Hello Fall 2019

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The Scoop

Well, hello fall! I know it is not officially fall but here in the mountains when it starts snowing in October, I start wearing fall clothing in September! Luckily I will be in Arizona for most the really cold snowy months but winter still comes all too fast!

It’s so fun though to mix fall and summer things to transition during this short period. I play with fall and summer colors, textures and booties that still show some toe but have weight through suede. And adding a hat is just the period on the sentence!

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My Look

I got this top (Madewell) a few weeks ago and knew it would be a perfect summer to fall top. I just wasn’t sure how I would style it. So today I decided to style it. I went into my closet which has limited choices since most of my clothes are at the house in the city. But I try to keep certain basics at each place. These flared jeans are old but basics for me. I have had these for years and I still reach for them again and again. I thought white jeans would make the white in the top pop! Next I added a pair of open toed booties that I have had three years now. They are an olive suede by Vince Camuto. I remember when they came out in the big Nordstrom Anniversary sale and sold out immediately. As soon as they stocked up again I bought them. You never have time to think about a purchase in that sale. Anyway they were a great buy because they are my summer to fall shoes every year! I topped this look with a wool felt hat! Oh my I do love a good hat. Hat’s are tricky for me but I am loving this one. The rich coffee color is fabulous and I was able to get it in extra small which is the only size that really fits me. So many hats come in one size which is disappointing since I have to stuff them to keep them on. My Louis Vuitton Never Full MM was the perfect bag to tie it all together.

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ReCreate The Look

Exact same hat linked. Same top different color ( I just ordered it too) and similar things to create the look.

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