My February Uniform


The Scoop

If you have been reading along this month you know I have been all about health and fitness. I have tried to put everything else on the back burner and put my health first. Heart disease runs in my family and some have had the window maker (worst kind of heart attack) at the age I am now. Yep 58. Most recently my brother passed away about a year after his heart attack because it damaged his heart beyond repair. He was 59, had is heart attack at 58. So I am trying to be proactive. I even went to get blood drawn for a special test but passed out before they could get enough blood so I have to go back again. This will be my third try because I keep fainting! Ugh!


Anyway one of my theories is if I am always dressed to workout I will do so when the time is right. You can see my current workout routine here in my last post. Recently I put together these items to make what I am calling my February uniform.


My Look

I am wearing American Eagle joggers, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, Madewell Tee, zip up sweatshirt and a ball cap. I’m carrying a packpack that I have had a long time.


Create Your Own Look

I’m linking my exact joggers, they come in four colors and I love them so much I have them in all four colors. They are light weight and stretchy and tts, I am wearing a small. Also linking same tee by Madewell. They run a little large, I am wearing xs would usually get a s. Exact same sneakers that I have had for several years but they are so popular they keep stocking them. They are the Stan Smiths. I linking other options for you too. I am also linking my same initial necklace.


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Moving Is The Thing Over 50


Just because I love to run doesn't mean I think it is right for everyone. The point I'm trying to make is that an appropriate level of physical activity is important for everyone for good health, mind and body. We all need to find what makes us feel like a kid again and do it often. Start by thinking about what activities you loved as a child. I loved to run. I can remember my mom saying all the time, "Cheryl has two speeds, running and asleep." I have not changed. I would rather run than walk most of the time. When I run I feel like I leave all my troubles behind in the wind. I seem to think more clearly while running. I plan what I want to do for the day, I think of fun conversations and about almost anything positive. It is meditation for me.

How much I run and how often varies day-to-day or month-to-month. And that is part of the benefit. When you played as child, you didn't do the same thing every day, you mixed it up because it was about having fun not forcing yourself to get a workout in.

Right now I am running three miles every other day and then on the alternate days I am doing a 30 minute yoga practice and a bare bones strength training routine that incorporates push-ups (for upper body), dead lifts (for core), planks (core), squats and lunges (lower body) and tricep-dips (arms). The first three exercises use major muscle groups and the tricep-dips I added because that is an area I want to firm up more. I found a fun 30 day Plank Challenge app for my phone that leads me through daily planks to help me build my core and I love how it takes only a couple of minutes and makes such a difference. I take one day off and some days instead of my usual routine I take walks or hikes for fun with my husband.

THE TRUTH According to Science

For the over fifty crowd, common sense and, increasingly, research suggests that constant use will slow the loss of our physical capabilities, form, and balance. The same research shows that, once lost, it may be difficult or impossible to regain former capabilities. The problem centers on the nerves that control our muscles. From 50 or 60 on, the permanent loss of the nerve connections to our muscles begins to accelerate. Depressing, I know but a recent study by McPhee published in the Journal of Physiology provides reason for optimism for those who stay fit.

As it turns out, older healthy muscles (meaning well developed through frequent exercise, good diet, etc.) enjoy a protection that less healthy muscles do not. Even though nerves controlling muscles decline with age, and this decline accelerates over 50 or 60, surviving nerves in healthy muscles can send out new branches to rescue muscles and stop them from wasting away.

This study by the American Journal of Physiology was conducted on men but it may be true for women as well.

Translation? If you keep at it, your ability to play tennis, lift weights, cycle, and so forth can be retained with minimal loss of nerve connections, although other studies show that you will need to spend more time exercising as you age to achieve the same results. Constantly used and challenged nerve connections find a way to survive. The "challenged" part of the equation points to the importance of mixing up your exercise routines. Changing even a small part of your activities builds new connections. (Trainers have long known that you need to “surprise” your muscles frequently because they tend to develop to the specific demand and no more.) For example, if tennis is your go-to activity, play doubles and singles, switch between one and two-handed form, try a few net shots with the other hand; play at night and in the day and consider learning similar sports. Still depressed? There may be a way to beat the odds and actually regain skills you lost through disuse. I don’t see a miracle on the horizon but a secret may be not only how much but how you exercise. Stay tuned.

I hope you found this information useful and if so stay tuned for next Monday when I talk about “Eating Using The 80% Rule” where I will dive a little deeper into Intermittent Fasting and how I try to eat for a healthy lifestyle.

That's all I have for today! Make sure to go out and play!



