Look What I Found In My Closet

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The Scoop

They say you decorate the way you dress. Ya think? Ha ha! Recently I was cleaning and organizing my closet at our mountain house and found this top with the tags still on it. It is so fabulous, how could I forget about it? I never used to do things like that but since I started blogging when I find something that is a good deal and want to style I have to keep it on a separate rack or I might forget about it. It that an aging thing or too many things thing?

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My Look

This top is so CUTE! It is a halter style but fully lined. It has fabulous bell sleeves with little tassels on the ends. It it a beautiful muted orange color which is one of my favorite colors and has a pretty peplum around the hem. I wore it with my favorite flared jeans (Express). I love the dark wash, big flares and the stretch of these jeans. My wedge mules (Born) are really old but worked well because they were the perfect height and so comfortable. I added big circle earrings and a trendy round bag to complete this boho look.

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My Nails

I had pretty much ruined my nails over the last year with all the gel and dip manicures so I decided to give them a rest for a few weeks. They are now getting stronger and look much healthier. I like very short nails because I find it easier to cook and do all the projects I do around the house. For now I plan to do my own manicures to maintain their health.

My color of choice these days is what the Queen is reported to wear. She wears only the color “Ballet Slippers” by Essie. I have to say I see why she likes it. It is such a soft elegant color and perfect for short nails. I am sure it will be my color for a while. You can get it at any drug store or Walmart.

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking similar items that would make several fabulous looks!

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I’m linking all my favorite sunglasses. The first pair are the ones I have on and I have all the rest linked. I think it is fun to be able to switch out to a different style or color.

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