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No Snow

yet . . .

the scoop

Bet you can’t guess where we’ve been. Yep, back in the mountains. We spent a few days there and I got lots of pictures. It was cold but not much snow. Hardly any really! I imagine that will change any day now. I am ready for a little of the white stuff actually.

Right now I have a fire starting in the fireplace and am watching three little deer munch on the grass in the back yard. Such a country life feel!

my look

I decided that since my days of dresses in this weather are almost done for this year I better put one on. This dress is a fabulous sweatshirt dress with a hood and a tulip hem. Not really stylish but oh so cozy. I wanted outdoor pictures so I put on a pair of fun winter boots and headed out. This is how you dress in a dress in the mountains! There is something cozy about a snuggly dress to hang around inside when winter is howling outside.

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your own look!

create your own look

My things are all old but linking similar items with many on sale!


  • By the time you read this post we will be heading down the mountain.

  • I have to start getting the house prepped for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • I haven’t made a turkey for a few yeas so that will be a challenge. And I love a challenge!

  • I am taking back little pine trees from our land to put in my pots on the front porch. I think they will be so cute and bring some of the beautiful pine scent to our home.

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Dog Days Of Summer And A Blogging Break Update

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Sup' Gang?

Popping in from my hiatus to say hi!

the scoop

There is so much to tell you and I don't really like to bore you too much so let's just say things have been crazy around here. But I wanted to check in at midway through my month off of blogging to let you know what's happening.

I was so over blogging for a a while and I am only starting to miss it a little. But even if I did miss it I wouldn't have time to do it. My husband has been the sickest he has ever been since I have known him. He is a major health nut but somehow he got walking pneumonia. And he is very anti medication so he refused to go to the doctor for six weeks. Finally I threatened him and he went and they put him on antibiotics and now at week eight he is starting to come out of it. But he was so sick for a long time.

My son and grandson came to visit for a week and we had a wonderful time. I miss them now that they are gone. We hiked, ran, cooked, made jams, went shopping and so much more. It was a whirl wind visit and I needed a couple of days rest after. I don't know if I ever told you this but my son is the male version of me. Seriously we love all the same things in life. First family, then cooking, fashion, fitness, etc. It is so fun to share things with someone who gets me so clearly. We are both introverts and just think the same way about life. It's interesting and fun! 

Around the time of all this starting we were already in the process of buying a house so most the running, and making decisions was done by me alone.  We bought a house in Boise for when we spend time there. You all know how I love the quiet life here in the mountains but l also like the city life from time to time so now we have a place to stay when we go down. For the past few weeks I have been setting up that place when I have time between taking care of my husband and company visiting. We have one more round of family coming at the end of August but just for a couple of nights. I am prepping for that now. 

Through all this I am trying to take care of myself which has been hard. You know how we always put others' needs first. It's in our genes. But I have continued to run a few times a week and have been extremely active with moving and keeping things under control. My diet has suffered since I have been needing a little comfort food, so lots of room for improvement there. You all probably understand the toll stress can take on your body. This spring has been a land mind of stress for me. I lost a beloved aunt, a favorite uncle, and a brother. My mother is very ill as well as other siblings with advanced lung diseases. My son went through a heart breaking divorce and then my husband got sick. I feel a little battered right now but know the only way out is up. So I make each day a day to be grateful and carry on.

Now that my husband is on the mend I plan to really work on my health, lose the five pounds that I put on over the winter and keep the joy of life as a top priority. Wish me luck!

my look

This was a very casual day for me like most of my days recently. I am obsessed with this long shirt that can be worn as a dress or a duster. It will carry me through fall and winter with so many styling options. I can't wait to experiment! For this look I wore a pair of DIY cut offs and a gray cami. Nude flip flops worked just right for the day. 

Linking options for creating your own look!

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Got Blog?

I plan  to be back to my blogging routine in September but I still feel I need a little change so I am trying to envision what that might be. Meanwhile I decorated my office in the house in the city. And I totally love it! I went with a bit of a French theme but really I had no plan when I started. I just went shopping a picked out things I loved and somehow they all came together. The desk is a beautiful deep red and I still have to get a chair and a chandelier. I tweaked a little more after this picture, added a few more accessories and installed my Alexa. The results were a peaceful pleasant space to dream, create and be happy. I'll try to follow up with better and more pictures soon.

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true story

Linking same desk and similar curtains and rug. 

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Summer Sweaters

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Sweaters are always so fabulous!

the scoop

I love summer sweaters. The feel of all cotton is so comfortable and the look is casual. They are perfect for throwing on over a tank top or tee in the cool evenings. I also wear them with skirts, shorts or even over a swim suit. 

Here are links to some pretty summer sweaters all on sale!

Also sharing links to some fun shoes and bags!