Move It Or Lose It Over 50

active wear 9.JPG

The Scoop

Hey gang! Well, it is the first Monday in February and I am ready for it! I love new beginnings, even the beginnings of each new week. With new beginnings I think about what I want to do to make my life fresh, purposeful and fun! This month I want to really focus on fitness. I’m not talking about losing weight but about finding a balance between a happy life and being fit. For me being fit equates with my happiness.

Anyway long story short, I am going to look at my fitness journey over the last couple of years and see how it has evolved. I am doing these posts for myself as much as anything because they give me direction, keep motivated and held accountable. I hope you will follow along and share your thoughts as well!

Note: If you’re not into the fitness posts don’t worry I will be doing my regular fashion and lifestyle posts mixed right in with the fitness.


Nothing much has changed for me regarding this phrase. Science supports it. If you don’t stay active you lose the ability to be active. This varies in degrees depending on many things like genetics, current health, lifestyle and much more.

I’ll start this series by answering frequently asked questions regarding my age, diet, and activities. You can see how it has changed or evolved from a couple of summers ago when I did a series of Move It Or Lose It posts by going here and scrolling down to my first post on June 24, 2017. Or you can go to the top of this page under Home and click on Health & Beauty. And now let’s get crackin’!


1. How old are you?

I am 58.

2. How much do you weigh?

My weight usually runs between 120 and 125.

4. How tall are you?

Exactly 5’ 4 & 3/4”. I round to 5’5”

5. How do you stay fit? 

I was raised by a very active dad and a mom who taught me the importance of taking care of my body. My mom taught me about healthy eating and the importance of not smoking. So it has always been a part of my life. She never gave us sugar or sodas and I am grateful because I still have every tooth I was born with.

My diet is not rigid so when I say I do something I mean, most of the time. Maybe 80% of the time. I don't beat myself up too much if do something out of line with what I think is healthy. To me, being happy is the most important thing to staying healthy. If I deprived myself of foods I loved I would be truly unhappy.

I love to cook and eat. I try to eat less meat which is not too difficult because I don't think meat has much flavor on its own. It is what you put on it that gives it flavor. I love all fruits and vegetables. I love nuts, grains, beans, etc. I used to love bread but have learned to tone it down. Maybe a slice of whole grain now and then. When I do pasta which is not too often I do whole grain also. We eat very little sugar and use only olive or avocado oil for cooking. Here is a typical day for me. 

Breakfast: I eat late in the morning around 10 or 11 AM most days. My two favorite breakfasts are scrambled eggs with spinach, tomato and avocado or a bowl of steel cut oats with banana, honey, peanut butter and almond milk . I also like mixed berries with wheat germ and walnuts in Greek yogurt for a really quick meal.

My breakfasts are varied most usually, thinking is it good for my body. I love a doughnut but can’t stand the logy feeling it gives me when I am done. I also am very careful about portions. Too much of even healthy food makes be feel bloated and sleepy while my body tries to digest.

Lunch: My favorite lunch is to make a dip using 1/4 cup of cottage cheese mixed with 1/4 cup homemade salsa. I dip organic corn chips (from Costco) in it. I'm addicted to this right now!  Just about 1/2 cup each mixed really fills me up and I don’t get sleepy.

Snack: I try not to snack but when I do it is fruits, nuts, seeds. They are so good for us and I love them. Sometimes I have a treat by taking a couple of dates and filling them with goat cheese. I die! I do eat cheese, I just try to watch my portions.

Dinner: It varies but we often mix a can of beans (any kind, but we like black or cannelloni) a can of chopped tomatoes ( I prefer fire roasted tomatoes) onion, garlic, jalapenos or some other heat and chopped roasted organic chicken breast. It is fast, easy, filling and delicious! At least a couple of nights a week we will have a burger or home made pizza. I love to make my own crust and pizza which keeps it more healthy. We eat a lot of salads too. I make lots of healthy soups. I also don’t eat after 6:30 or 7 PM. I will write about why in future post.

Exercise: I have always been active. It is hard for me to sit long. I have walked, lifted weights, practiced yoga, ran, hiked, etc. I started running in my mid-40s and loved it so much that I still do it.

I currently am doing fartlek runs where I run fast five minutes then walk or jog two minutes then run five again, and so on. I do this for 30 minutes. This is when I am in Phoenix. When I am at our mountain home I do trail runs on a mountain trail that’s just outside our door for two miles. We live at a 5,300 foot elevation and the trails are fairly rugged and up and down hill so two miles is quite a work out. I do these runs two to three times a week. On the other days I either walk 3+ miles or do a one a hour hike at a local mountain. I really do something every day but once in a while I take a day off. These workouts are not easy for me, I get tired in a way that I didn’t when I was younger but they are fun! My husband does all the walks and hikes with me.

