Down By The Great Mistake

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The Scoop

There is this song by the Continental Drifters (Down By The) Great Mistake. This song was going through my head as I flew through the air when I decided it was a good idea to jump off this boulder. (see below). I landed hard (which is what you do when you are my age) and twisted my ankle. My first thought was damn and ouch! It wasn’t childbirth pain but it hurt! Then I thought I hope I didn’t break it because I was in the middle of the forest and no one was home. But then I realized I had only strained it and could still limp back to the house dragging my sorry butt, tripod and camera. Seriously I wasn’t drunk or anything just had a moment of genius!

Fast forward a couple of hours and my ankle swelled up and the knee on my other leg started throbbing. Diagnosis (by me): mild sprain. I iced and rested the rest of the day. It’s much better now but it will take a while to get back to full jumping condition. Ha ha. Lesson learned, wear sneakers when jumping off boulders!

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My Look

Really though this is a perfect look for a summer mountain day. It’s warm and sunny but breezy so shorts work great and a big beach sweater keeps you cozy. My booties were my go to foot wear all weekend, it seemed they went with everything I put on. Everything I am wearing is old but are staples for my closet in the mountains. Cutoffs, beachy sweaters and boots.

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Create Your Own Look

All my things are old although I am linking the same shorts. I’m also linking lots of options for creating your own look!

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