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my look

This free people sweater is from last season but it gets a lot of use still. I love it so much I have it is a soft white too. Here I am wearing it over a lace bralette and pairing it with a really old pair of boot cut jeans. I have had the jeans now 12 or 13 years. They are Lucky Brand which is still one of my favorite brands next to 7 For All Mankind. I am wearing a pair of two tone sandals that have orange and tan leather straps. I have so much orange in my closet these shoes go with almost everything I own. For a bag I am carrying my thrift shop find from a couple of years ago. It was in new condition and so cute! For jewelry I am wearing a Mexican Fire Opal, hands down my favorite necklace.


After a week of no Internet while we were setting up our house in the city I am back in the mountains escaping the 100 degree temps. We finally got the Internet connected just before I left so next time I'm down there I will be able to keep with my posts. I can't believe I missed two posts, a rare thing indeed!

Now I am getting our house in the mountains ready for house guests. My son and grandson are coming to visit for a week and we have so much planned. My grandson and I are big on snake hunting, rock collecting and making root beer floats! He is a real outdoors type just like me. We may even do some huckleberry picking. I know we will spend time at the lake swimming and sandcastle building too. My son and I will do some trail running and wine tasting. We always have such a good time together, he is so much like me it is crazy. We plan on doing a lot of cooking too.

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I've Kissed A Lot Of Frogs


It's true, I cannot tell a lie; I have kissed a lot of frogs. Hat and sun glasses frogs. I can't wear most hats well and most sun glasses don't look good on me. But let's face it, after all the years I've been looking (too many) I have finally found a couple of hat styles and sun glasses that I like.  I was excited about the beret I found (see here) but this Fisherman's hat is the CATS MEOW for me.

Fun, fun, fun! I wore it with a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans (my fav jeans), a Free People off should sweater (another favorite brand) and an old pair of booties. I slung a leopard bag over my shoulder and grabbed my tassel belt and I felt positively Frenchish! P.S. I make up words often. Big Mark Twain fan, learned it from him.


The fringe trend was so short lived for me. Surprising since I grew up when fringe was EVERYWHERE (60s/70s)! But I got these booties with fringe a few years ago and one clutch that had fringe and I was over it. I haven't worn these booties much but when I put them on with this outfit I thought, what the crap is wrong with me, these are ROCKIN boots. So they will be back on rotation for me. 

fringe 11.JPG
fringe 13.JPG

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Facing My Truth


Well luvs, its time for me to face the truth. Winter has full on arrived. We had a little snow a week or so ago, but it warmed up and melted and everything was still green. But over the weekend in started snowing and it snowed so fast and hard that it knocked our power out for a few hours. I'm writing this on Saturday, a sunny but cold day (high 33) knowing that tomorrow we are getting more snow. Temperatures are going to remain cold so this snow will be here until spring.

So I'm going with it and pulling out the boots. I have lots of snow boots for here in the mountains, one for each day of the week! ha ha! This is a cute light colored pair so I wore them with white jeans and a fun little jacket. Cozy and fun is how this outfit turned out. I took a few pictures outside but my hands starting getting so cold I was driven inside near the fire.


I love living in the mountains and the snow but only for a bit. So what do I do? Well having lived in Arizona for many years I know how nice the weather is in the winter and so we pack up and head south. I guess we are snowbirds! And that's ok because I can hike mountains, run outside and not freeze my buns off. We will be back here for our annual Christmas party that we host and a few weeks more of winter before we head back south until spring. I am so excited for this winter and plan to enjoy were I am, when I'm there! As for Christmas day, I will be hiking a mountain and maybe toasting the holiday with a little eggnog.

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Pre-Holiday Style With A Red Silk Shirt


I am having a hard time believing how close the holidays are. We hold our annual Christmas Party on December 16th and have already started Christmas shopping. We don't do much, I am not a big believer in the commercialization of Christmas but I like to get my grand kids and parents a gift. My husband and I pretty much host one Christmas party for friends and then ignore the rest of the chaos.  We spend Thanksgiving with family and then on Christmas you will find us hiking in Arizona. 

I still like to celebrate the season with a few festive outfits. This red silk top is old but perfect for this time of year. I wore it with black jeans, leopard belt and nude heels. A big tote for toting and I am good to go! 

red 5.JPG
red 10.JPG

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Neutral Outfit For Fall Style


On the day (week really) of this post we were having beautiful weather. Just splash of snow was left on the ground here and there but is was 60 degrees and sunny. My favorite weather! I decided to wear a neutral outfit for the day. I wore a pair of white flared jeans, with fun wedge booties, an over sized-sweater, a tan belt and an beautiful green bag. Me and my crew ( McCall and Stella) decided to go outside to take pictures since the lighting wasn't too bad. 

What's Up

A very old Facebook account of mine that I thought was deleted but somehow Facebook kept, was hacked into last night. I had to search ways to completely delete it and did so. Facebook is criminal if you ask me. Invasive, evasive and I don't like it. I only have it because it helps some people get to my blog. Not sure I will keep it much longer though. Ugh.