Sleep: I want to add this because I feel it is so important. I know not everyone can just fall asleep and stay asleep but I do and I sleep most nights between seven and nine hours. I think all the exercise helps with my sleep.

awesome 14.JPG

So this is my normal routine as of now. Like I said I hit this mark 80% of the time so it is not perfect but who needs perfect? Stay tuned for my next post where I will be talking about “ Moving Is The Thing”

Excerpt: “For the over fifty crowd, common sense and, increasingly, scientific research suggests that constant use will retain our physical capabilities and form. Once lost, however, it may be difficult or impossible to regain former capabilities.“

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Watch Out

Bonne FêteNationale (1).jpg

the scoop

I hope you all don’t get sick of my harping on fitness but it has always been a big part of my life and now as I grow older I am even more obsessed with health. I don’t necessarily want to live long but I want to live well. I don’t want to become a burden to someone else or society if I can help it. Just because I am over 50 doesn’t mean I can’t look and feel my best. I want to breath air into my lungs, skip, jump and laugh until I close my eyes for the last time.

Recently I found a little tool that after using it for a week or so I see really making a difference. It’s a sports watch! I talked about it in my last post here, but in this post I wanted to give you a little more detail.

apple watch

I got an Apple Watch and love the look but also I am seeing how it motivates me to think about a healthy lifestyle. It reminds me to breath and guides me through one minute breathing sessions gently tapping my wrist as I take air into my lungs and then exhale. Do you ever think about how good it feels to really exhale? All the stress is shoved out of my body.

The big thing though is that this watch tracks how much I stand, my exercise, my heart rate, my steps and even the flights of stairs I take each day. It lets you set goals and then see how you do. At first I set low goals and just went though my normal day. When I saw what I had achieved I started competing with myself and see myself improving each day. It is fun!

Let me show you an example through a couple of screenshots of a day in my life.

  • The first picture is showing how many hours I stood in one day. And yes, I never sit for long but I was surprised at how little I sat that day. Yesterday is showed I was standing 12 hours and I was idle 2. That doesn’t count the night sleeping. I turn it off at night. Below it shows my steps and distance. This is a normal day for me, I didn’t go for a walk or run just normal house work, dog walking, etc. It also showed my distance for the day. I did go to the gym and do strength training but I haven’t set up tracking for that yet.

  • The next picture shows calories used. I set an easy goal of 240 extra calories to burn that day. It showed I went over my goal and it also shows total calories used that day just doing my normal routine. This is such great information and when I saw it I instantly decided to try to challenge myself.

  • Another perk I didn’t expect is that I give myself a break now knowing I am doing more than I thought. I always worried I wasn’t doing enough.

See why I love this watch so much? These screen shots are from a couple of days ago.

The first watch linked is exactly like mine. Linked options so you can compare styles.

active wear 3.JPG

Dress For Success

It doesn’t always mean for the office, it means in all parts of your life.

my looks

I always want to dress fun for working out because it really does motivate me. My goal is to be strong and to feel good and I surround myself with all the tools I can to live that lifestyle. I love leggings especially black because they go with everything. I love over sized sweatshirts because you can layer them and pull them off if you get warm while moving. I love different sneakers for different things. Asics are best for me for running. I can have knee pain but virtually don’t if I wear this brand. I heard Hoda Kotb say that once and tried them and she was right. For other activities I love New Balance sneakers. And of course Niki’s are the lightest weight shoes ever. Hats just add a little spunk to a look and covering up a bad hair day is never a bad thing.

create your own look

In these pictures I am wearing all old stuff. Zella leggings (my favorite) Black sneakers are Niki and the other pair is ASICS. My grey sweatshirt was DIYed for off the shoulder, inspired by the other one that came that way. See this top in red here where I make fun of the Blogger Things I Do. I’m linking some fun things for you! Don’t be afraid to be you and do you!

awesome 1.JPG


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Tricking My Old Body

exercise 2.JPG


does me good.

the scoop

I have always been into eating right and exercising. Nothing over the top but consistent. I have tricks up my sleeves that worked for me when I put on a few pounds. They were never fail until recently. My body is saying I know what you are up to and I am not going to go along with it. So I decided to try something new. My new plan is to trick my body! Ha ha!

How? Well, I now do something different every single day. So my body never knows what the heck is going on. Nothing earth shattering. Just one day I walk, one day I run, one day I weight train just one muscle group or one day I work my whole body through circuit weight training. Some days I clean the garage and some days I rearrange all our furniture.

