes and hat but a clutch this time and another outfit for going out or staying in was created!

Further down you will get another sneak peak at the dress Natalie Attired sent me. I want to tell you more but dolls, I'm saving it for the cliff hanger on Friday so stay with me!

Here is another peek at the dress I've been teasing! This top is so versatile! The booties in this outfit below are so fun. They have a masculine look but have velvet shoe strings giving them a feminine touch! Fashion designers are brilliant! I styled the top with this dress two ways, one with a belt and one where I knotted the front.

Thanks for stopping by! See you Friday for the mini-series finale/cliff hanger!


Hello Natalie Attired-The Mini Series-Part Un


So here's the scoop! I am so excited to introduce you to Natalie Attired. A personalized, convenient, fun "try before you buy" clothes shopping experience for women. Based on your unique style profile, they will send you a collection of five coordinates from a wide variety of quality contemporary brands to create the looks you'll love.

And gang, that's what happened, they sent me the box! I am a self-described fashionista; I love fashion and everything that goes along with it. But to be honest, I don't enjoy going into physical stores. I would say 90% of my closet was purchased online. 

When Natalie Attired told me they would pick out things I would like after I completed a profile, I kind of doubted they could get me just right. But gang, they did! I could have sent back anything I didn't want at no cost to me but every single thing they sent had me squealing!  My only challenge was to contain myself as I mixed and matched one outfit after another!

So this week I am doing a mini-series so I can show how much fun I had and that Natalie Attired truly GOT ME! Make sure you check in on Wedneseday and Friday to see all the things they sent and all the ways I styled them. 


So when I opened the box I found two tops, a jacket, a pair of pants and a DRESS (so much to say about the dress later in the mini series). Everything was so my colors! I have a distinctive set of colors that I love and have in my closet and all over my home. Warm earthy, rich yummy colors were in this box. 

For my first outfit I wore the thyme colored pants. They just pulled on, covered my tummy completely and fit perfect while being totally comfortable. I added one of the tops and a pair of my booties and was so happy with the look that I had to add my fisherman's cap. I wore a piece of butterscotch Amber from my jewelry collection and carried one of my favorite bags and Ta Da! A hit for me!

Scroll down to see where I added the jacket they sent. This jacket will be a piece I will wear constantly. It is this amazing fabric that holds its shape but has stretch. It has zipper details on the sleeves and pockets which I adore and is an almost gun metal color! 

Last, check out the first glimpse of the dress they sent. I don't want to give away too much but I can say I styled it in a least six ways and could have done more. 

As always gang, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for Wednesday's post, part deux of the mini-series.


The Business Of Life With Misook


I've spent my share of a career working in universities, as a director of education, associate professor and associate dean. I know what it means to dress for success. I have learned that looking professional helps me feel professional and that people respond better when I am in a professional state of mind. 

Now that I work at home I still have times when a professional look is needed for meetings and events. Misook meets all my needs in that regard with classic but modern professional dresses, jackets, tops, slacks and skirts.

This jacket and pants will be on repeat for me due to their beautiful style, quality, and easy care. The details are my favorite part of these pieces. The jacket has zippers on the sleeves and the pants have zippers on the ankles. The brilliant blues in this tweed style jacket are striking and show vibrantly in the sunlight. The fabric of the pants and jacket is a beautiful knit fabric that is machine washable, wrinkle, fade, and stretch resistant, breathable with no cling and a silky hand. I am truly in love!

Read more below about how I styled the pants for a casual evening at home and the jacket for a night out with friends. 

Casual Evening At Home

I don't know about you but I like to relax the minute I get home from a busy day. The pants for this post are pull on pants and as soft and comfy as any leisure pants you will find. So when I get home, I would leave them on and change into a more casual top and a pair of flats or slippers. For my evening look below, I used a denim jacket as my top, slipped on my favorite pair of leopard flats and added a scarf to snuggle in as night falls. I mean, really? How cute is this look?


There are times, at the end of the week when I like to celebrate successes with friends and colleagues. In this case I would wear the same jacket but change into a pair of dark jeans and tee. Casual shoes and a clutch for my lip stick and I am out the door!

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