By the time you are reading this I will be in the midwest spending the Halloween season with my grandson. This year he wants me and his parents to be robbers because he wants to be a cop. We have really fun costumes figured out. Then soon after my stay there we are off to Arizona for huge chunks of the winter. My grand daughter lives there! It's going to be a great winter! 

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Shoe Style & Still, A Beret


So I got these shoes. I loved how they looked online and when other bloggers wore similar ones but somehow when I put them on I wasn't feeling it. I let them sit in the box for a day and tried again. And this time I was feeling it. I had to find the right kind of jean style for me for these shoes. And you know what? Once I found them I wish I had ordered a back up pair for when these wear out cause I'm thinking I'm going to be wearing them a lot!

My husband thought the wear fancy slippers! Ha Ha! I can see his confusion and in a way I hate to wear them outside of the house but I have a trip coming up and these will be my travel shoes. They are the most comfy and cute flats I own. I wore them with very old Levi's, a cami, a big comfy sweater and of course the one thing you may get sick of seeing, my beret!  


These pictures are dark and as you know I am not a photographer but I do the best I can with my camera and tripod. It had been snowing for two days and I had no light so thus the dark photos. Today, as you read this post it will be sunny and in the 50s so almost like summer for us! Ha Ha. Soon I will be traveling to visit family in Kansas and I can't wait! Big plans!

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How I Wear Leopard Pants


Happy Friday Everyone! Another week in the bag. For today's outfit I wanted to share I how wear leopard pants. I was a little worried about how I could pull this off but after I found the right pants and sweater I was confident I would love the results.

I wanted to add a modern twist to this look since the style of the pants and cardigan are rather traditional. The graphic tee is so trendy right now so I added that and then to add more modern zing I added the mustard colored cardigan to the leopard pants. I love it when I get the chance to wear my belt with a tassel. For heels I wore my low heeled suede pumps in a nude color. I felt like they were a nice neutral for this look that didn't need anymore attention. A simple tan tote completed my look. I love it so much I plan to repeat this in other colors. I got the pants in a mustard color and the sweater in a leopard print that I think will look great. So stay tuned!

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How I Wear An Off Shoulder Top In Cooler Weather


We had a cold snap last week with highs mostly in the mid 40s. This week is supposed to be closer to normal with highs in the mid 60s. Right where I like it the most. It is really time for cozy sweaters, comfy jeans and beautiful scarves. But I don't plan to put away all my summer trends for the winter. Take the ever so popular off shoulder or cold shoulder tops. Should we put them all in winter storage? Not me, I'm going to continue wearing mine but with a twist. I'll be adding a cozy scarf to add fall colors and extra warmth when needed. Imagine sitting by a fire in the evening with a glass of wine looking stylish and comfortable all through fall and winter.

I have several of these over-sized cold shoulder sweaters that will be on repeat during the cold weather seasons. I usually wear lace t-back braletts with them because they are pretty and add another level of comfort. In this outfit I am wearing flared jeans that have a nice stretch. There is no snow on the ground so I'm wearing a pair of open toed booties that are an olive color similar to my sweater and of course I'm wearing one of my favorite scarves full of neutral tones and fall colors. I really like pattern mixing like here with the plaid scarf and the leopard bag. Making sure they are in the same color family appeals more to my eyes. 


When I first started blogging several years ago I was only doing it for a creative outlet. A little hobby. I really did't care that much if anyone read it or not. And for the most part, not too many did. But as time went by I started thinking I would like to turn my blog into a business and started learning how to grow an audience and make my blog more professional. I loved the design part of blogging and was starting to learn that a few people kind of liked what I was doing. 

Fast forward to today, and I am getting on average 14, 000 views per month on my blog. Relative to other blogs that can be considered a lot or not. I use social media to help people find my blog and spend a great deal of time promoting and engaging with other bloggers. I joined a few like minded groups on Facebook and have worked my self silly with it all. I have become more worried about growing my blog than taking pleasure in the process. I am forgetting the joy I find in other things in my life and am feeling way too much stress and unmotivated in general.

So I decided this weekend to let some of it go. I am going to go back to doing what I love, and that is creating stylish looks that hopefully inspire others to play in their closets more often if that is something they enjoy. No more sitting in bed at night and in the mornings with my nose in my phone on IG and other social media worrying that I will make someone mad if I don't like their post, comment on it or their blog. No more feeling like I can't keep up with the social media rat race. I'll do my blog posts, let everyone know that it is up via a quick post on social media and then I go back to life. My real job, my family, cooking, hiking and being in the present. 

I'll still be updating my Boutique and Chatter page, sharing finds that I think you will like. I like that part of my blog also. I don't make money from doing it for the most part but I get a kick when someone finds it useful. So keep checking it out if you're interested. 

I love helping others design their blog and only work with two or three clients at a time and I find that fun also. I won't be giving up that part of my blog either. So if you ever want to start a hobby blog I'll always be happy to share what I know. Then if you want my help we can go from there. You can see more detail on my Blog Services tab.

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