I like this plan because I don’t get bored and I can always find something to do. My body has seen it all. All I have left is the element of surprise. And I can report that I am very strong. My husband is freaked out by the things I can lift. And my heart is strong. I can run for long distances without hardly breaking a sweat. I have a problem with a thick waist but I am on the case. My motto is move it or lose it!

my look

One of the things I know for sure is that I feel more fit when I wear fitness clothing. This outfit is all older things but I love these floral leggings and this longer black tee with a twist front. I have a little bomber jacket for when I am outside and basic black sneakers. All of this is old but I have been collecting active wear for years and love to dress for all occasions. Even exercising. You know, fake til you make it!

exercise 1.JPG


  • It’s Friday and I am going to take the day off and relax. Maybe watch an old movie.

  • My friend and I worked for several hours on our YouTube video yesterday and it was so fun. We are learning from the ground up and the one thing we know for sure is that we have a lot to learn.

  • For dinner I am making my favorite Butternut Squash Soup with Chipotle Cream. Here is the recipe.

  • I added a Holiday Shopping Guide link up top and will be updating it often. Tis the season!

create your look

I always buy active wear on sale so I’m linking up some options for you.

exercise 8.JPG


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See my Stella directing the show from her director’s chair? She is my heart.

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The Count Down And Other Bits

Five days

until the calendar marks another year to my life.

the scoop

I have heard people say all my life that they are too old to do something anymore. I say I am too old not to do things. If not now, when? That is way more logical. Every time I hear that voice in my head say, you're getting too old for that I take the time to correct it. I'm not too old to do anything and I'm not wasting time debating it. It ain't over for me until I'm in the ground. Ha ha!

So this week the count down has begun to my birthday and each day I plan to do something that some would say I'm too old to do. Today I did my trail run and enjoyed it completely. After my run I made a bowl of steel cut oats with mixed berries and honey and almond milk to break my fast. If you don't know what I'm talking about read here.

outdoor living

The above picture on the left is right outside my front door. The picture on the right is my back deck. It's finally turned summer here and I am loving being outside as much as possible. To smell the pine of the trees and feel the sun on my back is like heaven to me. We sold our old wooden deck furniture this year and bought a comfy seating arrangement and I am loving it. I sit outside and read and watch the wild life and cuddle with my dogs and in the evenings my husband and I play cards and eat dinner outside. 

Find what you love to do

and do it!

my look

This is my motivation outfit. If I don't feel like working out I just put on workout clothes and find I am excited to work out. It's just another area where when you look good, you feel good. Oh it's true we all have low days but the trick is to keep up the fight. 

I'm wearing capri leggings, a sports tank and running shoes. I have my sunglasses and my running app with music ready to go. What could stop me now?

I almost always get my active wear on sale and here are some great items for great prices!

pictures above

Each spring I ready our front entry for summer. I have a couple of benches with pillows and a couple of planters that I fill with flowers. I was lazy this year and just planted Marigolds. They are supposed to repel bugs and I love the pretty yellows and oranges. Keeping things simple gives me more time to do the things I love. 

picture below

I take a lot of pictures in this part of my house because I can usually get enough light for them. It's basically my media room and office area. My laundry room is behind that door and it seems I always have laundry going so it is nice to have it close to my office. I rarely sit still for long so my environment is very functional. I am right next to my kitchen here too. This is nice because I love to cook and almost always have something prepping.


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My Next Challenge In Fitness Adventures

Whoa! I've hit a plateau!

What's up with that?

It's true! In all my years I have had a pretty good grip on my fitness routines. I limit my yoyoing to about 3 or 4 pounds and when I am up a few I immediately make the changes in my lifestyle to drop them. It's always been to take in fewer calories than I burn. It works and its fast and basically easy. Two weeks and done!

But this spring I haven't had the will power for lack of a better word to do what I know works for me. For the first time in my life, I almost don't care. But it just hit me recently. If I don't care about myself who will? 

So I am taking the reins for this ride and making changes. I have always been active. Always exercising most days added to not sitting much during the day. I think that has been part of my problem this winter. Sitting too much during the day.

So what will I do?

Go back to the tried and true. Consume less fuel and use more energy.

I've already started the process. I plan an activity for each day that uses my energy. Something that makes me move and keeps me engaged. I started with my closet. A full day of physical work moving the winter/fall things up and bringing my spring/summer things front and center. Next day was my office. I rearranged the furniture, cleaned and organized and boom another day of major activity. I have a list a mile long, especially as the weather warms up and I have the great outdoors to conquer. I also do my regular three-mile runs every other day. And I added a new weight training program for the days I don't run.

What about food? I have been showing you the healthy meals I have been making on my IG stories, and weekend blog posts like here and here. I'm pushing hard to eat lots of veggies, nuts, legumes, lean meats and fish. But I still want cake so I am human.

