Summer Dreaming In The Forest

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The Scoop

As much as I love summers I am here in the mountains dreaming of the autumn. I am not taking today for granted but while I am enjoying my days and nights I am also excited for the season to come. I love the change of seasons.

Our nights here in the mountains drop down into the 40s so I get a little reminder every morning when I take my puppies out, of the chill of fall. I breathe in the deep scent of pine and I know I am in a special place. I am very grateful.

Have you ever laid down in the middle of a meadow, and looked up at the sky? How long ago was that? I hold memories of watching the stars at night or the big floating clouds in the day close to my heart. I do the same here in the forest. I find quiet little spots to sit and be still and see, feel and hear nature around me. It is a true gift.

When I was a little girl, my mom and I were riding our horses through the fields near our home when we came upon hundreds of monarch butterflies migrating south. It was surreal. They were gently flying and landing on us, our horses, the tall grass and the trees around us. It was a miracle of nature that very few experience. It will be forever burned into my mind. That quiet beautiful day with my mom.

Dreams, memories and gratefulness are the stuff of life.

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My Look

I have learned that if you check the Rack you can get last years versions of the current Nordstom’s anniversary sale items. This year this Madewell sweater sold out before the public got a chance to order but I found it at the rack only in different colors. I like the colors better than this years colors so it was all good. Plus it was half the price.

I’m wearing a white tee (Time and Tru- old), skinny jeans (Joe’s Jeans-old), Sweater (Madewell), and booties (old). I love the low heel on these booties

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Create Your Own Look

I’m linking exact jeans (tts), similar cardigans that have excellent reviews (size down). I ordered the linked cardigan in the fall brown and orange color and in the neutral grey colors because I heard from another blogger it is a beautiful cardigan. I wear cardigans almost daily around the house so they are a staple. I’m also linking my tee and similar booties and bag.

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Favorite Spot

This spot is one of my favorites in our yard. Years ago we had these large rocks taken from our property in the forest and placed in the yard. I planted Peony’s, a Lilac bush and Lavender. One by one they bloom and scent the yard. A happy place.

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