Belt Bag Plus Red Sneakers Equals Summer Style and Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?

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The Scoop

So this is a fun look that I wore over the weekend. It was total comfort and quite on trend. Again I share my love for the belt bag. What a simple thing to add to a look for chicness and practicality. Our highs on this day were only in the upper 60s so I grabbed an old white jean jacket. We went to town ate burgers at the gas station. They have a little cafe in the back of the local gas station that makes the best homemade burgers I have ever eaten. Then we roamed around town to walk off some of the load. ha ha.

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To Blog or Not to Blog

I just saw another blogger posting on IG about whether blogging or the social media commitment that goes along with it is worth the work. I could totally relate.

I had an IG account with over 10,000 followers and shut it down because it was all so much work and the effort seemed to only bring out the worst in humanity. Sure lots of my gal pals supported me and I supported them but the pressure to always be posting and responding was just sucking the life out of me. So I shut it down. I started a new account with the intention of blocking anyone or anything that wasn’t there for my real message but I hardly go there because I can’t keep up with all the blocking I have to do. Daily I get bots that disguise as men. It just kind of disgusts me what Zuckerberg has done with his power and what could be such a simple pleasant social sharing.

I had already shut down my Facebook and Twitter but I hesitated with IG because I thought it directed more people to my blog. But then I thought why do I blog? Not to try to get a million followers, but to express myself and use my creative energy. I want to record a little bit of who I am for my children and grandchildren. It’s my journal and now I have almost six years worth of memories. Everything from bears on my porch, to snow storms to hiking mountains and picking wild mushrooms, its all there. I like the feeling of leaving that behind. I mean meeting lovely readers was more than icing on the cake but what more did I want? You know what I discovered? Nothing! This is all I want. A fun little blog, with amazing sweet readers and a journal of some of my life.

So shutting down FB, Twitter and IG didn’t ruin my blog. It only made me feel free and fabulous! And I have loyal readers who are fun and teach me so many wonderful things. I don’t feel I have to be perfect and sharing my imperfections makes it all more fun. I am still getting new readers every week too. I don’t do any collaborations anymore either. I just do the affiliate program because they are so nice to work with and don’t make you feel like you have to compete and they always are helping in any way they can. There are some good platforms out there. I love Pinterest but have noticed lately more and more men/bots following my boards. It feels sort of predatory. So I guess is will be next to go.

At the end of the day I have seen a lot of my favorite bloggers disappear and I think I know why.

What about you, do you enjoy these media platforms? What do you think about blogs?

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Fan Club

There is my fan club right behind me! They make me feel like a rock star!

My Look

I’m wearing a tee, sneakers and belt bag with cropped jeans and a white distressed denim jacket.

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking same sneakers, tee, belt bag and jeans and then options for the fun of it!

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He’s everywhere!

I’’ll be watching you . . .

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That’s it gang! Thanks for stopping by!