Do I fall off the wagon? You bet! But only for a moment. Every hour of the day is a new chance to do what I need to do for my body. The only body I will ever have. My hope is to keep it fit enough to enjoy this beautiful life I have been given.

So what's my new challenge? I am starting a seven-week boot camp this week that will be a major challenge. I did this boot camp a little over a year ago and it was intense. But I learned so many important lessons and I want a refresher. Things in health and fitness change all the time and I like to be on top of it. So stay tuned! I'll be sharing more on my journey through a collaboration with fellow bloggers as they also embark on their own new challenges in fitness adventures. Hint, Ball Room Dancing Anyone?

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Linking fun options for you. I think I need that active wear dress and sneakers. Obsessed! I have a few of these dresses and they are so nice for summer!

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YouTube + Scissors =Bangs

YouTube + scissors = Bangs!

I have always been risky with my hair. Coloring it myself, perms way back when and yes I even have cut it if I am inspired.

As I have grown older I am a little more reserved when a whim to make a change takes over. But last weekend I was totally bored. Note: My mom always said only stupid people got bored so lets not tell her.  Ha ha! Anyhow, I started watching YouTube videos, my newest obsession. I watched a video on hair trends for 2018 and learned the number one trend was going to be fringe also called bangs. Also known as the "french facelift." I thought, I could use a lift!

Hmmmm. Well I was in Arizona and my stylist was in Idaho so I had a problem. First, I am not a patient person and second, I have a laissez-faire attitude most of the time. I remembered some disasters by my own hands but the thought whatever, it will grow back. So I proceeded to watch several videos on cutting your own bangs. I checked to see what style bangs would work for my face shape and exactly how to cut them the way I wanted. Then I walked into the bathroom and did everything I was instructed and boom, here I am. 

I will have to train my hair to stay parted in the middle and my bangs to hang straight but I also sort of like the messy effect right now. I then watched videos on all sorts of ways to style your hair with bangs and I am so excited to play around with them this spring. Think up-dos, scarves and more!  I'll have my stylist clean it up a little but I think this is fun for a spring change.

Speaking of my stylist, she will probably faint when she sees my DIY haircolor that I have been playing with. But I am sure she can whip it back to pre-me and my YouTube days. 

Bangs seem so retro.

The hair style I was going for was the iconic brow length bangs combined with overall long hair made popular in the 1970s by the English actress and singer Jane Birkin. For more details on the history of bangs go here.

I wanted to share my new hair style with you but also wanted to show you these fun earrings. Baublebar has really fun jewelry and now you can by this brand at target! I got these fun earrings along with several other bright colored ones for spring and summer. 

As for my outfit since I was feeling retro I wore my bell bottoms and a black front tie tee and platform shoes. I tied a white knit jacket around my waist and carried my leopard clutch to complete this look.

Linking up my Express jeans, Ted Baker platform shoes and my Clare V. clutch along with fun options for creating your own look!

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My Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

the scoop

Exercise: I have been slacking a bit on the health front. My main focus this last month has been getting back into running shape. I am in week four of my training and moving right along. This past week I was able to add hikes on the days I don't run so that is a  positive. I feel I will be in 5K condition for my goal date in April. Starting over hasn't been fun but knowing I can come back from injury has made me so grateful. My routine right now is to run every other day and hiking every other day with what I call yoga stretching everyday. It is a group of simple yoga moves I do that stretch and strengthen my muscles. 

Eating: I am not having trouble with intermittent fasting, as a matter of fact I enjoy it. I don't eat after 7 PM and then not again until 11 AM or noon. The problem I am having is what I am eating. I am doing about 50/50 rather than the 80/20 that I prefer. So my goal right now is to work on healthier choices. I seriously have been having cinnamon rolls, burgers, french fries and pizza way too often. Eating well doesn't mean I have to give up anything, I just eat whole, fresh foods. Nothing processed or from restaurants. I eat my cooking which I know if full of healthy oils, grains, fruits and lean meats. Luckily those are the types of foods I love. 

One of my favorite recipes right now is Brussels Sprouts Salad. I do several variations on this salad.  Sometimes I add a piece of roasted chicken on the side but most of the time it is a meal in itself for me. Fruit is my go to for desert and assorted nuts are my favorite snack. Only a small handful of nuts because they pack lots of calories but I find them filling and tasty.  I love eggs and sourdough bread ( I've been reading that it is the best bread to eat if you want bread) toast for breakfast ( usually around noon) and always use real butter with organic jam that does not have sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Many days I have avocado toast which I love. I always use a very high quality olive oil for everything. Anyway these are just some of my ways of eating healthy.

my outfit

I like to put on my active wear first thing in the morning to remind me to stay on track. Layering for cooler weather is key. Being able to add on or remove as needed while working out keeps my comfort level where I spend my time thinking about my workout not that I am too hot or too cold. I have on leggings, a thermal top and a puffer vest. I can take off the vest if I need to or I can even take off the thermal top and wear my vest as a top. This is all stylish and functional.

