How I'm Switching to a Vegetarian Diet

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The Scoop

This summer my husband decided he wanted to go vegetarian for better health. I wasn’t fully ready to go along with him for several reasons. First I love to cook and I felt it wold limit my ability to create in the kitchen. Also, I like meat. I am not a big meat eater but I like some meat. When I started trying to take it out of my diet, I realized I liked meat more than I thought. But I was fully on board for environmental and humane reasons so I thought I would give it a try.

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We started by going mostly vegetarian having meat a couple of times a week or when we went out for a special occasion. I was not enjoying it much because I just didn’t know how to cook vegetarian. Slowly though I started finding recipes and ingredients that were good and I found I could cook great meals, I just had to rethink the ingredients.

Now I am eating vegetarian almost exclusively. I have found some fabulous recipes that are excellent and I am even learning to make up my own recipes. I am starting to think I can do this long term although I won’t say I’ll never eat meat now and then. I am finding that I am gravitating toward vegetarian meals even when we eat out.

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One of the tools I use to make the transition easier is this Lenovo Smart Display. It is connected to Google and I just ask it for find recipes, then I try the recipe and if I like it I tell the display to add it to my cookbook. This display does tons of other things but I use it mostly for recipes, finding new ones and collecting favorites.

I can even tell it to find a recipe that is vegetarian that uses certain ingredients like in the recipe below. I have a lot of Rosemary growing in my back yard and love the taste and scent so I asked my Lenovo to find recipes that used Rosemary and was vegetarian. It found this Rosemary and White Bean Soup which turned out to be heavenly.

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This is the most amazing soup and so easy to make. I always make recipes my own so added extra garlic and rosemary. Also per my husbands request I added a little oatmeal. You couldn’t taste it but he finds his blood sugar is very stable if he eats oatmeal every day and that was a way to get it into our diet. It also thickened the soup a little. We only eat organic regular oatmeal. Well everything we eat is organic if we can get it that way. Here is the link to this recipe.

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I had stopped drinking wine this summer when I was trying to figure out what was causing my severe joint pain. See story here. Now that the mystery has been solved and I no longer have joint pain I enjoy a glass of wine a couple nights a week. I usually only drink three or four ounces but it is still nice to sip a little white cooking or at dinner.

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Another tool I use all the time is my immersion hand blender. I love to make soups and this just elevates them another level.

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My Favorite Kitchen Tools

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I won’t be blogging for a while, I have a trip scheduled to visit family and then we are doing our annual move to Arizona for the winter early this year because as I write this post, it is snowing here in the mountains. I’ll be back soon though!

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