Stripes And Bling

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The Scoop

Summer is going by so fast and I have really enjoyed every minute this year. We’ve had our few warm days here in the mountains and starting this weekend our highs drop down into the 70s for the next 10 days which means hot days are probably over up here. I love the 70s though, so I’m good. I am looking at fall fashion and planning away but while I’m doing that I am putting together fun summer looks.

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My Look

This is such a basic summer look. The only thing special about it is my fun sandals. The are black velvet with pearls. I am just obsessed with them and they are comfortable too. I started with the sandals and worked my way up. My white jeans are old but were too long so I cut them off with a fun angled hem. Next I added a black and white striped tee and a tan belt. I carried my round cross body bag and wore bracelets and and a pretty necklace to complete my look. The best part of this look was how comfortable it was.

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Create Your Own Look

Linking my exact sandals and belt. Striped tees are sold out or really expensive but found a couple to link. Mine is Madewell. I’m linking white jeans with fab hems and similar bags.

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