These pictures were taken while I was still in the Idaho mountains. Here in Arizona is it much warmer and I mostly wear leggings and tanks or even shorts if I exercise late in the day (as seen in last picture below). All my exercise is done outdoors except for my yoga stretching.

create your look

Below are some really fun options for creating your own look.

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

Healthy Lifestyle Update

More options for Activewear linked below!

Make sure to check out my Boutique under the shop tab up top.

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How I Get High

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My look is old but I found some cute options like these leggings here, that would be so cute with this jacket here. Add these sneakers here and you've got your own look! And I'm dying over this back pack here that would be a great gym bag or any day bag and would take you right into spring! More options for your look are below and in my boutique.

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It's true exercise is how I get high. My January started out on the right foot with my fitness being a top priority but within two weeks the long dark days and cold snowy weather had me slacking big time. So here I am getting back on the wagon. And that's okay because I believe the secret of successfully living a fit life is to accept the days you don't do perfectly and jump back on the wagon each and every morning. 

I am in Arizona now for a couple of months and have already hit the mountain trails and started my 5K training. It's hard to eat perfectly with so much food around. Every time we leave the house you can smell the lovely restaurants working their magic. But again, 80/20% rule. I'm a work in progress! 

One of the ways I help keep my self motivated is to dress the part. Putting on active wear first thing in the morning is a reminder throughout the day to move it or lose it. Movement of any kind is beneficial in my mind. 

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I'm wearing a pair of Bebe leggings in a big floral print which I love. I mean I thought you weren't supposed to wear large floral print on the bottom part of your body the explanation being it will make you look bigger. But I'm finding it actually camouflages things some. When I found this adorable bomber style jacket in the active wear area of the store I was YES! How fun is that! I'm seeing lots of gray sneakers and like how neutral they are and go with every thing. I love to wear my lace t-back sports bras rather than the usual thick fabric of a lot of sports bras. And that's that!

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Never Ever Quit

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Probably one of the biggest lessons in life that I have learned is to never ever quit. Anything that I have ever accomplished was born out of showing up no matter what. I remember working full time, raising two sons and working on a doctoral degree all at the same time and never thinking about anything but getting up in the morning and showing up. No matter how difficult things would get, I would not quit. 

Now that I am older this holds true even more. When I was 47 years-old I started running and now ten years later I continue to run. But not without obstacles and days I think I might have to quit. Especially this past year when I have injured myself while running two different times. More than once I thought this is it, I am going to have to quit, I'm too old. 

But I have a sports medicine doctor that I see and he laughs at me when I ask, "Is this it, am I too old to keep running?" He treats my injury and his staff teaches me exercises and stretches that bring me back to running like the wind! And I am so grateful to them for not only helping me help myself but for reminding me to never ever quit!

The day before I did this shoot I visited my doctor for back strain from running on a mountain trail while I was in Arizona. He told me to rest at least a few days and then get back at it! I must admit as sore as I am from the treatment and exercise they put me though I didn't mind not doing too much for a few days. But I wanted to show you some of the things they recommended I do so I won't injure myself again or further. 

Not only do I do a lot of stretches, mostly part of my yoga routine but I also do several exercises on a roller. Let me tell you, these roller exercises are so helpful even though they hurt for a while until you build up. 

My plan for now is to slowly work my way back to a full run and concentrate on my running form. My goal is the annual 5K that I do in early May. So wish me luck.

I hope you will share with me your favorite ways to stay fit and if you have found obstacles to over come.

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How Stress Effects Fitness

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Hi All! Welcome to this months' "Move It Or Lose It " fitness post. The new schedule for these fitness related posts is the first Saturday of each month. This week I am going to tell you how excessive stress can effect quality of life. You can exercise all you want and eat perfectly but if you are too stressed it will block your ability to be fit.

For me it is imperative that I keep stress at a low level. My body has never handled high levels of stress. Stress for me localizes in different parts of my body and can make me very ill or cause me to get injured easily. I've had stress cause chronic back pain, tendinitis in my arms, chronic stomach problems among other health issues over my lifetime. Never all at the same time but at certain points in my life where my stress level was too high.  Let me give you a recent example.

For a lot of the summer, my stress was too high. I was trying to do more than I could accomplish. Also like many women of my generation, I have people-pleasing tendencies that are unrealistic. For several years, I have had trouble with gallbladder attacks. Doctors have told me they can't find any real issues but whenever I get stressed I will have one. It feels like a squeezing, crushing sort of chest/torso pain. I will get short of breath and have to lie down. It usually only lasts a few seconds or minutes at most. I've also had my heart checked and it is fine too. It's just my body telling me to settle down. A couple of weeks ago I had the worst attack I have ever had. It lasted for at least 15 minutes and then the after effects lasted for a couple of days. I was in bed sick. No fever, just weak and not feeling right with my gallbladder aching. I was also in pain from injuries due to exercise and was not being able to work out.

While lying in bed I made a decision. I was going to change how I do things and make my life less stressful. I immediately figured out what I was doing that was unnecessary and gave it up. I structured my day so that I was living more for the things that bring me joy. I stopped doing things that were unnecessary and started doing things that I found pleasant and relaxing.

Here is how my days go now.  I wake up in the morning and my husband brings me my coffee in bed. (He has always done that so not new). As I have my coffee with my husband and dogs snuggled around me I do most of my blog work. I make sure my post is live, and I respond to comments. Then I do my link ups and blog hops and do all my blog promotion. I do about 15 minutes on IG and then I am done. Everything takes about an hour. After that I am pretty much done with it for the day. No more spending the day thinking and worrying about it and taking on things that are unpleasant and tension building.

Next I get up and go for my trail run. After my run I have a protein drink and shower. When I get dressed if I think my outfit is blog worthy I take photos. That only takes about 15 minutes at most. Three times a week I sit down in the afternoon and put together my posts. That usually takes about an hour. I have gotten very streamlined about it all. This is also the part of blogging that brings me joy. 

I am a researcher for my husband's consulting firm so anything I need to do for that gets done mid mornings. My afternoons are spent cooking and doing projects around my home. I love to cook and I love to turn recipes into healthy meals. We have been eating so well since I started my new routine. 

The biggest changes I've made have been to not let social media run my day. I hit it about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 more in late afternoon. And that is it. It hasn't been difficult to let it go. My evenings are spent eating good meals and time with my husband. Chatting with my kids and grand kids and doing things that make me smile. Life is just too short!

The result has been I feel better than I have in months. I was so over extended that I was unable to even exercise without injuring myself and now I am back to my trail runs and picking up speed with each one. No pain. I am grateful that I was able to make the changes necessary to feel good again. 

Point of this story? If you have excessive stress in your life, remove it if at all possible. It shortens the life you have and diminishes the quality of your life.

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Skin Care

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Part of total fitness is taking care of your skin. My story is probably like so many others' stories. Not until I was in my early 30s did I use sunscreen and then only a low SPF on my face, completely skipping my neck and chest. You can see the difference too. My neck and chest are pretty damaged. But at least I was consistent and I wasn't one to sun tan much so I never burned. I did for a few years go to tanning beds in the spring to get a start on a tan. So regret that.

As far as cleansing and skin care maintenance I wore very little make up until just a few years ago. With raising children, working full time and doing all I had to do, make up wasn't high on my list of priorities. I wore a little blush, eye liner and mascara and that was it. I rarely washed it off when I went to bed. Bad huh? But it's the truth. 


I have almost always used Olay cleanser and moisturizer and that is it. Once in a while I would try something else but I wasn't in to spending a lot of money on things like that. This summer though Nudu Natural Beauty sent me a selection of their products and I was delighted to try them out. They are not compensating me if you buy anything, they just wanted me to share if I liked the products.

I have went through full bottles now of the cleanser, astringent, and moisturizer and well as eye cream. I love the way the products smell and I love knowing they are all natural because as I get older I am more conscious of what I put in and on my body. A few weeks ago they sent me a bottle of their renewal cream and I used almost all of it before sharing my thoughts in this post. My thoughts are, this is a lovely product and I will continue to use the line. It is fresh, simple and just my style. Not too fussy but pleasant and kind to my skin.

My advice to everyone, is don't wait until you are my age to start taking care of your skin. You are worth being kind to yourself and so am I!

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Exercising Too Hard. It's A Thing!

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Exercising Too Hard. It's A Thing

I really worked out hard this spring and summer. I was hiking, running and lifting weights most days of the week except for when I was injured. I was also spending much of my time in pain from sore muscles and tendons. I finally came to the conclusion that I was doing something wrong.

The last straw driving me to the conclusion that I was doing something wrong took place a week or so ago. I had been lifting for several weeks and felt strong and was gradually increasing weight, repetitions and sets. That day I hiked and increased my weight and reps and sets. It felt like a great workout at the time. The next day was my trail run day. I noticed early in the run that my legs felt really tight, which was unusual, but I kept going and completed the run. The day after that and for almost a week I was in so much muscle pain that I ended up in bed for part of the time because it hurt so much it made me sick and depressed. This is not what exercise is supposed to do for you.  

I did some research and came to the conclusion that I have been working out harder than my body can handle. I believe I have adrenal fatigue brought about by too hard and too much exercising. I need to rebound from this before moving forward. My plan is to do a slow two mile hike each morning followed by 30 minutes of gentle yoga in the afternoon. Both of these things should give me a decent workout but not unduly stress my body. I will also take a day off each week and will reassess where I am in a few weeks.

If these changes produce results, I will carry them forward into my fall routine. I usually change my exercise regimen with each season for several reasons. One is to keep my body surprised and working hard. Two, it is necessary where I live because of our changing weather. And three, I get bored doing the same thing all the time so this makes exercising more interesting.

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My Botox Story

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Just before Thanksgiving 2013, I decided to take the dive and try Botox. The miracle without a knife! I was so excited to see what would happen. This may have changed by now but at that time I learned that Botox can only do so much. It could soften the lines around my eyes that are not caused by smiles. Smile wrinkles are there to stay. It could soften crow’s feet until you could hardly see them, and it could do the same for the horizontal lines on my forehead . . . but not those above the outer edge of my eyes because that could cause them to droop. Last, it could soften my “Angry 11s.” Those, I learned, are the vertical lines between your eyes from what I like to think of as contemplating too strongly for too many years.

I sought out a reputable clinic and was attended to by a nice and experienced Physician Assistant who injected the Botox. It hardly hurt at all, just a tiny pinch. She talked to me for a few minutes explaining the realistic results that I could expect and then did the injections. I was to return in a couple of weeks for follow up.

I started looking for my new youthful face before I even got home, although I had been told it could take up to two weeks for it to take effect. Each day I looked and watched for the miracle. Finally, I noticed some softening. But I also noticed itching. I was always told you have to suffer to be beautiful so it was worth it, if I felt beautiful. It became a comical game for me, watching to see what would happen.

My final verdict was that I looked rather odd. When I lifted my eyebrows, I had lines above the outer edge of my eyes but not on my forehead. It seemed silly looking so I decided not to raise my eyebrows for anything. Easy peasy! After three months of itching (I am told another brand may not itch) and thinking about my facial expressions, I decided Botox was not for me at that time. Maybe I will try it again someday. But at that point in time I was fine with my decision and I still am for now. I am 57 and nothing is going to change that.

That was my Botox story but I will tell you right now that I support anyone who wants to do anything to make themselves feel better. I, too, look for the elixir, and always will. I am a girly girl. I love pink! I love makeup and clothes and anything that is feminine. I fall asleep at night imagining the different outfits I can create. I dream in color and create dresses in my dreams. I hope on my deathbed that I have my eyeliner and lipstick right next to me. Not for anyone else, but for me. I feel these things are what separate us from the animals! 

I have been grappling with aging and the changes in my looks for many years. I don’t like it one bit. Why? I don’t know. Is it because people treat you differently when you start looking older and weaker? I think that is a lot of it for me. I am a force to be reckoned with and my looks can’t change that but people are definitely responding to me differently.

I am seeing a lot lately about not using the phrase anti-aging. And I feel strongly that in some ways we as women are our own worst enemies. We talk all the time about our wrinkles, our bodies being dragged down by gravity, our weight, our thinning hair, and what we should or shouldn't do about it.

Sometimes, we forget that our goal is (or should be) to change the perception of a society that regards women less beautiful as they age. Don't you hate being told you look great for your age? I want to go back to the days when I was young and never looked at others and tried to judge their age. I never looked at my beautiful grandmothers or mother and saw their wrinkles and thought they were old. I only saw love, wisdom, and beauty.

I am so glad to be part of a generation that is challenging stereotypes. I hope I can be a part of the march to celebrate our segment of the population just the way we are. It helps to read, learn, and share with each other about how to grow as we age. For me, I am still slowly figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be woman who is proud of who she is, and of her family and friends. I want to be a woman who forgives the times she reached a fork in the road and went the wrong way. I want to look at myself in the mirror and not hate my face but say, "Job well done, Cheryl!"

I will however get up most days and play with my makeup and think about the perfect outfit for the day’s activities. If you are going to be on a boat you should be dressed like you are going on a boat. Fashion and beauty is an art that you wear. It is a reflection of how you see the world. Everyone has their thing, fashion is mine, and that is what makes the world go round.

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